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 Lot #YearMakeModelStyleDescriptionAuction
440 440 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOPOriginal matching numbers 440 Six-Pack 390hp engine with 727 TorqueFlite transmission. Beautiful Alpine White with black vinyl top and black interior. This Superbird comes with original Fender Tag and Build Sheet.Palm Beach 2014
1333 1333 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOPThe Superbird has the 440 Six Pack option and comes with documentation. The original Build Sheet comes with the car. Only 716 built with 440 Six Pack.Scottsdale 2014
5029 5029 1970PLYMOUTHHEMI SUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOPOriginal 426/425hp HEMI engine and 727 automatic. Visual inspection by two Mopar authorities. Rotisserie restoration. Outstanding in every detail.Scottsdale 2014
752 752 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOP440/375hp matching numbers engine. B5 Blue Fire with white bucket seats, automatic, all gauges and radio work. Fully restored. 1,935 Superbirds built.Las Vegas 2013
711 711 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOP440 Six Pack, B&M floor mounted shift kit, radiused fender wells with 10" wide NASCAR wheels, additional instrument gauges, lots of chrome engine components, Hooker headers, stainless steel side exhaust and numerous add-ons.Reno Tahoe 2013
1282 1282 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOPProfessional rotisserie restoration to a high standard. In Galen's Registry, Build Sheet, 440cid engine and 4-speed transmission. This car looks and drives great.Scottsdale 2013
670 670 1970PLYMOUTHHEMI SUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOPThis matching numbers 1970 426 HEMI Superbird has only 20,846 original miles. It is fully documented by its Broadcast Sheet, over 600 restoration photos, all restoration receipts and is Galen Govier certified.Las Vegas 2012
1323.1 1323.1 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOPMatching numbers, documented with Build Sheet and factory order form. Equipped with a 440cid with automatic transmission, power steering and power brakes. Has only had one repaint back to its original color. This Superbird has 48,000 original miles.Scottsdale 2012
1249.1 1249.1 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOPMatching numbers, rebuilt 440/375hp engine and an automatic transmission. Frame-off restoration in 2009. Production Broadcast Sheet, Window Sticker, documented restoration with photos and other original documentation. From the Victor Gomez Collection.Scottsdale 2012
1250 1250 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR COUPE440cid V8 with a 4-speed transmission, power steering and brakes. Excellent restoration with original sheet metal and interior. Documented with original Broadcast Sheet. From the Keith Henderson Collection.Scottsdale 2011
1255.1 1255.1 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOP24,050 original miles, Galen Govier decoding documentation, 440/375hp engine, 4-speed and DANA 60. Professionally restored in 2010.Scottsdale 2011
656.1 656.1 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOPCustom "race car trim", matching numbers, very solid, runs and drives well. Title in transit.Palm Beach 2010
681 681 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR COUPEAutomatic, Lynch Road built, Tor-Red exterior, black interior. Built November 30, 1970, special order sequence number.Palm Beach 2010
688 688 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOP440cid, 4-speed, this Superbird is all original with the exception of one repaint. Matching numbers, this Superbird has had a visual inspection by Galen Govier. Inspections come with this car.Palm Beach 2010
650 650 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRDRE-CREATIONHigh quality frame-off, nut-and-bolt restoration to re-create a Superbird down to every authentic detail. 440 Six-Pack, 4-speed, air conditioning, 3.54 Sure-grip rear end, front disc brakes and more.Palm Beach 2010
1270 1270 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOP21,255 actual miles. 440 Six Pack, matching numbers drivetrain. Same owner for the last 21 years, documented with the original Broadcast Sheet and Galen Govier decoding.Scottsdale 2010
1255 1255 1970PLYMOUTHHEMI SUPERBIRDCUSTOM COUPE1970 HEMI Superbird modified with 5-speed transmission, 4-wheel disc brakes, rack & pinion steering, 528cid Fuel Injected HEMI engine and air conditioning.Scottsdale 2010
1289 1289 1970PLYMOUTHHEMI SUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOPRotisserie restoration, matching numbers motor, transmission, rear, carburetors, etc. 1 of only 77 HEMI automatics, 426cid/425hp HEMI with two 4-barrel carburetors, power steering, power disc brakes and original Build Sheet.Scottsdale 2010
1289 1289 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRDCUSTOM TRIBUTEYearOne, Gillette Evernham Racing and Bill Goldberg, have teamed up to re-create a legend to benefit the Darryl Gwynn Foundation. Using the NASCAR Superbirds as inspiration, it features modern suspension, brakes and a present-day 750+hp NASCAR Cup engine.Scottsdale 2009
