Automobilia Docket Las Vegas 2008

All Thursday Friday Saturday
Car List
 Lot #Description
6101 1960 Chevrolet Custom Features 32 page sales brochure.
6102 Killer N.O.S. 14 page sales brochure
6103 Killer N.O.S. 1966 Corvette Sting Ray over-sized sales brochure.
6104 1968 Corvette over-sized sales brochure.
6107 Lot of three 1950's-60's MFA Motor Oil metal quart cans.
6108 Three 1960's Spotoil oil additive tins
6109 Two 1954 Turtle Wax Auto Polish glass containers
6111 Late 60's-early 70's Peak Anti-Freeze glass faced clock.
6112 Peak Anti-Freeze glass faced station clock
6113 Trico "Windshield Washers" tin garage sign
6115 Trico Windshield Wiper-Washer hose service department racks
6116 Porcelain "Trucks" sign
6118 N.O.S. late 50's-60's Union 7600 Gasoline porcelain pump plate sign.
6119 N.O.S. Good Gulf Gasoline porcelain pump plate sign.
6121 N.O.S. 1960's Gulftane single-sided tin garage sign with wood frame.
6123 N.O.S. early 1960's New Gulf No-Nox porcelain pump plate sign.
6124 Gulf "Gulftane" sign
6125 Kendall " Customer Waiting Area" sign
6127 Kendall tin service department sign
6128 Humble Service Stations Auto-Warranty tin sign
6129 Union 76 Royal Triton single-sided tin embossed station sign.
6130 Choice 1950's Atlas Wiper Blades glass faced garage dial thermometer.
6133 Chrysler - Mack Engine Boring and Rebuilding garage thermometer
6134 Mopar Parts tin garage thermometer
6135 Firestone Tire and Battery Service sign
6136 Hunter Wheel Balancing tin garage sign
6137 N.O.S. 1940's Tracto Motor Oil single-sided tin garage sign.
6138 N.O.S. 1930's Western Auto single-sided tin garage sign.
6139 Mobil Regular porcelain pump plate sign
6140 Mobil Premium porcelain pump plate sign.
6141 Neat 1950's Texaco Gasoline station promotional oil tanker.
6142 Striking 1949 Pontiac Chieftain hood mascot with Lucite face.
6143 Lot of two 1951 Ford cardboard advertisements.
6144 Lot of two 1940's Mobil Station cloth banners.
6146 N.O.S. Phillips 66 Aviation Oil single-sided tin airfield sign.
6147 Texaco Registered Rest Room garage sign
6148 Ditzler Automotive Finishes garage thermometer
6149 Choice 1950's Hastings Piston Rings light-up station clock.
6151 Ramco Piston Rings station clock
6152 Ditzler Automotive Finishes garage thermometer
6153 7-up double-sided tin flange sign
6154 1948 Triple AAA Root Beer sign
6156 Ski Soda tin general store sign
6157 1928 NuGrape Soda tin general store sign
6158 Excellent N.O.S. 1950's Boswes Tubeless Tires Service single-sided tin garage sign.
6159 Awesome N.O.S. 1932 Harley-Davidson Motorcycles dealership calendar with full pad.
6160 Mansfield tires garage sign
6161 Large 1960's Phillips 66 double-sided porcelain shield shaped station sign.
6162 N.O.S. 1927 AC Spark Plugs garage sign.
6164 1967 BF Goodrich Tires garage sign
6165 Goodyear Farm Tire Service sign
6166 Seldom seen N.O.S. 1940's Safe Driver's Club single-sided porcelain garage sign.
6167 Scarce 1940's-50's Cooper Tires double-sided tin garage sign.
6168 Impressive 1959 Mobil gasoline double-sided porcelain station sign with Pegasus logo.
6169 "Gulflex" porcelain sign
6170 1930's Standard Oil Products station sign.
6171 Texaco Marfak Lubrication service station sign
6172 Sharp N.O.S. 1949 Wolf's Head Motor Oil tin painted garage flange.
6173 Wolf's Head Motor Oil sign
6174 Goodyear Tires sign
6175 Sinclair "Lubrication" garage sign
6176 Sinclair Auto "Washing" garage sign
6177 Cities Service gas pump globe
6178 Standard White Crown gas pump globe
6179 1940's Firestone Tires wood framed vertical porcelain garage sign.
