Automobilia Docket Palm Beach 2007

All Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Car List
 Lot #Description
5601 North Dakota Interstate 94 highway road sign. Size 24"x24"
5602 N.O.S. 1960's Quaker State Outboard Motor Oil single-sided price board tin sign.
5603 Quaker State Motor Oil double-sided tin garage sign.
5604 N.O.S. 1950's Pure Oil station tire display.
5605 N.O.S. Multi-Mile Tires single-sided tin painted garage sign.
5606 1950's Prestone Anti-Freeze porcelain station thermomter.
5607 1950's Conoco gasoline porcelain pump plate sign.
5608 1962 Texaco SkyChief Supreme with Petrox porcelain pump plate sign.
5609 N.O.S. 1960's Gulf New No-Nox gasoline porcelain pump plate sign.
5610 1950's "That Good Gulf Gasoline" porcelain pump plate sign.
5611 N.O.S. 1960's Gulf No-Nox porcelain pump plate sign.
5612 N.O.S. late 50's Good Gulf Gasoline porcelain pump plate sign.
5613 Lot of three N.O.S. 1950's Sinclair Upper Lube four ounce tins.
5614 Lot of three N.O.S. late teens Carbon-X-It tins.
5615 Lot of two 1950's Automotive Polishing Cloth tins (Mopar and Skelly).
5616 1930's Liquid X sealer radiator sealer tin. Great graphics!
5617 1927 Bird's Garage Overland and Willy's dealership calendar.
5618 Spectacular N.O.S. 1970 Plymouth Rapid Transit System sales catalog featuring Hemi Cuda, GTX, 440 "Six Pack" Roadrunner, Duster 340 and more.
5619 Highly prized collection of seven Sunoco Gasoline "Walt Disney" ink blotters 1939-1941.
5620 Lot of five Esso station blotters circa 1930-1940.
5621 Lot of eight N.O.S. Sunoco Gasoline "Walt Disney" ink blotters.
5622 1950's Phillips 66 double-sided porcelain station sign.
5623 Impressive 1950's Goodyear Tires single-sided tin garage sign.
5624 N.O.S. 1960's Firestone "Tire and Battery Service" single-sided tin garage sign.
5625 1960's Firestone "24 Hour Service" tin painted garage sign.
5626 1970's-80's Mobil Gasoline light-up station sign with Pegasus.
5627 Charming Late 20's Tydol Gasoline station banner with lady driver depicted.
5628 Large 1940's McQuay-Norris piston rings die-cut tin station sigh with wood framing.
5630 Neat 1950's Goodyear Garage display stand with two N.O.S. signs and an original tire.
5632 1950's Aerodinamic Suspension Adjustmentsingle-sided tin garage sign.
5633 Choice 1956 Texaco Sky Chief with Petrox over-sized porcelain pump plate sign.
5634 1951 Texaco Fire Chief porcelain pump plate sign.
5635 Scarce 1962 Texaco Diesel Chief porcelain pump plate sign.
5636 Hard to find 1955 Texaco Diesel Chief "L" porcelain pump plate sign.
5637 Late 50's-early 60's N.O.S. set of Texaco metal restroom signs still in the original box.
5638 1940's Mobiloil single-sided porcelain shield shaped sign.
5639 Highly sought after N.O.S. 1950's Mobil "Dealer Pledge" porcelain station sign.
5640 1950's Valvoline Motor Oil light-up station clock.
5641 Late 50's-early 60's Gillette Tires light-up station clock manufactured by Pam Clock Company.
5641.1 Set of six N.O.S. RPM Outboard motor oil six ounce tins complete with original cardboard sleeve.
5641.2 Lot of two 1950's Texaco Outboard Motor Oil quarts and one late 60's pint.
5641.3 Lot of five N.O.S. Gulfpride Outboard motor oil 1/2 pint tins.
5641.4 1930's GM Shock Inflating Fluid tin with graphics.
