Removed from sale. - 46368 Available* at Scottsdale 2007 - Lot #3472 Removed from sale.
Lot #3472   Removed from sale.
Auction Scottsdale 2007
Status Available
Lot 3472
Johnny Cash, a letter from Gene Autry to the Man In Black, March 1977. While Johnny Cash served as an icon and role model to millions of fans, Cash himself had those who he admired and looked up to, in particular Gene Autry. A fan of Autry's movies as a child, Cash once wrote in admiration, "When I saw my first Gene Autry movie as a child, I was filled with awe and wonder... He confirmed the hope that could triumph over evil." Upon writing an ode to his childhood hero for an upcoming album, Cash received this one-page letter from Autry, dated March 17, 1978, reading in full, I have been advised that you have recorded your song, 'Who Was Gene Autry' to be included in your new album, I Would Like to See You Again. I am delighted that you want to use the song in the album and you certainly have my permission to do so. I hope it will be a million seller for you. Boldly signed by Autry at the conclusion in brown ink. NO RESERVE.