Automobilia Docket Las Vegas 2009

All Thursday Friday Saturday
Car List
 Lot #Description
6101 Lot of three 1940's Monkey Grip Tube Repair Kits.
6102 Very clean 1940's-50's Flying A Radiator Stop Leak ten ounce tin.
6103 1940's Chicago Motor Club service station/garage ashtray.
6104 N.O.S. 1960's Delta Tires metal garage tire display.
6105 Lot of three 1960's STP Keep Kook Radiator Treatment metal quart cans.
6106 Very clean N.O.S. Kendall Motor Oil double-sided tin garage sign.
6110 N.O.S. Walker Muffler's single-sided tin garage sign with embossed lettering.
6111 N.O.S. Conoco Lube Shop single-sided tin sign.
6112 N.O.S. AC Delco metal garage thermometer still in the original shipping box.
6114 N.O.S. 1960's Gulf "Gulftane" porcelain pump plate sign.
6115 N.O.S. 1960's Gulf "New No-Nox" porcelain pump plate sign.
6116 N.O.S. 1930's Ohio Oil Company "No Smoking" single-sided tin painted service station sign.
6117 1946 Texaco Marfak Lubrication single-sided tin garage sign.
6118 N.O.S. 1960's Phillips 66 "May I Check Your Oil" double-sided tin service station sign.
6119 N.O.S. Wolf's Head Motor Oil tin painted garage flange with outstanding logo.
6120 Lot of two 1960's Chrysler showroom sales dealer books.
6121 Sharp 1959 Dodge showroom color sales brochure.
6122 Neat 1967 Oldsmobile "Rocket Action Cars" full color sales brochure.
6123 1960's Alemite Big 4 Engine Additives double-sided tin display sign.
6124 Very clean Heritage Tires single-sided tin garage sign.
6125 Very clean Union 76 Motor Oil "Proven Protection" single-sided tin garage sign.
6126 N.O.S. Kendall Motor Oil "Thank You" single-sided tin painted service department sign.
6127 N.O.S. Kendall Motor Oil "Fast Lube Service" single-sided tin painted service department sign.
6128 N.O.S. Kendall Motor Oil "Born to Perform" single-sided horizontal tin painted garage sign.
6129 Lot of seven various 1950's Mobil Oil product tins.
6130 Very nice assortment of 1940's-50's Mobil Oil product tins.
6131 Interesting 1960's Gulf No-Nox double-sided tin metal fuel island price sign.
6132 N.O.S. Walker Mufflers, Pipes and Converters single-sided tin dealership sign.
6133 Unusual 1950's Atlas "Standard Oil" Wiper Blades glass faced service station dial thermometer.
6134 1960's Fram Filters "Time to Change" glass faced service station clock.
6135 N.O.S. 1960's Purolator Oil Filters double-sided tin service station sign.
6136 Bardahl Oil Additive "Stops Clatter" single sided tin garage sign.
6137 1959 Goodyear Tires single-sided tin garage sign.
6138 Large 1940's-50's Tydol Flying A Gasoline double-sided tin painted service station sign.
6139 N.O.S. 1960's Delta Tires tin painted vertical garage sign.
6140 1960's Tungsol Automotive light-bulbs service department counter-top display cabinet.
6141 Choice 1950's-early 60's Instant Credit - Ask Us single-sided tin dealership sign.
6142 1950's Champion Spark Plugs double-sided tin garage flange.
6143 Late 50's-early 1960's Walker Mufflers single-sided tin garage sign.
6144 Late 1920's Exide Batteries single-sided tin garage sign.
6145 N.O.S. late 50's Champion Spark Plugs single-sided tin garage sign.
6146 1940's-50's Danger Explosives single-sided porcelain sign.
6147 N.O.S. late 50's-early 60's Beauty Shop double-sided porcelain sign.
6148 N.O.S. 1938 Copenhagen Chewing Tobacco single-sided porcelain general store sign.
6150 N.O.S. 1948 Triple A Root Beer self-framed single-sided tin general store sign.
6164 Choice 1950's Fram Filters double-bubble light-up station clock.
6165 Impressive 1951 Kelly Springfield Tires oval shaped die-cut tin garage sign with convex attributes.
6166 1941 Dunlop Tires single-sided tin painted vertical garage sign.