5641.5 Lot of two 1950's car care tins "Lincoln Spot Remover" and "Western Polishing Cloth".
5641.6 Lot of two 1950's N.O.S. spark plug sets still in the original sleeves (AC and Fisk).
5641.7 Lot of two 1950's Ford automotive tins (Cooling System Cleanser and Polishing Wax).
5642 Lot of two N.O.S. Mopar Spark Plug boxes. Still full and unused.
5643 N.O.S. 1950's Champion Spark Plugs single-sided tin garage flange.
5644 N.O.S. 1950's Cooper Tires- Tubes self-framed tin garage sign.
5645 1950's Skelly Tagolene Motor Oil double-sided tin garage sign.
5646 Extraordinary 1930's Gillette Tires single-sided self-framed tin garage sign with bear logo.
5647 1940's Oldsmobile dealership tin sign with embossed lettering.
5648 Wolf's Head Motor Oil double-sided tin garage sign.
5649 Late 50's Wolf's Head Motor Oil double-sided tin sign in original bracket.
5649.1 N.O.S. 1949 Willard Batteries single-sided tin garage sign.
5650 N.O.S. 1965 Pennzoil Motor Oil "Sound Horn" single-sided tin garage sign.
5651 1940's Dunlop Tires vertical tin painted garage sign.
5652 Unusual 1940's Mobilgas single-sided tin station sign with Pegasus graphic.
5653 N.O.S. 1960's Delta Tires vertical tin painted garage sign.
5653.1 Scarce N.O.S. 1948 Whistle Orange Soda embossed tin sign with elf graphic.
5654 Large 1954 Chevrolet Trucks dealership banner.
5654.1 1951 Chevrolet "Come In and See" dealership banner.
5655 Late teen's Standard "Polarine" Oil solder seamed one-half gallon oil tin with original spout.
5657 Vintage Texaco service station high-pressure hand pump greaser.
5668 Choice 1940's Standard "Gold Crown" one-piece milk glass gas pump globe.
5672 Neat 1970's GM Mr. GoodWrench single-sided die-cut tin service department sign with extra service placards.
5673 1970's Texaco light-up station sign.
5673.1 N.O.S. 1962 Texaco Fire Chief porcelain pump plate sign (smaller version).
5673.2 N.O.S. 1960's Good Gulf Gasoline porcelain pump plate sign.
5673.3 N.O.S. 1960's Gulftane porcelain pump plate sign with logo.
5673.4 N.O.S. 1960's Gulftane porcelain pump plate sign.
5674 Very uncommon 1960's Ford Mustang promotional canvas event banner. Displays with minimal wear.
5675 N.O.S Wolf's Head Motor Oil double-sided tin garage flange sign.
5676 Late 30's AC Spark Plugs "Cleaning Station" tin painted garage flange sign.
5677 Sharp 1930's GMC Trucks double-sided porcelain dealership sign. Colors and gloss are still factory fresh.
5678 Scarce 1940's Sunray Diamond DX Oils single-sided porcelain station sign.
5679 1930's Polarine Motor Oils single-sided porcelain garage sign.
5680 1930's Texaco Motor Oil double-sided porcelain station sign with oil pouring graphic.
5681 N.O.S.Wolf's Head Motor Oil vertical tin painted garage sign with reverse wood frame.
5681.1 Very hard to find 1950's John Deere Farm Equipment light-up dealership clock. Manufactured by Telechron clock company.
5682 Scarce 1950's Pontiac Motor Division light-up clock.
5683 1960's Kendall GT-1 Racing Oil light-up station clock.
5684 N.O.S. 1930's Auto-Lite Spark Plugs single-sided tin garage sign with embossed graphic.
5685 1930's Genuine Chevrolet Parts double-sided tin dealership flange sign.
5686 Fantastic Kendall Motor Oil double-sided tin painted curb sign on original stand.
5687 N.O.S. 1960's Kendall Motor Oil single-sided tin garage sign with reverse wood frame.
5687.1 Large vintage Kiekhaefer Mercury Outboards single-sided tin marine dealership sign.
5687.2 Mood setting late 60's-early 70's Mobil light-up station sign.
5688 Hard to find 1930's Genuine Ford Parts double-sided porcelain dealership sign with original hanging bracket.
5689 N.O.S. 1950's GM Delco Batteries double-sided tin garage sign with original hanging bracket.
5690 1930's Standard Service double-sided porcelain service station sign.
