Jordin Sparks unveils her Shelby GT500 at Barrett-Jackson

Jordin Sparks unveils her Shelby GT500 at Barrett-Jackson.

Jordin Sparks visited the 39th Annual Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction Saturday, Jan. 23, at WestWorld of Scottsdale.

The “American Idol” winner from Glendale met with fans for an autograph session in the mid-afternoon, but before that, she checked out the “Jordin Sparks Special Edition” 2010 Shelby GT500 Super Snake.

As Sparks approached the Shelby Foundation Booth and saw the automobile, the singer excitedly checked out every detail of the car, pausing over the wheels, the trunk, the inside of the car, and at every inspection point, the singer flashed a big smile.

A great portion of the excitement was because the car will be auctioned in Miami Feb. 3 at the “Third Annual Jordin Sparks Experience” in conjunction with the 2010 Pro Super Bowl in Miami.

The proceeds from the car, for which minimum bids start at $75,000, benefit the Carroll Shelby Foundation and Sparks Charities.

But the car is not the only item to be auctioned at the Miami event.

Among the items, there will be a football and ice cream session with Sparks and Arizona Cardinal Larry Fitzgerald for a $20,000 minimum bid, and a private slumber party for 10 girls and two adults at the Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach Resort suite with a 10,000 minimum bid.

Sparks spoke to the Republic about the car and her life.

Question: Tell us some of your memorable moments.

Answer: I guess I would have to say getting my driver’s license was a pretty big moment, getting my braces off, winning “American Idol”, singing at the Super Bowl and now getting this car.

Q: How does it feel to have a car named after you?

A: It’s different because you can put your initials or find a sticker and put it on your car and go ‘oh my gosh, that’s awesome,’ but to actually have one made is a different story. It is just beautiful. The design is gorgeous. My initials are embroidered in the seats. I don’t even know what to say.

Q: Are you going to drive this car?

A: They said I could drive this car to Miami, but I have to be careful because I forgot how to drive a stick shift. I am hoping it is a big parking lot with no cars or anything anywhere close so the car can stay nice.

Q: Are you a Shelby fan?

A: I am. This car is a replica of the car that I have. On “American Idol,” we won the Mustangs, but I upgraded mine, and it’s the same color. It’s awesome. It purrs like a kitten.

Q: How will you split the profits between the Carroll Shelby Foundation and Sparks Charities?

A: We’re still figuring out how the splits are going to go. The portion for Sparks Charities will go to the “Toy Chest” at Miami Children’s Hospital for a year, donations of funds for Haiti and also helping widows and orphans in Russia. That’s where my mom’s heart is and that’s how we like to help out. It is all going to great causes.

Q: How is philanthropic work part of who you are?

A: My dad used to play football and my mom had Sparks Charities before anything even happened to me. My mom was always doing stuff and I saw her doing that and I wanted to help. I love seeing people happy. I love giving things and seeing the look on people’s faces. So when I can use my name to do something bigger than myself, it’s awesome.

Q: Do you take a peek at the current “American Idol” season to see what’s going on?

A: Yes. I love watching it. I am an “Idol” freak. I watched the first season and I will watch this one. It has been really good. There was this guy, I think his name was Jermaine. He was awesome and he sang “What If God Was One of Us.” It was beautiful.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: I am going to shoot “Bones” next week, which I am really excited about it, because it’s my favorite show ever. After the Super Bowl, I will be in Los Angeles for a while writing and doing some different things. Hopefully, I will get to do some more acting and have a tour.

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