6167 Original documented 1957 Duncan Darking Meter from Jefferson Wisconsin.
6168 Killer early 1960's AC Spark Plugs "Winning Power" light up garage sign with three dimensional plug graphic.
6169 N.O.S. 1930's Western Auto Associates Parts Store single-sided tin embossed sign.
6170 N.O.S. 1940's Auto-Lite Spark Plugs double-sided tin garage flange sign.
6172 N.O.S. 1941 AC Spark Plugs single-sided tin garage sign.
6173 N.O.S. 1957 Wolf's Head Motor Oil double-sided tin garage sign.
6174 Killer 1966 Bardahl Oil Additive single-sided tin embossed garage sign.
6175 Sharp N.O.S. 1960's Quaker State Motor Oil convexed tin painted garage sign.
6176 Striking 1954 Exide Batteries single-sided self-framed tin garage sign.
6177 Outstanding 1954 Dayton Thorobred Tires self-framed horizontal tin garage sign.
6177.1 Immaculate N.O.S. 1950's Willard Batteries single-sided tin painted garage sign still in the original shipping box.
6178 Interesting 1976 Chevrolet Showroom Sales dealer book.
6179 Hard to find 1960 Oldsmobile showroom sales dealer catalog.
6180 Neat 1950's Sealed Power Piston Rings double-sided light-up garage sign with nice flying lady logo.
6181 Fabulous 1957 Oldsmobile showroom sales dealer catalog.
6182 Clean 1950's Leak Proof Piston Rings "Keep Power Up" glass faced light up garage clock.
6183 Fully restored 1940's-50's Texaco Tokheim 39 service station pump.
6184 Professionally restored 1940's-50's Eco Service Station Tireflator.
6185 Phenomenal period service station island towel dispenser restored in Texaco regalia.
6186 Neat 1940's-50's professionally restored service station Diameteric wheel balancer.
6187 Stellar 1950's Texaco Service Station battery charger.
6188 Neat 1940's-50's service station island towel dispenser restored in Polly Gas regalia. Size 11"x16"x5"
6189 Stunning late 1930's Aro five gallon service department hand pump greaser restored in Polly Gas regalia.
6190 Wonderful 1949 Polly Gasoline Tokheim 39 service station pump.
6192 Late model Buick dealership showroom neon sign still in the original box.
6193 Outstanding 1950's Pennzoil Chevrolet-Buick single-sided tin dealership sign.
6194 1970's Gulf Gasoline single-sided light-up service station sign.
6195 Immaculate 1950's Mobil Gasoline Service Station Wayne model #100 gas pump.
6196 Museum quality late teens-early twenties Ford Genuine Parts Used Here single-sided porcelain dealership sign.
6197 Scarce 1940's-50's Mobil Service Station island bottle rack with original glass bottles.
6198 Superlative late 1950's-early 60's Chevrolet bow-tie dealership window neon sign.
6199 Stylish Barrett-Jackson glass faced light-up sign presented in a hand crafted powder-coated aluminum body.
6201 Lot of six late 1960's Mopar Touch-Up spray cans still in the original box.
6202 Magnificent 1930's Mobil dealer award bronze Pegasus ashtray.
6203 Very clean 1930's Break-Not Battery service station kit.
6204 Very nice 1920's-30's AC Spark Plugs display tin.
6205 Hard to find 1930's Ford Emergency Bulb and Fuse Kit.
6206 1930's Champion Spark Plugs counter-top display box filled with original N.O.S. plugs.
6207 N.O.S. Laramie Tires embossed tin garage sign.
6208 N.O.S. 1926 Ford-Lincoln Cars and Trucks dealership calendar for American Ford in Idaho Falls, Idaho.
6209 Remarkable N.O.S. early 1920's Radiator Stop Leak counter-top display filled with original product tins.
6213 N.O.S. 1950's Kendall Motor Oil dbl-sided tin garage sign.
6214 Very clean 1947 Mobilgas shield-shaped porcelain pump plate sign.
6215 Fun 1940's Do Not Clean with Gasoline tin painted single-sided garage sign.
6216 Very clean late 1950's Traffic Control children's toy with original metal friction drive cars included.
6217 1950's-60's Anco Windshield Wiper Blades and Arms service station counter-top display cabinet.
6218 1950's Prestone Anti-Freeze porcelain station thermometer.
6219 1950's Risolene Oil Additive tin painted garage thermometer.
6220 N.O.S. late 50's-early 60's Fyber Flexible Auto Body Repair Paste embossed tin garage sign with graphic.
6221 N.O.S. 1960's Texaco "Clean Rest Rooms" metal station sign with lightly used rest rooms key tags attached.
6222 1950's Grizzly Brake Service single-sided tin garage sign.
6223 1945 Texaco Fire Chief Gasoline single-sided porcelain pump plate sign.
