Automobilia Docket Palm Beach 2008

All Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Car List
 Lot #Description
5601 N.O.S. AC Delco Batteries single-sided tin dealership sign.
5602 N.O.S. Kendall Motor Oil "Customer Waiting Area" service department tin sign.
5603 N.O.S. Union 76 "A change you can trust" double-sided sided tin.
5604 N.O.S. late 60's Big Exhause Muffler "Installed Here" single-sided tin sign.
5607 1964 Ford Thunderbird dealership promotional salesman's desk organizer.
5609 N.O.S. Union 76 Lubricants horizontal tin sign.
5611 1970's Peak Anti-Freeze glass faced station thermometer.
5613 N.O.S. 1940's Ohio Oil Company "No Smoking" station island sign.
5616 N.O.S. Pennzoil double-sided tin oval sign.
5617 N.O.S. 1960's Kendall Motor Oil vertical tin sign.
5619 N.O.S. 1950's Firestone "Tubeless Tire Service Sign" tin sign.
5621 1950's Kendall Motor Oils double-sided tin sign garage sign.
5623 N.O.S. Wolf's Head Motor Oil tin painted flange sign.
5627 N.O.S. 1950's Tracto Motor Oil single-sided tin garage sign.
5629 N.O.S. General Tires double-sided tin garage sign with original hanging bracket.
5631 N.O.S. 1950's Trico Windshield Washers single-sided tin garage sign.
5632 N.O.S. 1940's Marathon Credit Cards Honored Here double-sided tin station sign.
5633 N.O.S. 1920's Veedol Motor Oil for Ford Model "A's".
5634 Uncommon early 1960's Auto-Lite Power Bond Batteries glass faced garage thermometer.
5635 N.O.S. 1930's-40's Mobil Drive Safely embossed tin license place attachment sign.
5638 1940's AC Oil Filters tin garage sign.
5639 N.O.S. Mid-1960's Quaker State Motor Oil Bullseye tin garage sign.
5641 Late 40's N.O.S. Lee Tires self-framed tin garage sign.
5642 Pristine 1960's Firestone Tires three-dimensional light-up garage sign.
5643 N.O.S. late 50's Champion Spark Plugs single-sided tin garage sign.
5644 Late 50's Champion Spark Plugs flange sign.
5646 1960's STP Oil Treatment garage display rack with original cans.
5648 1960's STP Oil Treatment garage display rack with original cans.
5649 1930's Goodrich Tires horizontal self-framed porcelain garage sign.
5651 Wonderful 1967 Camaro SS-350 Chevrolet dealership showroom poster.
5652 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS-396 Sport Coupe dealership showroom sign still in the original frame.
5658 1976 Chevrolet Showroom Sales Catalog featuring the entire line-up.
5662 1930's Goodrich Silvertowns Tires double-sided porcelain garage flange sign.
5663 Hard to find 1940's Goodyear Tires horizontal porcelain garage sign.
5664 Scarce 1920's Tydol Gasoline double-sided porcelain station sign in original hanging bracket.
5667 N.O.S. 1950's Delco Batteries double-sided tin garage sign with original hanging bracket.
5669 Remarkable 1930's India Tires single-sided porcelain garage sign with Owl graphic.
5672 Wonderful 1949 Fisk Tires "Time to Re-Tire" self-framed tin garage sign.
5673 N.O.S. Wolf's Head Motor Oil vertical tin garage sign.
5675 Rare 1950's Sealed Power Piston Rings light-up garage clock with art nouveau styling.
5677 1951 Pennzoil Motor Oil station display rack with complete with cans.
5678 Fabulous 1930's Ford Genuine Parts double-sided porcelain dealership sign.
5679 Late 50's-early 60's White Trucks Sales and Service single-sided porcelain dealership sign.
5681 Lot of six Texaco service station restored service cans.
5683 Lot of two professionally restored period Texaco station service items.
5684 Interesting 1920's Texaco 30 gallon service station hand crank oil dispenser.
5685 Impressive 1940's Eco Texaco service station wall mounted air hose reel.
5687 Professionally restored 1940's Texaco AC Spark Plugs station cleaner.
5689 Immaculate 1946 M&S model #80 restored Texaco station pump.
5691 Choice early 1950's Sinclair Dino Gasoline narrow bodied glass gas pump globe.
5694 Killer 1950's-60's Wayne 505 Sunoco Racing Fuel restored station pump.
5695 1949 Gulf Gasoline Tokheim 39 service station pump.