6179.1 Elusive 1930's Nash Sixes Sales and Service single-sided porcelain dealership sign.
6179.1 Elusive 1930's Nash Sixes Sales and Service single-sided porcelain dealership sign.
6179.2 Very clean Texaco Sky Chief Supreme porcelain pump plate sign.
6179.3 N.O.S. Phillips 66 Lubricants single-sided tin embossed garage sign.
6179.4 Royal Triton station sign
6179.5 1947 Mobilgas Special porcelain pump plate sign
6179.6 Texaco Diesel Chief porcelain pump plate sign
6179.7 Near perfect N.O.S. Mansfield Tires embossed tin garage sign.
6179.8 Sharp 1930's-40's U.S. Tires double-sided porcelain garage sign.
6180 Dunlop Tires vertical tin embossed garage sign.
6180.1 1950's Carlisle Tires-Tubes single-sided tin sign.
6180.2 Kendall Motor Oil single-sided vertical tin garage sign.
6180.5 Scarce Oilzum Motor Oil "Choice of Champions" single-sided tin garage sign.
6180.6 1950's Chevrolet "OK" Used Cars single-sided porcelain dealership sign.
6181 Highly desirable 1940's Chevrolet Time neon dealership clock.
6182 1950's Gulf service station restored battery charger
6183 Beautifully restored 1930's Gulf 5-gallon hand pump service station greaser.
6184 Sun Electric Automotive Volts-Ampere tester
6185 1940's Champion Spark Plugs Gulf service station restored spark plug cleaner.
6186 Stunning 1930's-40's Alemite service department chasis grease dispenser restored in Gulf Oil regalia.
6187 Gulf Service Station 60 gallon oil lubester
6188 Monroe Shock Absorbers light-up garage clock with shock graphic.
6189 Professionally restored 1950's Tokheim Model 39 service station pump restored in Gulf Oil.
6189.1 Goodrich Tires-Batteries garage sign
6190 Wonderful 1940's Mobilgas light-up script top M& S model #80 restored station pump.
6191 1940's Mobil Oil double-sided porcelain service station sign with Pegasus graphic.
6192.1 Choice 1950's Sunoco M & S #80 restored service station pump.
6193 1958 Shell Gasoline Tokheim #300 station pump
6194 1930's Skippy Grand Roadster restored pedal car
6201 N.O.S. 1930's Ohio Oil Company "No Smoking" tin painted station island sign.
6202 N.O.S. 1940's Richfield Auto Wax tin. Still Full!
6203 N.O.S. 1950's Standard Heating Oils tin garage thermometer still in the original box.
6205 N.O.S. 1930's Ford V-8 - Mercury 8 dealer promotional auto mirror still in the original box.
6207 N.O.S. 1960's Gulftane porcelain pump plate sign.
6208 N.O.S. 1940's Gulf Cards Honored dbl-sided porcelain service station sign.
6209 N.O.S. 1960's Gulf No-Nox single-sided tin station price marker sign.
6210 Patriotic late 50's-60's Cooper American Tires double-sided tin garage sign.
6211 Pristine N.O.S. 1967 Shelby G.T. 350/500 colored sales brochure.
6212 N.O.S. 1966 Chevrolet Custom Features color sales brochure. 24 pages depicting all of the features available includes Corvette.
6213 N.O.S. Pair of Texaco Rest Room service station tin flange signs.
6214 Neat 1950's Pennsylvania Vehicle Inspection Station dbl-sided tin sign.
6215 N.O.S. Kendall Motor Oil "Ask About our fast Service" tin sign.
6216 N.O.S. Kendall Motor Oil "Welcome to Our Service Department" tin sign.
6217 Outstanding 1930's Mobil dealer award bronze ashtray featuring the Mobil Pegasus.
6218 1950's-60's Anco Windshield Wiper Blades station cabinet filled with original N.O.S. blades.