6224 Immensely clean 1950's Trucks single-sided porcelain filling station sign.
6225 N.O.S. 1928 Nu-Icy Soda tin painted sign with hour glass bottle graphic.
6226 Exquisite 1930's-40's Barbershop curved porcelain sign.
6227 N.O.S. 1948 Triple A Root Beer die-cut tin general store sign.
6228 Late 1960's-ealry 1970's Ford Motorcraft service department light-up clock.
6229 Fantastic late 1960's-70's Ford MotorCraft parts service department sign with GT-40 logo.
6230 Late 50's-60's Fram Filters "Time to Change" glass faced garage clock.
6231 Vintage North Dakota Highway 19 road sign with Native American silhouette.
6232 Interesting 1960's Champion Spark Plugs double-sided tin Airport Runway sign.
6233 Very clean N.O.S. late 50's-early 60's Veedol Flying A Motor Oil tin painted flange sign.
6234 N.O.S. Castrol Motor Oil double-sided tin garage sign.
6235 1950's Grey-Rock Brake Service double-sided tin garage flange.
6236 Large 1940's Quaker State Motor Oil wood framed tin painted garage sign.
6237 Nicely restored 1950's Mobil Start-O-Scope service station portable battery service kit.
6238 Vintage 1940's Split-Second Gasoline service station attendant's hat.
6239 Neat 1940's Indianapolis Speedway souvenir checkered flag.
6240 Restored 1940's Shell Oil service department battery charger by Varcon.
6241 Nifty N.O.S. 1950's AC Spark Plugs bird cage motif three dimensional garage promotional tin display.
6242 N.O.S. Wolf's Head Motor Oil double-sided tin garage curb sign.
6243 Neat 1930 AC Spark Plugs "Cleaned and Adjusted" single-sided tin garage sign.
6244 Hard to find 1960's Chevrolet OK Used Cars self-framed single-sided tin dealership sign.
6245 Very clean 1953 Dayton Thorobred Tires self-framed vertical tin embossed garage sign.
6246 Very fine N.O.S. dealer announcement brochure for the 1968 Cobra GT 500 and the famous 2 + 2 Cobra GT 350.
6247 Terrific 1956 Chevrolet Corvette sales brochure.
6248 Wonderful 1967 Chevrolet showroom sales dealer catalog covering the entire line-up including Corvette.
6261 Neat 1960's all original Bardahl motor oil additive rack with display cans.
6262 Immensely clean 1950's Willy's Jeep Service double-sided tin dealership sign.
6263 Sharp 1940's Du Pont Duco-Dulux Automobile Paint double-sided tin service garage sign.
6264 Unusual 1930's-40's "We Install Accessories" service garage single-sided porcelain sign.
6265 Rare 1950's Chrysler Imperial Service double-sided porcelain dealership sign.
6266 Near impossible to find 1930's Pure Oil Energee Detonox Gasoline metal bodied globe with 15" lenses.
6267 1950's White Trucks Sales and Service single-sided porcelain dealership sign.
6268 Marvelous 1930's-40's HC Sinclair Gasoline neon station clock with animation wheel.
6269 1930's Goodrich Tires and Batteries "Easy Terms" single-sided porcelain garage sign.
6270 Very rare 1930's Ford Service single-sided tin dealership sign with wrought iron frame and marquee.
6271 Scarce N.O.S. Oilzum Motor Oil single-sided self-framed tin garage sign.
6272 1970's Ferrari Automobiles light-up dealership sign.
6273 1947 Mobil Wayne 70 restored service station gas pump.
6274 Sharp 1940's AC Spark Pugs restored Mobil Gas counter-top spark plug cleaner.
6275 Perfectly restored 1930's Mobil Gasoline 5 gallon service department hand crank greaser.
6276 Interesting 1940's-50's Sun Battery Tester/Charger restored in Mobil Gas regalia.
6277 Sharp 1940's-50's Mobil service station John Bean tire wheel balancer.
6278 Iconic 1940's-50's Mobil Oil restored Eco Air Meter service station tire inflator.
6280 Impressive 1930's-40's Union 76 Motor Oil service station fuel island bottle holder complete with 12 original glass bottles.