5691 Unusual Ford V-8 dealership window neon sign.
5693 Professionally restored 1950's Eco Air Meter service station air dispenser.
5693.1 1954 Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, "Powerflite Drive" dealership window neon.
5694 Cool 1950's GM Hydra-Matic Drive dealership window neon sign.
5694.1 1940's-50's Pontiac dealership single-sided neon tin dealership sign.
5694.2 1940's-50's Pontiac dealership single-sided neon tin dealership sign.
5695 Wonderfully restored 1930's Coca-Cola "princess" garage cooler.
5696 Restored Gulf Gasoline 15 gallon station oil lubester.
5696.1 Neat 1940's AC Spark Plugs restored Gulf station spark plug cleaner.
5696.2 Professionally restored lot of eight period Gulf gasoline filling station oil, gas, and kerosene cans.
5697 Early 50's Gilmore Gasoline Wayne 80 restored station pump.
5698 Unparalleled late 50's-early 60's Sunoco Gasoline Tokheim 300 restored station pump.
5699 Late 50's Goodyear Tires three-dimensional porcelain garage sign.
5701 N.O.S. 1930's Edison Spark Plugs cardboard counter-top display box still full of N.O.S. spark plugs.
5702 Sharp 1940's Blue Crown Spark Plug N.O.S. counter-display box with Grand Prix graphics.
5703 Unused circa 1930's-40's American flag tin license plate attachment sign (pectin).
5704 N.O.S. 1930's Atlantic Gasoline license plate attachment sign still in the original shipping paper.
5709 Killer 1970 Plymouth Barracuda over-sized ten page sales brochure. Guaranteed old and original.
5710 Fabulous 1970 Plymouth brochure covering the entire line-up including Barracuda, Duster, GTX, Roadrunner and more.
5711 Nifty 1950's Ford salesman awards desk set in the original box.
5712 Late teen's gentleman's coin purse shaped like a drivers cap.
5713 1951 Wolf's Head Motor Oil double-sided tin garage sign.
5714 Very clean 1950's Conoco "Royal" Gasoline porcelain pump plate sign.
5715 Late 50's-early 60's Ford "FoMoCo" double-sided tin garage sign.
5717 1951 Texaco Fire Chief porcelain pump plate sign.
5719 N.O.S. EZ Serve Gasoline porcelain pump plate sign.
5720 N.O.S. 1950's Shamrock Cloud Master Gasoline porcelain pump plate sign.
5722 N.O.S. Quaker State Motor Oil single-sided tin convexed garage sign.
5724 1960's Mobil Avgas "Aviation Gasoline" 100-130 airfield porcelain pump plate sign.
5729 1950's Trico Wiper Blades glass faced station thermometer.
5731 Incredible 1940's Sealed Power Piston Rings over-sized tin garage thermometer.
5732 Fabulous early 60's Trico Wipers over-sized tin garage thermometer.
5734 1940's-50's Pennsylvania Tires double-sided tin garage sign.
5735 Elusive 1950's Greyhound Bus Lines light-up depot clock. Exhibits the lightest of wear.
5736 Late 50's-early 60's Pennzoil Motor Oil garage clock. Both interior and exterior glass faces present well.
5737 Early 60's Wolf's Head Motor Oil light-up station clock by Pam. Lights and works well.
5739 Scarce 1960's American Airlines light-up airport terminal clock.
5742 N.O.S. 1930's Genuine Mapco "Starting-Lighting-Ignition" parts single-sided tin garage sign.
5743 N.O.S. 1930's Auto Lite Spark Plugs tin garage sign with embossed spark plug graphic.
5744 Interesting 1952 Chevy Power Glide double-sided cardboard showroom sign in original metal frame.
5745 N.O.S. 1950's Champion Spark Plugs tin painted flange sign.
5747 Pristine 1950's Kendall Motor Oils single-sided tin horizontal garage sign.
5749 1941 Texaco Indian Gasoline porcelain pump plate sign.
5751 Scarce 1950's Mobilfuel Diesel porcelain pump plate sign.
5752 1930's Hyvis Motor Oil double-sided porcelain station sign.
