Removed from sale. - 46389 Available* at Scottsdale 2007 - Lot #3457 Removed from sale.
Lot #3457   Removed from sale.
Auction Scottsdale 2007
Status Available
Lot 3457
Johnny Cash a humorous hand written To Do List. Although it may be the trait that few people would associate with The Man In Black, those who knew Johnny Cash best often speak of his fabulously witty sense of humor. Here, on this "To Do" list, Cash displays a little of his memorable humor, drafting a list that reads as follow: 1. Not smoke, 2. Kiss June, 3. Not kiss anyone else, 4. Cough, 5. Pee, 6. Eat, 7. Not eat too much, 8. Worry, 9. Go see Mama, 10. Practice piano. Capping off his agenda, Cash adds an additional chore'ironically in the "Notes" area'that reads, NotWrite Notes. This choice piece of memorabilia was featured on page 64 of the book, Cash:An American Man. In addition, and was also a specific point of interest featured nationally on CNN's Larry King Live during a tribute show which aired May 31, 2004. No Reserve.