6281 Wonderful N.O.S. 1950 Pontiac "All New but it's wonderful name" double-sided tin dealership sign.
6282 Professionally restored 1950's Tokheim 39 service station gas pump restored in Sunoco regalia.
6283 Superlative late 1920's-early 30's Sunoco A-Z Lubrication restored service station oil cart.
6284 Stunning 1930's Chevrolet - Bowser service department chassis grease dispenser with clock face.
6285 Magnificently restored 1930's Coca-Cola general store bottle cooler with lift-up lids and original cap catcher.
6288 Wonderfully restored 1930's service station radiator water can done in Polly gas regalia.
6289 Choice 1920's-30's service station 5 gallon lube oil can restored in Polly gas. Size 11"x23"11"
6290 Distinctive 1930's AC Spark Plugs - Polly Service restored service station counter-top spark plug cleaner.
6291 Sharp Polly Gasoline 30 gallon lubester cleverly restored into an interior lit display case.
6292 Expertly restored 1930's-40's Polly Gasoline 5 gallon service department hand crank greaser.
6293 Very impressive 1928 Polly Gasoline Wayne model #615 ten-gallon visible filling station gas pump.
6294 N.O.S. 1950's Union 76 Automobiles billboard sign.
6295 Unbelievable N.O.S. 1960 Ford Fairlane and Falcon Automobiles billboard sign.
6295.1 Stylish Barrett-Jackson glass faced light-up sign.
6296 Choice 1950's Chevrolet OK Used Cars single-sided porcelain neon dealership sign.
6297 Exceptional late 50's Sinclair Gasoline porcelain service station sign with animated neon.
6298 Very cool 1950's Bear Wheel Alignment double-sided neon garage sign.
6299 Hard to find 1950's Mercedes-Benz porcelain dealership sign with neon.
6301 Found unused 1930's Tydol Gasoline license plate attachment sign.
6302 Outstanding 1930's National Automobile Club enameled radiator badge.
6303 Rare 1930's Woco Pep Gasoline "Drive Safely" license plate attachment sign.
6304 Early 1920's Polarine Medium Grade Motor Oil solder seamed half-gallon tin with spout.
6305 1929 Eveready Prestone Anti-Freeze solder seamed metal can with car graphic.
6306 1930's-40's Valvoline Motor Oil eight bottle service island rack complete with original glass oil bottles with caps.
6307 N.O.S. 1963 Texaco Sky Chief Supreme single-sided porcelain pump plate sign.
6308 N.O.S. 1950's Conoco gasoline single-sided triangular shaped porcelain pump plate sign.
6310 Impressive N.O.S. 1947 Pure Premium Gasoline single-sided porcelain pump plate sign.
6318 N.O.S. late 40's-early 50's Auto-Lite Spark Plugs single-sided tin garage sign.
6320 N.O.S. 1940's Trico Windshield Washers single-sided tin garage sign with period car graphic.
6322 Amazing N.O.S. circa 1960's Hurst Reverse Loc-Out shifter still in the original packaging.
6326 Fantastic 1967 Shelby G.T. 350/500 showroom sales brochure.
6327 Killer Ford 1970 Performance Buyers Digest.
6327.1 Killer 1930's Blue Crown Spark Plugs single-sided embossed tin garage sign.
6328 1947 Pennzoil Sound Your Z double-sided tin garage flange.
6329 Spectacular N.O.S. 1930's Vesta Batteries single-sided tin dealership sign with reflective paint.
6330 1960's MacMillan Ring-Free Motor Oil glass faced light-up garage clock.
6331 N.O.S. 1955 AC Fuel Pumps double-sided tin garage flange sign.
6332 Circa late 20's Cullen Automobile "Steam Heated" Garage single-sided tin sign.
6333 Scarce 1920's N.O.S. Prest-O-Lite Automotive Batteries and Supplies single-sided tin embossed garage sign.
6334 Sharp N.O.S. 1959 Pennzoil "Sound Your Z" double-sided die-cut tin station sign.
6335 Choice 1950's-60's Moog Motor X-Pert Full Power Piston Rings double-sided tin flange sign.
6336 Perfect 1940's Pure Oil narrow bodied milk glass gas pump globe.
6337 1960 Chevrolet showroom sales dealer catalog.
6338 Choice 1961 Chevrolet showroom sales dealer catalog covering the entire-line up including Corvette.
6339 1965 Chevrolet showroom sales dealer catalog.
6340 Museum quality 1909 Coca-Cola Girl framed store poster.
6341 N.O.S. 1947 7-up Soda embossed tin logo sign.
6342 1958 Things Go Better with Coke single-sided tin general store sign with bottle graphic.
6345 Magnificent 1950's Atlas Anti-Freeze over-sized tin painted service station thermometer.
6347 Superb N.O.S. late 30's-40's Victor Gaskets-OilSeals-Packings three dimensional compressed board garage sign.
6348 Sharp 1950's Goodyear Tires dealership metal tire display.
6350 1940's-50's Exide Batteries light-up glass faced garage clock.
