1929 DUESENBERG SJ LEBARON DUAL COWL PHAETON - 161315 Sold* at Scottsdale 2014 - Lot #5048 1929 DUESENBERG SJ LEBARON DUAL COWL PHAETON http://cdn.barrett-jackson.com/staging/carlist/items/Fullsize/Cars/161315/161315_Front_3-4_Web.jpg
Lot #5048


Auction Scottsdale 2014
Status Sold
Lot 5048
Year 1929
*Includes Buyer Commission
VIN 2158
Interior Color BURGUNDY
Cylinders 8
Engine Size 420
Transmission 3-SPEED MANUAL

Lot #5048 - The Deusenberg Model J is widely considered the most significant of all American Classics. Conceived as a limited run of 500 chassis, the Model J was, more often than not, outfitted with custom coachwork provided by a variety of outside firms such as Murphy, LeBaron, Rollston and Derham. Of the completed chassis, only 36 supercharged SJ models were built. Given their extreme rarity, increased performance and added prestige, they are among the most valuable Duesenbergs. According to the Duesenberg Registry, this standard wheelbase chassis, 2158, was originally fitted with engine number J-292. After completion at the factory, the chassis received its LeBaron Sweep Panel Phaeton coachwork, which is said to have been finished in burgundy and black from new. Various sources indicate that the car was originally sold to Martin de Algaza, a noted Duesenberg client and resident of both Buenos Aires and New York City. Early on, it was believed that the engine was replaced under warranty and re-issued the number J-292 as the original. As this car is not always grouped among the 36 factory-delivered SJs, during the process of replacing the original engine, it is likely that the factory was responsible for providing the supercharger currently fitted. It is also possible that the installation occurred at a later date. Duesenberg historian Ray Wolfe believes that the engine supplied was originally designated for use in the Mormon Meteor, and was delivered not only with a supercharger, but also with the extremely rare dual carburetor configuration. In the mid 1960s, the Duesenberg returned to the United States and was purchased by Ted Billings. Photos indicate that, at that time, the car was in rather dilapidated condition and was reportedly modified for racing with a shortened chassis and updated coachwork. After tending to the various body and chassis issues, the car was sold, and by the 1980s, it had become a part of the famed Imperial Palace Collection. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, J-292 was often displayed at the famed ACD museum in Auburn, IN. Today, the Deusenberg is in outstanding show-quality condition and has recently been displayed at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, widely regarded as the world's most prestigious venue. In addition, J-292 has been invited to participate on the exclusive Duesenberg Tour, an honor that speaks further to its quality and significance. The restoration work is of the highest quality and was evidently performed with the intention of returning this car to its original appearance.