6219 Very clean 1960 Texaco Fire Chief porcelain pump plate sign.
6220 Stellar 1960's Valvoline Motor Oil dbl-sided tin garage sign.
6221 N.O.S. 1965 Pennzoil "Sound Horn" Service Department single-sided tin garage sign.
6222 N.O.S. late 50's-early 60's Chevron Gasoline "Rest Rooms Inside" porcelain station sign.
6224 Wonderful 1961 Chevrolet showroom sales dealer book.
6225 Choice 1963 Chevrolet showroom sales dealer book.
6226 N.O.S. 1950's Flying A Service "Schools Open" station poster.
6228 N.O.S. 1950's Champion Spark Plugs garage poster.
6229 Unbelievable N.O.S. 1927 Delaware Punch general store display cardboard sign with golf motif.
6231 Hard to find 1950's 7-up Soda vertical self-framed tin soda fountain sign.
6232 Museum quality N.O.S. 1948 Whistle Orange Soda embossed tin sign.
6233 Awesome 1950's Coca-Cola glass faced light-up soda fountain clock.
6236 Unusual N.O.S. 1960's Gillette Tires single-sided embossed tin garage sign.
6237 N.O.S. Bardahl Motor Oil single-sided tin embossed garage sign.
6239 Unusual N.O.S. Willard Batteries horizontal tin garage sign.
6240 N.O.S. 1966 Atlantic Imperial Motor Oil single-sided tin station sign.
6241 1930's General Tires horizontal wood framed tin garage sign.
6242 Good looking N.O.S. 1950's Gould Batteries vertical tin garage sign.
6243 Immaculate N.O.S. 1950's Gates Tires vertical tin garage sign.
6244 Flawless N.O.S. 1960's Delta Tires vertical tin garage sign.
6246 N.O.S. 1960's Dunlop Tires embossed tin horizontal garage sign.
6247 N.O.S. Delta Tires horizontal tin self-framed garage sign.
6248 N.O.S. 1950's Atlantic Premium Gasoline porcelain pump plate sign.
6249 Scarce 1945 Texaco "Indian Gasoline" single-sided porcelain garage sign.
6250 Phenomenal N.O.S. 1948 Mapco Starting-Ignition Parts tin garage sign. Pulled out of the original shipping paper.
6251 N.O.S. 1962 Esso Diesel Fuel tin painted pump plate sign.
6252 Unequaled N.O.S. 1954 Goodyear Tires and Battery Service die-cut tin garage sign.
6253 Killer N.O.S. 1940's-50's Willard Batteries tin painted garage flange sign.
6255 Neat N.O.S. Wolf's Head Motor Oil tin garage flange sign.
6256 Killer N.O.S. 1950's AC Spark Plugs Bird Cage display sign.
6258 Killer late 1950's Mohawk Tires vertical self-framed tin garage sign.
6259 Impressive N.O.S. 1945 Mobilubrication embossed tin garage sign.
6260 Fabulous N.O.S. 1961 Large Pennzoil Motor Oil die-cut tin can-shaped garage sign.
6262 1930's Gargoyle - Mobil Oil double-sided porcelain garage flange.
6263 Spectacular N.O.S. late 50's-60's Bardahl engine treatment embossed garage sign.
6264 N.O.S. 1950 AC Oil Filters single-sided tin garage flange.
6265 N.O.S. 1950 AC Fuel Pumps single-sided tin garage flange.
6266 Unusual 1940's Automobile Association of New Jersey dbl-sided porcelain garage sign.
6268 Very clean late 30's-early 40's Hawkeye Batteries garage clock.
6269 All original 1930's American Brakeblok neon garage clock.
6270 1940's Skelly Gasoline milk bodied gas pump globe. Both lenses are nar mint.
6271 1930's Standard Gold Crown one-piece gas pump globe.
6272 N.O.S. 1930's Willy's-Overland "Whippet" tin dealership sign. Found with the original wax paper still attached.
6273 N.O.S. 1957 Ford "FoMoCo" Genuine Parts double-sided tin dealership sign still in the original box.
6274 Very clean 1950's-60's Valvoline Motor Oil glass faced light-up station clock.
6275 Impressive N.O.S. 1930's Gulf Gasoline porcelain station flange.
6275.1 Remarkable N.O.S. late 1920's United State Tires horizontal porcelain garage sign still on the original wood frame.
