1951 CADILLAC 'COOL DADDY CADDY' - 61167 Sold* at Scottsdale 2008 - Lot #1265.2 1951 CADILLAC 'COOL DADDY CADDY' https://cdn.barrett-jackson.com/staging/carlist/items/Fullsize/Cars/61167/61167_Front_3-4_Web.jpg
Lot #1265.2


Auction Scottsdale 2008
Status Sold
Lot 1265.2
Year 1951
*Includes Buyer Commission
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Lot #1265.2 - Jesse James and six legendary customizers tackled an abandoned 1951 Cadillac and brought it back to life. The transformation started with none other than ZZ Top's axe master, Billy Gibbons, who helped out during the design phase. The plan they came up with involved chopping, dropping, sectioning and a new front end and drivetrain. All that in five days. Was it too ambitious? In the real world maybe but not in the world famous Monster Garage. Jesse and his hand-picked gang of bad boy customizers chopped the top and sectioned the body to bring it down and give it that classic old school hot rod look. Newer technology was also incorporated - a pneumatic air suspension system. You can slam this baby into the weeds. After a sweat-filled, nerve-shattering 5-day build, the '51 was transformed. To get rid of the rust, the team had to grind the body right down to bare metal. A smokin' paint job finished off with a Carson top and behold - the "Cool Caddy Daddy" was rolling out and turning heads. THE DESIGNERS: Jesse James, custom-bike builder/designer, West Coast Choppers, Long Beach, CA, Dennis Mc Phail, Wichita, KS, Billy Gibbons, Houston, TX and Darrel Starbird, Afton, KS. THE BUILDERS: Jesse James, custom-bike builder/designer, West Coast Choppers, Long Beach, CA, Dennis Mc Phail, artist/customizer, Wichita, KS, Frank De Rosa, Sr., master customizer, Pittsburg, CA, Frank De Rosa, Jr., master customizer, Pittsburg, CA, John Aiello, rising-star customizer, Oakland, CA, Jeff Myer, rising-star customizer, Arkansas City, KS, and Darrel Starbird, legendary customizer, Afton, KS. VEHICLE SPECS: Height: Variable because of air bag system. Width: Front : 59"; Rear: 63"; Length: 215"; Ground Clearance: Variable because of air bag system; Weight: 4,125 pounds. Special Welds: Completely new front end designed and assembled/welded by Jesse; Lead "frenching" of headlights and taillights by Billy Hines; Custom "Carson Top" roof, created and welded by the team; Installing brackets for air bag suspension, front and rear; Custom frame for air bag suspension in the rear. Additional Acquired or Machined Parts: Chevy 454 big block mated to a turbo 400 automatic transmission; New front suspension (upper and lower control arms and frame); New rack & pinion steering assembly; New rear independent suspension; New rear end casing and third member; New front and rear disc brakes; Ron Davis Racing radiator. **SOLD ON A BILL OF SALE ONLY. SPECIAL CONDITIONS APPLY**