1965 SHELBY COBRA 4000 ROADSTER - 96616 Sold* at Scottsdale 2011 - Lot #1335.2 1965 SHELBY COBRA 4000 ROADSTER https://cdn.barrett-jackson.com/staging/carlist/items/Fullsize/Cars/96616/96616_Front_3-4_Web.jpg
Lot #1335.2   1965 SHELBY COBRA 4000 ROADSTER
Auction Scottsdale 2011
Status Sold
Lot 1335.2
Year 1965
Model COBRA 4000
*Includes Buyer Commission
Exterior Color RED
Interior Color BLACK
Cylinders 8
Engine Size 427
Transmission 5-SPEED MANUAL
Lot #1335.2 - In response to the overwelming demand from enthusiasts worldwide, Shelby American in Las Vegas, NV has been manufacturing continuation Shelby Cobras with 4000 and 6000 serial numbers since 1995. Not to be confused with Cobra replicas, these are genuine Shelby Cobras, authenticated by Shelby American, Inc. with proper CSX numbers and a maunfacturers statement of origin signed by Carroll Shelby himself. Only a small number are built each year and every car is included in the official Shelby Registry, thereby placing itself in a long line of automotive tradition. While true to the original cars of the 60's, improvements over and above the original include a stronger steel frame and better alloys utilized in the components, improved cooling and additional heat shielding, and better brakes and suspension, all of which renders these cars safer and more drivable. The Shelby Cobra presented here, CSX4929 is ready to hit the road. It is titled in California and is fully documented. This Cobra is finished in F-1 Rosso Red with Wimbledon White racing stripes. CSX4929 is highly optioned and is powered by a 1960's period correct Ford 427 side oiler engine, the engine afforded to the originals. This Ford 427 engine produces 475hp on 91 octane pump gasoline. Everything is cast iron from the 1960's including the block and cylinder heads. This motor also has an original 427 Ford forged steel crankshaft and rods. The car is retro-fitted with a Tremec 5-speed manual transmission making freeway cruising smooth and carefree. Produced with the highest quality components and true to the form and tradition of the original. Given the lofty sums commanded by 1960's era Shelby Cobras in todays market, CSX4929 offers an alternative that is functional and yet fully authenticated by Carroll Shelby.