Barrett-Jackson celebrates 40th anniversary in Arizona

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Iconic collector car auctioneer Barrett-Jackson is set to celebrate its 40th anniversary this year by sending more than 1,300 cars across the block at its annual Scottsdale, Arizona, event later this month.

Although many other collector car auctioneers also stage Scottsdale events in January, Barrett-Jackson can claim the title of the longest-running show. The firm first offered collectible cars in Scottsdale in 1971, long before Speed’s television coverage helped make the event world-renowned.

To celebrate, Barrett Jackson set aside four 40-year-old cars for a season-long nationwide tour, which will first be highlighted in Scottsdale before going to auction in September at the company’s Las Vegas event.

Scouting the cars
Perhaps the most unique feature is actually a pair of cars – a 1953 Chevrolet Corvette and one built 50 years later, a 2003 model. Both are painted in the same white-over-red shade that marked all first-year Corvettes, but what makes the pair especially interesting is that the 2003 model’s VIN is the same as the 1953′s. General Motors offered owners of 1953 Corvettes the opportunity to purchase special 50th anniversary Corvettes in 2003, but only one car was given the same sequential serial number – VIN 243 – as the owner’s 1953 model.

Barrett-Jackson made its mark by selling muscle cars and its 2011 Scottsdale lineup continues the theme. Everything from a 1963 Ford Galaxie R Code to a 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury “Max Wedge” and a number of 1970 and 1971 Ford Mustang BOSSs will be up for auction.

In addition, Barrett-Jackson just announced one more historically significant car – a 1963 Pontiac Bonneville ambulance that transported President John F. Kennedy’s body from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland to the Bethesda Naval Hospital and, later, to the United States Capitol building following his assassination.

Both Ford and General Motors will auction off a variety of unique vehicles for charity, as well.


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