5765 Gorgeous 1930's Sunoco Motor Oil station banner with magnificent artwork and styling.
5767 Spectacular N.O.S. 1950's Interlux Marine Paints single-sided tin marina sign with killer boating graphics.
5769 Superb 1930's Champion Spark Plugs art deco influenced light-up station clock.
5771 Unusual 1930's Atlantic White Flash Gasoline metal bodied gas pump globe with pristine 15" lenses.
5772 Stunning 1950's Sealed Power Piston Rings light-up station clock with art deco inspired graphics.
5774 Late 20's-early 30's Pure "Purol Gasoline" metal bodied gas pump globe with 15" lenses.
5776 N.O.S. 1930's Cities Service KoolMotor Oil double-sided porcelain station curb sign.
5778 1940's Super Chevrolet Service double-sided porcelain dealership sign.
5781 Very rare 1930's Chevrolet Sales and Service single-sided embossed tin dealership sign.
5781.1 1950's Mopar Parts Plymouth-Dodge-Desoto-Chrysler double-sided tin garage flange.
5782 Gorgeous N.O.S. 1930's Champion Spark Plugs station sign with period plug graphic.
5783 N.O.S. 1960's Trico Windshield Service service station island display cabinet.
5784 Interesting 1940's Ford Diagnosis Service Department Test Set.
5785 Museum quality 1951 Chevrolet "America's First Choice" dealership showroom sign.
5788 Wonderful 1953 Chevrolet "America's #1" dealership banner.
5791 Impossible to find 1940's Sel-Oil station cabinet with island lighting unit.
5791.1 Sharp 1930's M&E Standard Oil station 30 gallon oil lubester with 5 gallon gas can.
5792 Impeccably restored 1950's Mobil Wayne #100 Mobil gas pump with island lighting unit.
5793 Distinctive 1930's-40's Polly Gasoline National A-38 restored station pump.
5794 Set of three period station oil and gas cans restored in Polly regalia.
5795 Immaculate 1940's Willy's Cars-Trucks-Jeeps single-sided neon porcelain dealership sign.
5797 1940's-50's Plymouth 6 - V8 dealership window neon sign.
5798 Extremely scarce 1940's Oldsmobile single-sided porcelain neon dealership sign.
5799 Sharp late 30's Shell Oil single-sided neon porcelain station sign. Near perfect after 70 years.
5801 N.O.S. 1967 Ford Cougar over-sized dealer promotional still in the original box.
5802 Sharp N.O.S. 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 7 litre dealer promotional still in the original box.
5803 N.O.S. 1972 Ford Gran Torino Sport in "Sport Blue" Still in the original box.
5804 Stylish 1959 Pontiac Bonneville convertible still in the original box.
5807 Rare 1966 Corvette Convertible dealer promotional.
5809 Highly prized 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible dealer promotional.
5811 Lot of three N.O.S. 1950's Texaco Aviation Oil metal quart cans.
5815 Unusual late teen's Sunburst Refinery emergency gasoline solder-seamed quart tin with spout.
5817 1960's Sinclair Gasoline porcelain pump plate sign.
5819 Very clean early 60's Co-op Tires single-sided embossed tin sign.
5821 Unusual 1950's Skelly Gasoline "No Smoking" porcelain station sign.
5822 N.O.S. 1960's Delta Tires horizontal embossed tin garage sign.
5824 N.O.S. 1961 Texaco Fire Chief porcelain pump plate sign.
5828 N.O.S. 1950's Texaco Station Rest Room pledge double-sided tin station sign.
5829 1949 Wolf's Head die-cut tin station flange.
5839 Late teen's Red Crown Gasoline station price chart still in the original copper frame.
5841 1950's Chevrolet "Power Glide" dealership showroom banner.
5842 1950's Cadillac "Symbol of Supremacy" dealership showroom banner.