5696 1930's Gulf Oil 60 gal hand crank station lubester restored into a dislay case.
5698 Splendid 1950's Plymouth Automobiles dealership window neon sign.
5699 Large Chevrolet double-stroked neon dealership showroom sign.
5701 5701 - Lot of three Late 50's-early 60's MFA Mo-Lube Motor Oil metal quart cans.
5702 Lot of three 1960's Quaker State Motor Oil quarts.
5703 5703 - Late 30's Chicago Motor Club license plate attachment sign.
5705 Whimsical 1930's Michelin Tires bakelite dealership ashtray featuring Bibedum.
5709 N.O.S. 1950's Standard Heating Oils tin painted garage thermometer still in the original box.
5711 N.O.S. 1940's Standard Fuel Oils tin painted garage thermometer still in the original box.
5713 N.O.S. 1968 Chevrolet Child-Door Locks salesman display.
5714 1920's Gitche Gumee Oil Company Gasoline Coupon book.
5715 Late 50's-early 60's Gulf No-Nox porcelain pump plate sign.
5716 N.O.S. early 1960's Gulf No-Nox porcelain pump plate sign.
5717 Choice 1960's N.O.S. Gulftane porcelain pump plate sign.
5719 1950's Gulf Service Station "Cards Honored" double-sided porcelain sign.
5721 N.O.S. 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS 350 over-sized color deluxe sales brochure.
5722 N.O.S. 1970 Plymouth Rapid Transit System sales catalog featuring Hemi Cuda, Roadrunner, Duster and more.
5724 N.O.S. 1970 Chevrolet Custom Feature Accessories 20 page sales brochure filled with illustrations of the most popular options.
5725 Choice 1962 Chevrolet Custom Features 32 page sales brochure.
5729 Late 60's-early 70's Chevrolet "Drive In For" OK Used Cars dealership sign.
5731 1946 Pennzoil "Sound Your Z" vertical tin garage sign.
5732 Late 40's Goodyear Battery Cables station display rack.
5734 Fabulous late 20's Whitaker Battery Cables garage display rack.
5738 Late 30's-early 40's U.S. Tires double-sided porcleain garage sign.
5739 Early 1960's Gillette Tires glass faced light-up station clock.
5742 N.O.S. 1960's Winchester Tires embossed garage sign.
5744 Spectacular 1950's Kendall Motor Oil glass faced light-up station clock.
5745 Scarce late 30's-40's Riley Brothers "That's Oil" porcelain garage flange.
5746 1940's "Stop your motor Please" - "No Smoking" double-sided porcelain service station sign.
5747 1940's Grant Batteries "Recharging Service" tin painted garage flange.
5749 1940's Western Auto single-sided tin garage sign.
5751 N.O.S. 1930's Willy's Whippet single-sided tin garage sign. Pulled out of the original shipping paper.
5752 Uncommon 1950's Armstrong Tires tin flange.
5753 N.O.S. 1950's Cooper Tires vertical tin garage sign.
5754 Over-sized 1959 Seiberling Tires self-framed tin vertical garage sign.
5764 Vintage Rolls Royce showroom ashtray with oversized "Spirit of Ecstasy" Mascot.
5765 Impressive Sir Sterling Moss autographed 1959 Sebring Amoco Race display sign.
5766 Rare 1972 "Big Daddy" Don Gartlits original autographed drag racing poster.
5768 1959 Vintage Rods Illustrated magazine featuring "Big Daddy" Don Garlits on the cover and personally autographed by him.