6276 Magnificent N.O.S. Lion Naturalube double-sided die-cut tin station sign. Pulled out of the original shipping box.
6277 Splendid 1940's Oldsmobile double-sided porcelain dealership sign with globe logo.
6278 N.O.S. 1946 Wolf's Head Motor Oil self-framed tin garage sign.
6278.1 Rare 1950's Pontiac Service glass faced light-up dealership sign.
6279 Stupendous 1930's Packard Parts and Accessories light-up garage sign. Glass face is very nice with no noteworthy chips nor flaking present.
6280 Choice 1936 Chrysler Air Flow Pedal Car. Hard to find and complimented by a nice restoration.
6281 Superlative 1928 Packard pedal car.
6282 Pair of 1920's-30's restored Polly Gasoline service station cans.
6283 Superb 1930's Polly Gasoline restored service station hand crank lubester
6284 Restored 1930's AC Spark Plugs garage plug cleaner.
6284.1 Neat 1950's Polly Gasoline restored service station battery charger on wheels.
6285 Rare 1940's Alemite Stroboscopic garage wheel balancer restored to show quality standards.
6285.1 Perfectly restored 1930's Gulf Service Station 15 gallon hand pump oil lubester.
6286 Killer 1930's Gulf Service Station 30 gallon restored oil lubester.
6287 Perfectly restored 1952 Tokheim model 39 Gulf Service Station gas pump.
6287.1 Choice N.O.S. 1945 Miller Tires self-framed tin vertical garage sign.
6288 Authentic Dale Earnhardt Seniors's Driver Suit from the 1997 season. Signed and in excellent condition. From the Race Rock Collection.
6289 Amazing N.O.S. late 40's-early 50's Packard Automobiles billboard sign. Buy the Best! Size 234"x102"
6290 1970's Ferrari Automobiles light-up dealership sign.
6291 Striking 1930's Goodrich Tires vertical porcelain garage sign.
6291.1 Sought after 1930's Gargoyle Mobil Motor Oil double-sided porcelain service station curb sign on original stand.
6292 Fun 1940's-50's service station Eco Tire Flator.
6293 Immaculate 1950's Mobilgas Tokheim model #39 restored station pump.
6294 1930 Mobil Gas Bennett model #810 visible gas pump.
6295 Magnificently restored late 50's-early 60's Cavalier 72 Coca-Cola coin-operated soda machine.
6295.1 Incredible N.O.S. 1951 Ford Automobiles roadside billboard sign. Never used. Size 234"x102"
6296 Hard to find late 50's-early 60's Gulf Service Station marquee porcelain neon sign.
6298 Very Rare 1930's Cadillac single-sided porcelain dealership sign with neon. The chairman of the board of signs.
6298.1 Outstanding 1940's-50's Nash Automobiles double-sided porcelain neon dealership sign.
6299 Stylish 1930's United Service (GM Delco) single-sided neon porcelain dealership sign.
6301 N.O.S. 1968 Camaro SS over-sized sales brochure.
6302 N.O.S. 1968 Dodge Fever 20 page colored sales brochure featuring Dart, Charger, Coronet and others.
6303 N.O.S. 1930's Tydol Gasoline license plate attachment sign.
6304 Scarce 1939 N.O.S. Mobil Pegasus "California World's Fair" embossed tin license plate attachment sign.
6305 Lot of three N.O.S. 1930's Camel Tire Tube repair tins.
6306 Lot of three N.O.S. 1950's-60's- Dri-Powr Oil Additive tins with geni graphic. Unused and still full!
6308 Fantastic late 20's-early 30's Moco Monkey Grip tube repair kit.
6309 N.O.S. Kendall Motor Oil "Thank you for your business" tin sign.
6310 Very clean N.O.S. 1950's Good Gulf Gasoline porcelain pump plate sign.
6311 1950's Union 76 "No Smoking - Stop Motor" porcelain fuel island sign.
6312 1950's Heet Fuel-Line Anti-Freeze glass faced garage thermometer.
6314 Choice over-sized Standard Oil glass faced station dial thermometer.
6315 N.O.S. 1940's Trico "Windshield Washers" single-sided tin garage sign.
6316 1960's Texaco "No Smoking" porcelain fuel island station sign.