5844 Late 50's-early 60's Ford FoMoCo touch-up paint counter-top display rack complete with thirty original tins.
5846 Uncommon 1940's Texaco "Indian Gas" narrow glass-bodied gas pump globe.
5848 Extraordinary 1940's Flying A Gasoline gill-bodied gas pump globe.
5850 Wonderful 1930's-40's Shell Gasoline one-piece clamshell-shaped gas pump globe.
5855 Killer 1930's Pure "Energee Gasoline - Detonox" gas pump globe with N.O.S. 15" lenses.
5860 N.O.S. 1920's-30's Prest-o-lite Automobile Supplies single-sided embossed tin garage sign.
5861 1930's Pennzoil embossed tin garage sign.
5862 N.O.S. 1957 Willard Batteries tin painted garage flange still in the original box!!
5864 Sharp 1930's Champion Spark Plugs single-sided tin garage sign.
5865 Very cool 1956 Dodge dealership showroom banner. Great period colors and graphics.
5867 Rare 1957 showroom sales dealer book.
5868 Unparalleled McCreary Tires light-up station clock.
5869 Scarce 1950's General Tires double-bubble light-up station clock.
5871 Extremely rare late 20's-early 30's GE Mazda Auto Lamps internally lit counter display complete with N.O.S. bulbs.
5872 Fabulous 1950's Tydol Flying A Gasoline light-up station clock.
5873 Gorgeous 1930's Chevrolet "Genuine Parts" double-sided tin service department flange sign.
5874 Striking N.O.S. 1952 Texaco Marine Lubricants single-sided porcelain marina sign.
5875 Very rare 1961 Texaco Marine Lubricants single-sided porcelain marina sign with nautical graphics.
5877 Very nice 1930's Good Gulf Gasoline double-sided porcelain garage flange sign.
5879 N.O.S. 1957 Goodyear Aviation Products single-sided embossed airport sign.
5880 Killer N.O.S. 1930's Pennzoil Motor Oil double-sided curb sign on stand.
5881 Stunning 1935 Pierce-Arrow restored pedal car.
5882 Gorgeous 1935 Buick pedal car restored to show quality standards!
5885 Unparalleled 1950's Mercedes 190 SL restored pedal car.
5887 Phenomenal 1930's Pittsburgh Garage Supply art-deco service department greaser on wheels.
5888 Magnificent 1940's-50's Ford Script neon dealership window sign.
5889 Unusual 1930's Ford double-sided porcelain dealership sign with original hanging bracket.
5890 Stylish 1950's Kendall Motor Oil double-sided die-cut tin sign with original hanging bracket.
5891 Interesting 1930's-40's Texaco oil bottle rack with aisle stand.
5892 Fantastic 1948 Bennett model #766 service station pump restored in full Shell Oil regalia.
5893 Impressive 1935 Polly Gasoline Wayne Model #60 station pump with art nouveau styling.
5894 Restored 1919 Tokheim model #214 portable Texaco service station gasoline cart.
5895 Stellar 1939 Texaco Ethyl Bennett model #541 station pump.
5896 Sophisticated 1930's United Service single-sided porcelain garage sign.
5897 Neat 1950's Chevrolet "OK" Used Cars animated porcelain neon dealership signon original pole.
5898 Wonderful 1930's Ford Automobilies single-sided neon porcelain dealership sign.
5899 Phenomenal 1950's Texaco single-sided porcelain neon station sign.
5901 Late teen's - early 20's "Touring" the automotive card game.
5902 U.S. Tires balloon tires glass faced dial pressure gauge presented in original leather pouch.
5903 Interesting 1920's authentic printers blocks advertising such brands as Duesenberg, Ford and others.
5904 Late teen's-early 20's Texaco visible gas pump
5909 Hard to find 1968 Dodge Charger, Coronet, Dart, Hemi sales brochure.
5911 Stellar 1970 Ford Performance Digest sales brochure featuring Boss 302, Mach 1 and others.
5913 1930'S-40'S GM Delco Battery Service garage kit.
5918 Choice 1950's Prestone Anti-Freeze porcelain station thermometer.
5922 N.O.S. 1960's Texaco "Registered Rest Rooms" double-sided tin garage sign.
5924 N.O.S. Atlantic Gasoline porcelain pump plate sign.
5927 1950's Blue Sunoco 190 single-sided tin pump plate sign.