5769 Unusual 1930's Carter Carburetor Service one-piece etched garage display globe.
5770 Rare 1950's Vanderbilt Premium Tires glass faces light-up station clock.
5771 Choice 1930's Chevrolet Genuine Parts double-sided tin dealership flange sign.
5772 Spectacular 1930's Goodyear Service Station porcelain garage sign with tire around the globe logo.
5775 Superlative 1930's H-C Sinclair Gasoline double-sided porcelain station sign in original hanger.
5779 Gorgeous 1950's Oldsmobile Authorized Service double-sided porcelain dealership sign.
5780 N.O.S. 1930's Sinclair Oplaine vertical porcelain garage sign.
5781 Magnificent 1930's Champion Spark Plugs art deco influenced light-up garage clock.
5783 Unparalleled 1936 Chevrolet by Steelcraft pedal car. Restored to original.
5784 1940's Pennzoil double-sided tin curb sign in original stand.
5789 Neat 1950's Texaco Service Station restored John Bean wheel balancer.
5790 1950's-60's Texaco Motor Oil quart island display cabinet with station lighter.
5791 1960's Texaco Wayne 505 restored service station pump.
5794 Professionally restored 1950's Texaco Eco Air Meter service station air dispenser.
5795 Impeccably restored 1950's Wayne model 100 Mobil gas pump.
5795.1 Beautiful 1950's Mobilgas Graco service station high pressure greaser.
5796 Gorgeous 1948 Shell Oil Bennett model #543 service station pump. Underwent a no-expense spared restoration.
5797 N.O.S. 1937 Shell Oil single-sided porcelain neon station sign with embossed lettering.
5798 Wonderful 1940's Service Station island lighting unit with air and water dispenser.
5799 Awesome late 50's Mobil Oil single-sided porcelain with neon station sign.
5802 N.O.S. 1960's Gulf No Nox porcelain pump plate sign.
5803 Original 1967 Shelby G.T. 350/500 six page color sales brochure loaded with specifications and great photos.
5804 N.O.S. 1968 Shebly Cobra GT 350/500 six page color sales brochure.
5807 1950's Mobil Service Station metal tire display.
5809 Early 60's N.O.S. Gulf Oil metal service station tire display.
5811 N.O.S. 1930's Tydol Motor Oil license plate attachment sign.
5815 Late 20's-early 30's Republic Auto Insurance Company enameled license plate attachment sign.
5817 1960's Mobil Regular Gasoline porcelain pump plate sign.
5819 N.O.S. late 50's Mobil Premium Gasoline porcelain pump plate sign.
5823 Very nice 1948 Pure-Pep Gasoline porcelain pump plate sign.
5824 N.O.S. early 1960's Sinclair Gasoline porcelain pump plate sign.
5827 N.O.S. 1950's Flying A Distinguished Service tin painted garage flange.
5829 Highly sought after Oilzum Motor Oil single-sided tin garage sign.
5830 N.O.S. 1950's Mobilgas Special porcelain pump plate sign.
5831 N.O.S. 1940's Amalie Motor Oil single-sided tin garage sign.
5833 Unusual 1968 Buick Wild Cat showroom display piece.
5836 1960 Chevrolet Showroom sales catalog covering the entire line-up.
5838 5838 - Spectacular 1967 Dodge Data showroom sales catalog.
5840 Killer 1968 Ford Color and Trim showroom sales catalog.
5843 Late 20's-early 30's Pontiac Chieftain hood mascot. Size 5"x3"x3.5"
5845 1920's Boyce Moto-Meter on dog bone hood mascot. Size 7"x2"x4"
5847 Late 1920's Greyhound (Whippet) hood mascot by Krone and Sebek. Size 8"x3"x4"
5849 Superlative 1930's Hawaiian Surf Rider hood mascot. Presents well with great patina.
5850 Superlative 1930's No Smoking porcelain service station sign.
5852 Unusual 1953 Dunlop Tires tin painted flange.
5853 N.O.S. 1950's Cities Service Charge Cards accepted here station flange.
5854 Spectacular late 50's Hastings Piston Rings light-up station clock.
5856 Nice 1930's Ford Genuine Parts double-sided tin garage sign.
5857 Highly desirable late 50's Mopar Accessories - Parts light-up station clock by Telechron.
5858 Impossible to find late 60's-early 70's Mopar Engine Care Products tin garage sign.
5860 N.O.S. late 60's Valvoline Racing Oil double-sided tin garage curb sign still in the original box.
5862 Extremely rare 1930's Cleveland pedal car by Steelcraft.
5863 Distinctive 1924 American National Lincoln restored pedal car.
5865 1968 Chevrolet "Chevy Junior" dealer promotional go-cart.
