Removed from sale. - 46575 Available* at Scottsdale 2007 - Lot #3469 Removed from sale.
Lot #3469   Removed from sale.
Auction Scottsdale 2007
Status Available
Lot 3469
Johnny Cash hand written humorous short story, 1978. A humorous story regarding a letter from a child admirer, retold in the hand of Johnny Cash himself on this sheet of paper. Dated October 5, 1978, Cash recalls a letter he received from a young fan by the name of Mark Shane. In part, "Dear Mr. Cash, How is your nose? I hope it's not sore. I was worried about why you was in the hospital at first but then I was glad when the paper said it was just on account of your nose. Noses aren't too serious. Mama said I wouldn't say that if it were my nose. But lots of things are worse, like throwing up. Anyway I hope you feel better now." Cash picked this writing to be apart of a story and poetry book which he was compiling, however the book was never completed. In overall excellent condition. 24 x 35.50 cm. (9.36 x 13.85 in.) No Reserve.