6317 Fully restored Murray Fire Ball Racer child's pedal car.
6318 Scarce 1950's-60's restored AMF pedal tractor with trailer.
6319 Unusual N.O.S. 1950's Shamrock Trail Master Regular porcelain pump plate.
6320 1950's Auto-Lite Spark Plugs light up clock by Telechron.
6322 N.O.S. 1950's Champion Spark Plugs single-sided tin garage flange.
6323 N.O.S. 1960's Valvoline Racing Oil double-sided tin garage sign.
6324 Fantastic 1965 Chevrolet showroom sales dealer book.
6326 Killer 1970 Chevrolet showroom sales dealer book.
6327 Nice N.O.S. late 1940's Auto-Lite Spark Plugs garage flange.
6328 Nice 1958 Prestone Anti-Freeze porcelain station thermometer.
6329 Sharp 1949 Mobilgas porcelain pump plate sign with Pegasus logo.
6330 Fun N.O.S. early 1960's Good Gulf single-sided tin station price marker sign.
6331 N.O.S. 1950's-60's Gulf Pride Select die-cut can shaped tin flange sign.
6332 Rare N.O.S. Early 1960's Gulf Diesel single-sided porcelain dealership sign.
6333 Neat 1960's AC "Acilloscope" Spark Plug Analyzer dbl-sided tin garage sign.
6334 Seldom seen N.O.S. late 60's Ford Philco Service dbl-sided tin dealership sign.
6336 Highly desirable 1960's Chevrolet "OK" Used Cars and Trucks tin dealership thermometer.
6337 Fabulous 1950's GM Delco Batteries glass faced dealership thermometer.
6338 N.O.S. 1958 Willard Batteries self-framed tin garage sign still in the original box.
6339 N.O.S. 1950's Union 76 Royal Triton Motor Oil can-shaped die-cut tin garage sign.
6340 Late 50's-early 60's Union 76 Super Royal Triton Motor Oil can-shaped tin garage sign.
6340.1 Stunning 1948 N.O.S. Mapco "Starting-Lighting-Ignition Parts" single-sided tin sign.
6340.2 Memory laden 1950's Western Flyer restored child's push scooter marvelously restored to original. Includes foot brake.
6340.3 Neat 1950's Firestone Pilot child's wagon restored to original specs.
6340.4 Choice 1950's-60's Murray pedal tractor restored with chrome seat and more.
6340.5 Neat 1930's Flexy Flyer wooden child's land sled. Nice restoration of an otherwise well cared for and preserved sled.
6341 Sharp 1930 Pontiac Chieftain hood mascot.
6342 Vintage Mercedes Benz hood mascot presented custom wood display base.
6344 1940's Mobil Oil "Pegasus" fuel delivery wagon hood mascot.
6346 Nicely done reproduction of a 1930's Reo Motor Cars single-sided tin garage sign.
6347 Very desirable N.O.S. 1950's Coca-Cola 24" porcelain button sign with bottle graphic.
6348 Highly desirable 1952 Coca-Cola "Take A Case Home Today" tin general store sign.
6349 N.O.S. 1954 Fresh-Up with 7up embossed tin sign with bottle graphic.
6350 Rare 1959 Ski Soda die-cut tin embossed sign with adorable ski motif. Just a few minor edge imperfections.
6351 Beautiful late 50's-early 60's Michelin Tires single-sided porcelain garage sign featuring Bibedum.
6352 N.O.S. 1941 AC Spark Plugs self-framed tin garage sign.
6353 Pristine N.O.S. 1941 AC Oil Filters single-sided tin self-framed garage sign.
6361 Rare 1940's Fleet Aviation-Automotive Motor Oils single-sided tin sign.
6362 Gorgeous N.O.S. 1949 U.S. Royal Tires single-sided tin embossed garage sign.
6363 Sharp 1941 Pennzoil Motor Oil tin painted garage flange.
6365 1955 Texaco Marfak Lubrication sign
6367 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air dealer promotional pedal car