5868 Very clean 1930's Champion Spark Plug Service single-sided tin garage sign with large period plug graphic.
5869 Sharp 1955 Goodyear Tires die-cut tin embossed garage sign.
5870 Impressive N.O.S. 1930's Dixie Gasoline-Oils "Power to Pass" wood framed tin garage sign.
5872 N.O.S. 1930's Ramco "Repowerizing" Station for Piston Rings self-framed garage sign.
5879 N.O.S. 1930's Dixie Gasoline "Power to Pass" gill-bodied gas pump globe.
5880 Late 50's-early 60's Chevrolet America's First Choice light-up dealership sign.
5883 Rarely seen late 50's Willy's Jeep Four Wheel Drive vehicles light-up dealership sign.
5884 Outstanding N.O.S. 1950's Pontiac Chieftain porcelain dealership sign.
5885 Stupendous 1930's Firestone Tires-Auto Supplies double-sided porcelain curb sign on stand.
5887 Striking 1930's Packard Automobiles Approved Service double-sided porcelain dealership sign in original hanging bracket.
5888 1930's wood framed Veedol Motor Oils vertical tin garage sign
5893 Late 20's-early 30's Standard Oil 30 gallon station lubester. Impeccably restored with chrome accents.
5893.1 Interesting Texaco service station 1930's Alemite high-pressure hand pump greaser.
5893.2 Unique 1920's Texaco service station 40 gallon hand crank oil dispenser.
5893.3 Fabulous 1950's Texaco service station battery charger on wheels.
5894 Museum quality 1930's Goodrich Silvertowns garage neon.
5895 Distinctive late 40's-early 50's Wayne model #100 authentic gas pump restored in Barrett-Jackson regalia.
5896 Superlative Gulf Gasoline Benentt model #543 service station pump.
5897 Stupendous late 50's Sinclair Gasoline neon porcelain station sign with animated neon. .
5898 Iconic 1930's-40's Ford Automobiles double-sided porcelain neon dealership sign.
5899 Hard to find 1950's Jaguar Sales and Service single-sided porcelain neon dealership sign.
5901 1934 Sinclair Map of Texas - Mexico.
5902 1932 Shell Map of Missouri with outstanding cover graphics.
5903 Lot of three early 60's Northland MXP Racing Oil metal quarts.
5904 Sharp 1930's Simoniz Automotive Kleener twelve ounce wax tin
5904.1 Lot of four vintage 1930's-40's Tire Tube Repair tins.
5904.2 Lot of two 1950's Prestone Anti-Freeze one-gallon tins.
5904.3 Lot of four 1950's Prestone Anti-Freeze station tins.
5904.4 1930's Prestone Anti-Freeze one gallon tin.
5904.5 1940's Inland Tires Green Top Tube Repairs counter-top station display.
5904.6 1930's-40's Prestone Anti-Freeze tin garage sign.
5905 Late teen's-early 20's Sunburst Refinery Powerized Gasoline Emergency Quart tin.
5906 N.O.S. late 1920's Sinclair Gasoline visible gas pump price display.
5907 N.O.S. 1940's Ohio Oil Company service station "No Smoking" island sign.
5908 1930's Miami Florida souvenir license plate attachment sign.
5909 N.O.S. Bear Wheel Alignment tin station sign.
5910 N.O.S. Fram Oil Filters tin garage sign. Very clean. Size 26"x16"
5911 N.O.S. Kendall Motor Oil "Cashier" garage tin sign.
5912 N.O.S. Kendall "Thank You" service department tin sign.
5913 N.O.S. 1960's New Gulf No-Nox porcelain pump plate sign.
5914 N.O.S. Union 76 Proven Protection double-sided tin garage sign.
5915 1920's Hyvis Motor Oil single-sided tin garage sign.