659.1 659.1 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOPNumbers matching with only 9,043 actual miles. An original 1970 Superbird survivor with 95% original paint, original interior, three Build Sheets, Fender Tag, letters from original selling dealer and original owner.Palm Beach 2008
649.1 649.1 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOPNumbers matching 440 Six Pack with 20,751 original miles. Everything restored to original and is correct. DANA rear axle, Tick-Toc-Tach, 8-track, power steering and power brakes.Palm Beach 2008
676 676 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOP440 4 Barrel Commando Superbird. All original down to the tires. Less than 37,000 original miles. Dealer installed air conditioning.Palm Beach 2008
1277.1 1277.1 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOPA complete, numbers matching car with 440 Six Pack, automatic, bucket seats, console, power steering and power brakes. Rotisserie restored with Build Sheet.Scottsdale 2008
1268 1268 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOP21,731 original miles with genuine "V" Coded 440 Six Pack, dated 10-30-69 and a 727 automatic. Documented with two original Broadcast Sheets and Fender Tag.Scottsdale 2008
1250.1 1250.1 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOP440cid/335hp V8 with an automatic transmission and with matching numbers.Scottsdale 2008
1021 1021 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOP440cid/375hp V8 with an automatic transmission. Completely documented and with ownership history. Multiple show winner.Scottsdale 2008
695 695 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOP440cid/390hp Six Pack V8 with an automatic. All original survivor with 21,911 miles. Documented with original title, Broadcast Sheet and a professional decode.Palm Beach 2007
706 706 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOP440cid/375hp V8 with an automatic. Researched and documented for the "Performing Art of the American Automobile". Professionally restored and decoded.Palm Beach 2007
391 391 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD 440cid V8 with Six Pack added and an automatic. Restored to original with ownership history and Broadcast Sheet documentation.Palm Beach 2007
414.1 414.1 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR440cid/335hp V8 with a 4-speed transmission. Completely restored with matching numbers, Broadcast Sheet and ownership history.Palm Beach 2007
1266 1266 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOP440cid/375hp V8 with a 4-speed transmission and 49,800 actual miles. Documented with Broadcast Sheet and professional decode. Complete rotisserie restoration.Scottsdale 2007
1335.2 1335.2 1970PLYMOUTHHEMI SUPERBIRDCOUPE Scottsdale 2007
1297 1297 1970PLYMOUTHHEMI SUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOP426cid/425hp HEMI V8 with an automatic. Completely restored with matching numbers, two Broadcast Sheets and a professional decode.Scottsdale 2007
1008 1008 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOP440cid/375hp V8 with an automatic. Fully restored to factory specs and documented with original Broadcast Sheets.Scottsdale 2007
345 345 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOP440cid/375hp V8 with an automatic transmission. Completely documented and ownership history. Multiple show winner.PBCCA Palm Beach 2005
695 695 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOP440cid/390hp Six Pack V8 with a 4-speed transmission. Genuine 33,983 miles with matching numbers.Scottsdale 2005
1010 1010 1970PLYMOUTHHEMI SUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOP426cid/425hp Hemi V8 with a 727 automatic transmission. Numbers matching with broadcast sheet and 36,000 original miles.Scottsdale 2005
384.1 384.1 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRDUNKNOWN440cid/375hp Six Pack V8 with a 4-speed transmission, bench seat interior, power steering, disc brakes, radio delete and original Broadcast sheet.Palm Beach 2004
772 772 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOP440cid Six Pack V8 with Pistol Grip 4-speed transmission. Fully restored with broadcast sheet documentation.Scottsdale 2004
726 726 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD2 DOOR HARDTOP426cid/425hp Hemi V8 and Torqueflight transmission. True "survivor" with 6,000 documented miles. All original except paint.Scottsdale 2004
666 666 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRDCOUPE440 Six-Pack V-8, 4-speed. Numbers matching car with only 19,665 miles from new. Owned by 4 time speed world record holder Jim Frederick.Scottsdale 2003
711 711 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRD426 HEMI COUPEOne of only 74 Hemi Superbirds built. Only 9600 documented miles. TOTALLY ORIGINAL.Scottsdale 2003
722 722 1970PLYMOUTHSUPERBIRDCOUPEOne of only 308 6-pack, 4-speeds. Correct frame-off restoration. All numbers match. A superb opportunity.BARRETT-JACKSON CLASSIC CAR AUCTION 2002