5929 Sharp Quaker State Motor Oil dial faced garage thermometer.
5931 Adorable N.O.S. 1959 Sumbeam Bread "Slow Down" school zone embossed tin sign.
5933 N.O.S. 1960's Pennzoil Safe Lubrication double-sided tin garage sign.
5935 N.O.S. 1950's Shamrock #2 Diesel Fuel porcelain pump plate sign.
5936 Immaculate N.O.S. 1949 Willard Batteries self-framed tin garage sign.
5938 N.O.S. 1950's Atlas Tires station display with original N.O.S. tire.
5939 1960's Ford Touch-Up service department counter-top display with original tins.
5940 1950's Quaker State Motor Oil display rack complete with 12 metal quart cans.
5941 Awesome 1960's Texaco light-up station sign with three-dimensional styling.
5944 1940's Auto-Lite Spark Plugs tin painted garage flange sign.
5945 Highly sought after N.O.S. 1949 Oilzum Motor Oil single-sided tin station sign.
5947 Killer N.O.S. 30's Mapco Ignition Coils single-sided embossed tin garage sign with outstanding period race graphics.
5948 N.O.S. 1960's Mercedes-Benz single-sided porcelain dealership sign.
5949 Sharp circa 1950's Kendall Motor Oils light-up garage clock.
5951 Very clean 1930's-40's Standard Gasoline "Red Crown" one-piece gas pump globe.
5952 Wonderful 1950's Sinclair Pennant Gasoline narrow bodied glass gas pump globe with new old stock lenses.
5958 Outstanding 1950's Exide Batteries light-up station clock by Pam clock company. Presents strongly.
5961 Killer N.O.S. 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T dealer promotional in Brite Blue.
5964 Exquisitely detailed 1926 Pierce Arrow tribute hood mascot. Possibly aftermarket.
5966 Ornate 1927 Pierce Arrow hood mascot.
5969 Mid-1920's Minerva Automobiles hood mascot. A true icon of continental sophistication. Signed P. De Soete.
5970 Very clean 1930's Firestone Tires - Auto Supplies double-sided porcelain garage curb sign on original stand.
5972 Impressive 1930's U.S. Tires double-sided porcelain garage sign with original hanging bracket.
5974 Spectacular N.O.S. 1929 Champion Spark Plugs tin garage sign with embossed graphic.
5976 N.O.S. 1930's Purol with Ethyl double-sided porcelain station sign.
5977 Large 1939 Mobilgas Station double-sided porcelain station sign.
5978 Fantastic 1950's Ford Jubilee crest dealership showroom sign made of cast aluminum.
5979 Late 50's-early 60's Jaguar Automobiles single-sided porcelain dealership sign.
5980 Spectacular 1930's GE Mazda Automobile Lamps counter top display with cleverly lit period graphics.
5981 1930's HC Sinclair Gasoline double-sided porcelain station sign with original hanging bracket.
5982 Exceptional 1939 Pontiac pedal car restored to absolute perfection with light pods, hood mascot and lots of chrome.
5983 Beautiful 1936 Lincoln Zephyr Deluxe pedal car by Garton.
5985 Highly sought after 1958 Corvette dealer promotional pedal car. These were only available from select dealers of the time period.
5987 N.O.S. 1950's Chevrolet "Truck Advancement" over-sized dealership poster.
5988 Lot of three professionally restored Texaco station service items including a high pressure hand pump greaser, air tank, and a road side emergency flare kit.
5989 Lot of three 1930's service station oil and gas cans restored in Polly Gasoline.
5991 Interesting 1940's-50's Pontiac dealership driveway sign.
5992 Sharp 1940's Shell Oil Tokheim model #39 service station pump.
5993 1946 M&S 80 Mobilgas restored station pump.
5994 Incredible 1930's Kendall Motor Oils Gear Lubes and Greases dealership window neon.
5996 Unusual 1950's Nash Automobiles single-sided porcelain neon dealership sign.
5997 Awesome early 1960's Chevrolet OK Used Cars single-sided light-up dealership sign.
5998 1930's Sieberling Tires single-sided neon porcelain dealership sign.
5999 Outstanding late 50's Mobil Oil single-sided porcelain with neon station sign.
5999.1 1950's Phillips Restored Pump