5916 N.O.S. late 40's Texaco Skychief with Petrox over-sized porcelain pump plate sign
5917 Late 50's Quaker State Motor Oil glass faced garage dial thermometer.
5918 Wonderful Late 550's-early 1960's Casite Automotive products glass faced garage thermometer.
5919 Pennzoil service department metal price board.
5920 Pennzoil double-sided tin garage sign.
5920.1 N.O.S. Auto Lite vintage garage sign.
5920.2 1940's Prestone Anti-Freeze porcelain garage thermometer.
5921 Early 1960's Gulf Solar Heat single-sided porcelain station sign.
5922 N.O.S. 1950's Kendall Motor Oils double-sided tin garage sign.
5923 1960's BF Goodrich Tires double-sided light-up garage sign.
5924 1960's Castrol Motor Oil double-sided tin garage sign.
5925 1950's Standard Oil glass faced station thermometer.
5926 Hard to find small version 1947 Texaco Fire Chief porcelain porcelain pump plate sign.
5927 1962 Texaco Sky Chief porcelain pump plate sign.
5928 1930's Texaco Motor Oil doublel-sided porcelain flange sign.
5929 1940's-50's Mobilgas single-sided tin garage sign.
5930 1950's Conoco Super Motor Oil double-sided porcelain garage sign.
5931 1940's-50's Gulf Station porcelain letters sign.
5932 1940's-50's Gulf No-Nox single-sided porcelain pump plate sign.
5932.1 1940's AC Fuel Pumps tin painted garage flange sign.
5933 N.O.S. 1940's AC Oil Filters tin painted garage flange.
5934 Rack of eight vintage service station oil bottles in rack.
5935 Late 50's Firestone Tires single-sided tin bow-tie sign.
5936 Late 50's N.O.S. Firestone "Tire and Battery Service" double-sided tin garage sign.
5937 1930's Texaco Motor Oil double-sided porcelain oil flowing porcelain sign.
5937.1 Late 50's Ford FoMoCo double-sided tin garage sign.
5938 N.O.S. 1959 Sunbeam Bread "Slow Down" school sign with famous Sunbeam graphic.
5939 Late 50's-early 60's Beauty Shop porcelain flange sign.
5940 N.O.S. late 50's-early 60's Diet-Rite Cola horizontal tin soda sign.
5941 Scarce 1947 Coca-Cola "Take A Case Home" tin general store sign.
5942 Unbelievable N.O.S. 1948 Whistle Orange Soda tin sign with adorable elf graphic.
5943 N.O.S. 1950's Ski Soda tin sign with cute bottle graphic.
5943.1 1970 Pontiac GTO dealer promotional still in the original box.
5943.2 N.O.S. late 50's-early 60's Firestone Tires garage display stand.
5944 N.O.S. 1950's Cities Service Station Battery Cables display rack still in the original box.
5945 N.O.S. 1940's Auto Lite Spark Plugs embossed tin garage sign.
5946 N.O.S. 1950's Auto-Lite Spark Plugs "Ignition Engineered" single-sided tin garage sign.
5947 1940's Packard Battery Cables automotive garage display rack.
5948 N.O.S. 1927 Pennsylvania Tires vertical tin sign garage sign.
5949 1940's Shell Motor Oil double-sided porcelain station sign.
5950 1940's Phillips 66 double-sided porcelain station sign.
5951 1940's Bender Wheel Alignment and Balancing embossed tin garage sign.
5952 N.O.S. Willard Batteries vertical tin garage sign. Found still in the original box.
5953 1950's Studebaker Cars - Trucks single-sided porcelain dealership sign.
5954 1950's Standard Oil "Clean Rest Rooms" double-sided porcelain station sign.
5955 1950's Standard Oil "Men's Restroom" porcelain station sign.
5956 1950's Standard Oil "Ladies Restroom" porcelain station sign.
5958 1920 AC Spark Plugs automotive garage counter-top display cabinet.
