1933 MARMON SIXTEEN CONVERTIBLE SEDAN - 161336 Sold* at Scottsdale 2014 - Lot #5058 1933 MARMON SIXTEEN CONVERTIBLE SEDAN https://cdn.barrett-jackson.com/staging/carlist/items/Fullsize/Cars/161336/161336_Front_3-4_Web.jpg
Auction Scottsdale 2014
Status Sold
Lot 5058
Year 1933
*Includes Buyer Commission
VIN 16145902
Exterior Color YELLOW
Interior Color BEIGE
Cylinders 16
Engine Size 490
Transmission 3-SPEED MANUAL
Lot #5058 - The personal car of Mrs. Howard Marmon which has traveled only 32,250 miles from new. The title is exempt. It is the only convertible sedan Marmon ever produced to have cloth interior as specified by Mrs. Marmon for her personal car, as she didn't like leather. The Marmon Sixteen was first shown at the Chicago Auto Salon by Howard Marmon. He received a medal for outstanding achievement from the Society of Automotive Engineers the following month for the new Sixteen engine. It was the only Sixteen built with the use of aluminum. The block heads along with most of the accessories, like water pump and other items were all made of aluminum, along with many of the body parts on the car such as doors, fenders, hood and many other parts to create a lighter feel when driving. This monster engine produced 200hp with 491cid. It is a compact, even-firing 45 degree engine. The wheelbase on this car is 145 inches done in an attractive Art Deco design which is shown in many areas such as headlights, park lights, door handles, unique front fenders never before seen on a 30's era car, even the emblem on the top of the radiator was stylish which the water filler cap was moved to the inside of the engine. Credit for the body design was given to Walter Dorwin Teaque Sr. A total of 56 Marmon Sixteens were produced in the final year of 1933. Please note that the Sixteen was only produced for three years: 1931, 1932, and 1933. The 56 that were produced included all body styles available. A total of 11 convertible sedans exist today for the three years. This is the only 1933 listed in the CCCA directory. After passing out of the Marmon family ownership, it had a decade of various owners until it was purchased by Dr. Barbara Atwood in November 1987. Dr. Atwood contacted Steve Babensky of Automotive Restorations, Inc., NJ for a complete restoration. Mr. Babensky pleaded with Dr. Atwood not to restore the car as it was in such wonderful condition, but Dr. Atwood said she wanted a Pebble Beach winner, so restoration began. A photo of the car as it left the factory goes along with the car, along with a large amount of awards the car has since won after restoration. The engine number is 16838, a tag that is inside the passenger door under the carpet reads 163-49, and the firewall tag is 16-145-549 with chassis number of 16-145-902. All of these numbers are correct and original as filed with the Marmon Club. The car has a list of show wins as follows: AACA National Junior and Senior, AACA James Melton Memorial Cup, AACA Southwestern Spring Meet, Meadow Brook Winner, Pebble Beach 1st in Class 1989, AACA Grand National 1st, 1990, NY, plus 5 additional AACA wins, the Gilmore Classic Twelve and Sixteen Cylinder experience, First in Class at the Marmom Muster 2011, Class Winner, Indianapolis Concours 2011, CCCA First in Class Primary Division 2010.