1987 CUSTOM 3 WHEELER 'THUNDEROUS CYCLOPS' - 65879 Sold* at Las Vegas 2008 - Lot #175 1987 CUSTOM 3 WHEELER 'THUNDEROUS CYCLOPS' https://cdn.barrett-jackson.com/staging/carlist/items/Fullsize/Cars/65879/65879_Front_3-4_Web.jpg
Auction Las Vegas 2008
Status Sold
Lot 175
Year 1987
*Includes Buyer Commission
Exterior Color RED
Interior Color
Engine Size 489
Lot #175 - In quest of something different, Clifford Smith created "Thunderous Cyclops", the World's largest "to scale" 3-wheeler. "Thunderous Cyclops" took 1? years to build. Features a 489cid/1200hp aluminum block Keith Black HEMI in front and a 78hp/1100cc Honda Shadow motorcycle engine in the rear that provides power for the hydraulic pump for the steering and drives a 100 amp alternator for the lights and to charge the batteries for the HEMI and the Honda as well. The vehicle can be driven with the Honda at 20 speeds ranging from .3 mph to 43 mph with the quiet, water-cooled Honda. The vehicle can be driven into exhibition halls and arena at a slow speed. The Honda has an electrical starter and starts readily from the driver compartment. The HEMI is used to pull tractor pull sleds or to drag race Big Foot at Monster Truck Shows inside arenas. It is also used to do wheelies at the shows. With the Honda engine, we can present the American flag at the beginning of the shows. It can be driven around with the blow-up man in place. It is 15' tall with the blow-up man. The driver looks out from between the blow-up man's legs. The driver can make the blow-up man nod his head as it is driven around the arena. Features of the vehicle include a computerized headlight system composed of 9 halogen lights inside the big headlight on the front which will flash in 10 different patterns at five different speeds. The rear of the vehicle has taillights. Most of the frame is 4" drill pipe and there is also some 5" drill pipe. The frame weighs 1000 lbs . It has been stress relieved at 1100 degrees in an oven at Odessa, Texas. It is 10' tall at the handlebars. The front suspension features internal coil springs and shocks. The body is made of fiberglass using Ranger boat metal flake red resin for the red part. It was made by the shallow sport boat manufacturer. The driver sits down inside an aluminum box that isolates him from the engine and drivetrain and is secured with a 6-point safety belt. Also featured is an on-board TV, allowing the driver to see in front of the vehicle. The camera is located just under the big headlight. The fuel for the HEMI is in the frame as well as the water for the engine. The hydraulic oil for the steering in the 4" roll bar. Tires consist of 30.5 Knobys on the rear and a 24.5 Knoby on the front. The tires were used to get the scale of the Honda. The Honda has 22" tall tires and we used 66" tall tires on this vehicle. The blow-up man was made in Canada and the man who made it came down to measure the vehicle. The HEMI drives through a modified Chrysler Torqueflite transmission with 3 speeds forward and 1 reverse. It is surrounded with a safety blanket and the vehicle is equipped with all safety features. **SOLD ON A BILL OF SALE**