5959 Circa 1930's framed Kelly Tires station cardboard featuring all of the Chicago area dealers during the time period.
5960 Unbelievable N.O.S. 1956 Marx Service Station still in the original box.
5961 Very nice 1930's Simoniz Auto Polish garage clock.
5962 N.O.S. Trico Wiper Blades tin sign.
5963 Neat 1930's GE Mazda Super Auto Lamps garage porcelain display cabinet.
5964 Unusual 1950's Kendall Deluxe Gas pump globe.
5965 Outstanding Phillips 66 Tires and Batteries double-bubble light-up station clock.
5966 1930's Standard Gold Crown one-piece gas pump globe.
5967 N.O.S. 1930's Diamond Tires single-sided tin embossed garage sign.
5968 N.O.S. 1960 BF Goodrich Tires Batteries single -sided tin sign in the original shipping box.
5969 Early 1960's Ford FoMoCo Parts department counter-top touch-up paint display rack filled with original tins.
5970 1952 Texaco Marfak Lubrication single-sided tin garage sign.
5971 1950's American Credit Cards (Standard) double-sided porcelain station sign.
5972 1950's RPM Motor Oil dbl-sided porcelain station sign.
5973 Very nice 1930's Skelly Oil Products horizontal porcelain garage sign.
5974 1950's Mobilgas Porcelain pump plate with Pegasus logo.
5975 Sharp 1940's Chicago Motor Club double-sided porcelain station sign.
5975.1 N.O.S. 1957 Delco Batteries self-framed garage sign. Near Mint!
5976 Very detailed 1934 Pontiac 6 cylinder hood mascot.
5976.1 Hand built Alfa Romeo 1/8 Scale Chasis - Model 8C2300
5977 N.O.S. 1930's U.S. Rubber Tires double-sided porcelain garage flange.
5978 Magnificent 1930's Goodrich "Easy Terms" Tires and Batteries porcelain sign.
5979 Extremely rare 1928 Studebaker-Erskine double-sided porcelain dealership sign.
5981 Rare 1940's Cadillac Authorized Service double-sided porcelain dealership sign.
5982 Amazing N.O.S. early 1950's Studebaker Champion pedal car by Giordani. This metal pedal car was found still unused after 55+ years!!
5983 Phenomenal 1932 shoveled nosed Buick Steelcraft pedal car.
5984 Fabulous 1935 Chrysler Air Flow by Steelcraft. Restored to original specifications and colors.
5984.1 1950's Texaco Windshield service service restored towel dispenser
5985 1960's Trico Wiper Blades service station display cabinet on wheels.
5986 Unusual 1940's Texaco service department wheel balancer.
5987 Unusual 1940's Texaco service department wheel balancer.
5988 Lot of three restored vintage Texaco service station cans
5989 Very fancy 1930's-40's Texaco service station Alemite high-pressure hand pump greaser.
5990 Remarkable 1950's Champion Spark Plugs service station cleaner.
5990.1 Striking 1951 Mobil double-sided porcelain station sign in original frame.
5991 Impossible to find Rolls Royce-Bentley Automobiles double-sided light-up dealership sign.
5992 Impressive 1928 Polly Gasoline Wayne model 615 ten gallon visible gas pump. Underwent a no expense spared restoration.
5992.1 Neat 1940's Sel-Oil light-up service station oil display cabinet.
5993 Magnificent Polly Gasoline wayne model #100 service station pump with island lighting unit atop.
5993.1 Sharp 1930's Polly Gasoline 30 gallon station lubester.
5994 Stunning 1930's Wayne #60 Mobil station pump with art nouveau styling.
5996 Very interesting 1950's Mobilgas Sel-Oil restored service station island oil display cabinet.
5997 Uncommon late 50's-eary 60's Chevrolet "OK" Used Cars single-sided neon porcelain dealership sign.
5997.1 Fantastic 1930's Quaker State Motor Oil animated neon station clock.
5998 Choice 1960's Chevrolet OK Used Cars single-sided light-up dealership sign.
5999 Hard to find 1930's Conoco Gasoline double-sided porcelain station neon station sign with hanger.