Removed from sale. - 46400 Available* at Scottsdale 2007 - Lot #3513 Removed from sale.
Lot #3513   Removed from sale.
Auction Scottsdale 2007
Status Available
Lot 3513
Johnny Cash's hand-written lyrics for the song, "Water from the Wells of Home." Hand-written lyrics titled "Water from the Wells of Home", one page, no date (circa 1988), accomplished by Cash in black felt tip pen. In part, "As I stroll along the road to freedom / Like a gypsy in a gilded cage / My horizons have not always been bright / But that's the way that dreams are made / Days all seem to run together / Like a timeless honeycomb / I find myself wishing I could drink again / Water from the wells of home." Collaborating with his son, John Carter, Cash signs at the conclusion for both, John C. & John R. Cash. This song was the title track for Cash's 1988 collaboration release, Water from the Wells of Home. 21.50 x 28 cm. (8.39 x 10.92 in.) NO RESERVE.