Automobilia Docket Scottsdale 2008

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Car List
 Lot #Description
5301 Cool 1950's BSA Motor Cycle Engine Oil metal quart can.
5302 1930's N.O.S. Shell Oil "Share the Road" license plate pectin sign.
5303 1930's Mobil dealer award ashtray featuring Pegasus hood mascot.
5305 1930's Michelin Tires garage ashtray featuring Bibedum. Manufactured out of Bakelite.
5309 N.O.S. Monroe Shock Absorbers tin painted garage thermometer.
5311 Fabulous pair of 1930's-40's Mobil Oil dealer award book ends.
5312 Wonderful 1960's Ford Touch-Up Paint service department rack complete with original tins.
5315 Small late 50's-early 60's Anco Widshield Wipers counter-top service cabinet.
5317 Cute N.O.S. 1959 Sunbeam Bread "Slow Down" tin sign.
5321 Outstanding 1930's Ford Genuine Parts double-sided porcelain dealership sign.
5326 Pristine 1930's Firestone Tires vertical porcelain garage sign in original wood frame.
5326 Pristine 1930's Firestone Tires vertical porcelain garage sign in original wood frame.
5326 Pristine 1930's Firestone Tires vertical porcelain garage sign in original wood frame.
5329 Killer N.O.S. 1951 Pennzoil "Sound Your Z" single-sided tin painted garage sign.
5333 1950 Cities Service dbl-sided tin garage sign with can.
5336 N.O.S. 1930's-40's Trojan Batteries single sided tin sign.
5337 N.O.S. 1940's AC Fuel Pumps tin garage flange.
5339 N.O.S. 1940's AC Oil Filters tin garage flange.
5340 Scarce late 40's-early 50's Richfield Ethyl narrow bodied gas pump globe.
5342 Clean 1940's-50's Texaco narrow bodied gas pump globe.
5343 N.O.S. 1968 Sebring "12 Hours" Race Poster featuring the all new Ford GT MK II Special.
5344 Neat N.O.S. 1969 Sebring Race Poster.
5348 Very clean late 50's Firestone Tires single-sided porcelain station sign.
5349 N.O.S. 1950's RPM Motor Oils and Lubricants double-sided porcelain station sign.
5352 N.O.S. 1937 Tydol Gasoline wood framed tin garage sign.
5356 Pristine 1930's Sinclair Opaline self-framed porcelain vertical garage sign.
5356.1 1930's streamlined Autowagon. Restored to look as original as possible.
5356.2 1973 Schwinn "Manta Ray" five speed bicycle with banana seat.
5360 Original 1950's United Motors Service neon internally lit garage sign.
5361 Choice late 50's-early 60's Champion Aviation Spark Plug service cleaner on stand.
5363 Elusive 1956 Chevrolet dealership showroom sales book.
5364 Choice 1959 Chevrolet showroom sales dealer book. Fabulous find covering the entire line-up including Corvette.
5369 Very desirable 1960's-70's Maserati Service single-sided dealership sign in mounting can.
5371 Museum quality late 50's-early 60's Alfa Romeo Service single-sided porcelain dealership sign.
5375 Killer late 60's-early 70's Porsche "Sales - Service-Parts" light-up dealership sign.
5377 Authentic 1960s Ferrari Automobiles porcelain dealership sign.
5379 Striking 1935 Ford pedal car by Steelcraft.
5380 Rare Air Mail pedal airplane by Steelcraft.
5381 Spectacular 1926 Packard pedal car restored to highest standards.
5381.1 Impressive 1940's Standard Gasoline double-sided porcelain station sign with light-up glass flame globe on original station pole.
5382 Incredible 1930's Texaco Indian Gasoline single-sided porcelain station sign.
5383 Scarce 1950's Caterpillar Diesel D-4 pedal tractor by AMF.
5384 Exceptional late-20's Puritan Motor Oils single-sided tin garage sign with keystone cop graphic.
5385 Extremely scarce 1950's Cadillac Service dealership porcelain sign.
5386 Very hard to find 1930's Chrysler Plymouth Service double-sided porcelain dealership sign with logo.
5387 Scarce 1930's Nitro-Valspar Automotive Paints double-sided porcelain garage sign.
5388 Spectacular NOS late 60's Hurst Shifters light-up dealership sign still in the original box.
5389 Amazing 1930's Ford Sales and Service neon dealership clock.
5389.1 Impressive Polly Tokheim 39 restored service station gas pump.
5390 1920's-30's Polly station hand-crank oil lubester.
5390.1 Lot of five restored 1920's-30's Polly Station service cans.
5390.2 Unique and imaginative sculpture by renowned garage artist Clark Gordon.
5391 Extremely rare 1930's Pure Service Station glass faced neon-lit double-sided station sign.
5393 Rare 1923 Standard Gold Crown Gasoline Fleckenstein model #100 station pump.
5394 1938 Shell Wayne 60 station pump, Fabulously restored to concours quality
5395 Wonderful late 40's Tokheim 100 Shell station gas pump with clamshell globe.
5396 Pristine 1930's Sieberling Tires single-sided porcelain neon garage sign.
5397 Rare 1930's-40's Case Tractors double-sided neon porcelain dealership sign.
5398 Hard to find 1950's Mercedes-Benz porcelain dealership sign with neon.
5399 Stupendous 1940's-50's Ford Automobiles neon porcelain single-sided dealership sign.