1999 MERCEDES-BENZ CUSTOM SEDAN - 64634 Sold* at Palm Beach 2008 - Lot #300.1 1999 MERCEDES-BENZ CUSTOM SEDAN https://cdn.barrett-jackson.com/staging/carlist/items/Fullsize/Cars/64634/64634_Front_3-4_Web.jpg
Auction Palm Beach 2008
Status Sold
Lot 300.1
Year 1999
*Includes Buyer Commission
Exterior Color SILVER
Interior Color BLACK
Cylinders 8
Engine Size 4.3 LITER
Transmission 5-SPEED AUTOMATIC
Lot #300.1 - Edmunds "Inside Line" says, "The C43 is the 1998 replacement for the AMG-tuned C36 sedan that turned heads and excellent lap times from 1995 through 1997. The C43 is also an AMG product, one designed to make the most of Mercedes' 4.3 Liter V8 engine that first appeared in the E430 sedan. The C-Class is the perfect platform for a highly tuned racer." AMG took the stock 4.3 Liter V8 engine back to their secret workshop in the haunted caves in Affalterbach, Germany, where a covert clan of fanatical engineers installed an air cleaner assembly that increases airflow and is positioned to draw in cooler air for a ram effect. AMG then modified the magnesium intake manifold, making it wider to further increase airflow. The intake tubes spiral around each cylinder, making them some of the longest in the business. These long tubes cause pressure waves to build up, thereby boosting the intake process and providing excellent mid-range torque. AMG also replaces the camshafts with lighter weight units. This allows the valves, which are the same size as the ones found in the stock V8, to remain open longer, increasing the engine's power. The net result of these modifications is an engine that produces 302hp @ 5,850 rpm and 302 foot-pounds of torque @ 3,250 rpm, up from the stock motor's 275hp and 294 foot-pounds of torque. In order to manage the C43's higher torque output, AMG has mated the 5-speed adaptive transmission from the V12-powered Mercedes. The unit is designed to learn the driving style of a driver and shift accordingly. The C43 benefits from the combined experience of Mercedes and AMG when it comes to stopping power. 4-channel anti-lock disc brakes sit at each wheel to provide quick, sure stops. Grabbed from the European-market E50 (another AMG-tuned car), the C43's brakes are vented internally and feature a 13.2" swept diameter for the front discs and an 11.8" swept diameter for the rear. This braking system, like the transmission, is driver adaptable and quickly learns a driver's braking habits, hopefully alleviating any unnecessary emergency stops. Mercedes claims that the Brake Assist-equipped C43 stops from 62 mph in 131 feet. The C43 features the same quick ratio steering found on the C280 Sport. The steering on the C43 is nearly perfect. Well-weighted for tight turns in the parking lot as well as minor corrections on the freeway. The C43 is a perfect blend of comfort, refinement, power and precision. The engine makes eager noises when fired up, resonating in a deep rumble that quickly changes to a satisfying blat as the revs build. Truly a limited production car. 1,411 were produced, and fewer than that came to the U.S.
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