6368 1930's Gilmore Speedway Special pedal car
6369 Adorable 1950's Garton Kidillac "Cadillac" pedal car professionally restored to Concours quality.
6371 Museum quality 1931 Cadillac Fleetwood tandem restored pedal car with windscreen, touring trunk, and more.
6374 Goodyear Tires glass faced garage clock
6375 Unusual 1930's Atlantic Gasoline metal bodied gas pump globe.
6376 Pure Oil gas pump globe
6377 1920's Shell one-piece etched gas pump globe
6378 Greyhound Bus Line double-sided porcelain depot sign
6379 Neat N.O.S. late 1950's-60's MacMillan Ring-Free tin garage sign.
6380 Choice 1930's Goodrich Silvertowns single-sided porcelain garage sign.
6382 Hard to find 1930's Buick Valve-In-Head single-sided porcelain dealership sign in original frame with hanging brackets.
6382.1 Desirable 1930's Kendall Motor Oil dbl-sided porcelain garage curb sign.
6383 Phenomenal 1950 Phillips 66 "Philgas" tin painted wood framed station sign.
6384 Outstanding 1930's Gargoyle Mobil-Oil single-sided porcelain service station sign.
6385 Extremely rare N.O.S. 1930's-40's U.S. Tire "Batteries" dbl-sided tin curb sign with original box
6385.1 Seldom seen 1940's Mobil Oil service station bottle rack complete with six glass bottles.
6385.1 Seldom seen 1940's Mobil Oil service station bottle rack complete with six glass bottles.
6386 Superlative Wayne Model #70 Polly Gasoline restored station pump.
6387 Set of 1920's-40's service station cans restored in Polly Gasoline regalia.
6388 Exquisite 1940's Polly five gallon hand pump transmission greaser.
6388.1 Killer 1930's Alemite Polly Service Station wall mount air dispenser reel with hose.
6389 Lot of two 1930's Polly Gasoline restored service station oil cans.
6390 Phenomenal 1930's Polly Gasoline Filling Station restored 30 gallon hand crank oil lubester.
6390.1 Fabulous N.O.S. 1950' s B. F. Goodrich Tires single-sided tin garage sign.
6391 Fantastic professionally restored 1930's Diametric Texaco Service Station Wheel Balancer.
6391.1 Beautifully restored 1920's-30's Texaco Filling station 15 gallon oil lubester.
6392 Professionally restored 1940's Eco Air Meter model #8 service station air dispenser.
6392.1 Killer 1920's-30's Texaco Filling Station 60 gallon hand crank oil lubester.
6393 Magnificent 1930's Texaco Filling Station oil cart.
6394 1939 Texaco Ethyl Bennett Model #541 restored service station gas pump.
6394.1 Magnificent 1951 Packard Automobiles billboard sign.
6394.2 Profoundly distinctive 1930's American National coin-operated scale with Art Nouveau styling.
6394.3 Cleverly restored 1930's Polly Gasoline filling station 60 gallon lubester showcase display with built in lighting unit.
6394.4 Beautifully restored 1940's AC Spark Plug countertop cleaner/tester. Restored in Polly Gas regalia.
6395 Very impressive 1928 Polly Gasoline model #615 ten gallon visible service station pump. Underwent a no expense spared restoration.
6396 Phenomenal 1962 Cadillac car couch. Made from an original rear end.
6396.1 Unique and Spectacular 1950's Norge Refregerator cleverly and expertly restored as a Corvette display/storage cabinet.
6396.2 Killer N.O.S. 1956 Ford Automobiles large billboard sign.
6396.3 Awesome 1956 original Bennett service station pump restored in Barrett-Jackson regalia. Professionally restored to satisfy the most discriminating buyer with lots of polished chrome and killer Barrett-Jackson colors. Buy the Best!!!
6397 Wonderful 1950's Chevolet OK Used Cars 5' bullseye shaped porcelain dealership sign.
6397.1 Magnificent 1940's - 50's Kaiser -Frazer dbl-sided porcelain neon dealership sign.
6398 Stylish 1950's Pontiac single-sided porcelain neon dealership sign.
6398.1 Elegant Rolls Royce "Spirit of Ecstacy" nickel over bronze showroom statue. The only one ever commissioned. A fabulous addition to any collection. Size 48"x27"
6399 Hard to acquire 1960's Rolls Royce light-up dealership sign.