6351 Impossible to find 1950's Lincoln Mercury glass faced light-up dealership clock.
6352 Scarce 1940's-50's Lincoln Automobiles single-sided porcelain crest shaped sign.
6355 Museum quality 1930's Hupmobile 6-8 double-sided porcelain dealership sign.
6356 N.O.S. 1930's Ford Genuine Parts double-sided tin garage sign.
6357 Elusive 1940's Oldsmobile Parts neon dealership clock.
6358 Scarce 1930's Richfield Hi-Octane metal bodied gas pump globe.
6359 N.O.S. 1940's Skelly Supreme Gasoline narrow bodied milk glass gas pump globe.
6360 Late 1930's-40's Esso Extra metal bodied gas pump globe with 15" glass lenses.
6361 Scarce N.O.S. Oilzum Motor Oil double-sided tin dealership sign.
6362 1930's Chrysler-Plymouth Sales and Service double-sided porcelain dealership sign.
6363 Superlative N.O.S. 1954 Goodyear Tires "Tire and Battery Service" single-sided embossed tin garage sign.
6364 Phenomenal 1940's Mobil Oil double-sided porcelain service station curb sign with Pegasus logo.
6365 Gorgeous 1930's Kendall Motor Oil neon station clock with animation wheel.
6366 Impressive N.O.S. 1930's The General Tire single-sided wood framed porcelain vertical garage sign.
6367 Extremely hard to find 1940's-50's Frontier Gasoline double-sided porcelain key-hole shaped service station sign.
6368 Seldom Seen 1950's GMC Trucks double-sided porcelain dealership sign.
6369 Impressively restored 1950's Champion Spark Plugs counter-top plug cleaner and analyzer.
6370 Extraordinary 1936 Texaco Gilbarco model #86 service station pump with station lighter unit.
6371 Spectacular late 1920's-30's Texaco Service Station bulk oil dispenser cart on wheels.
6372 Expertly restored 1940's-50's Texaco Oil restored Eco Air Meter service station tire inflator.
6373 Awesome 1940's Vixen Texaco spark plug cleaner and tester.
6374 Gorgeous 1940's restored Texaco - Lincoln Mfg. Service department chassis greaser on wheels.
6375 Magnificently restored late 20's-early 30's Texaco service station 30 gallon hand crank oil lubester.
6375.1 Fantastic 1920's-30's Texaco Service Station restored dual head oil cart.
6376 Interesting 1930's general store lolli-pop porcelain coated coin-op penny scale.
6377 Awesome 1950's Coca-Cola Vendo 81 coin-operated ten-cent soda machine.
6377.1 Choice 1950's-early 60's Gulf Service Station restored gas pump.
6378 Stellar 1930's RKO Radio Pictures restored studio movie light.
6379 Exceptional 1940's Polly Gasoline restored service station battery charger and tester.
6380 Wonderful 1940's service department rag collector restored in Polly Gasoline regalia.
6381 Stunning 1935 Wayne #60 Polly Gasoline filling station pump with art nouveau styling.
6382 Superlative 1929 Shell Wayne model #519 restored service station visible gas pump.
6383 Beautifully restored 1930's Graco Shell Oil restored 5 gallon service department greaser.
6384 Unusual 1930's Shell Oil professionally restored 5 gallon Seraphin can with glass measure.
6385 Gorgeous 1940's Shell Oil restored service department rag can.
6386 Lot of four restored 1920's-30's Shell Oil service station bulk oil and lube cans.
6387 Exquisite late 1940's Shell Oil service station Bennett model #647 gas pump.
6388 Phenomenal 1962 Cadillac car couch.
6388.1 Newer Mercedes-Benz showroom sign with neon.
6389 Charity Item - Beautifully framed set of unused tickets for the three inaugural speed races held at Darlington International Raceway in 1950.
6390 Stunning professionally restored 1929 Auburn roadster pedal car by Steelcraft.
6391 Stylish and ultra Rare 1934 Cord pedal car with unparalleled restoration.
6392 Museum quality 1964 Concept drawing for a 1967 Plymouth Sport Fury show car; not built.
6393 Historically significant original Plymouth styling studio 1964 concept sketch for the 1967 Barracuda.
6394 Killer N.O.S. 1951 Chevrolet Automobiles billboard sign. Great for public or private display.
6395 Unbelievable never used 1950's Richfield Oil - Gasoline roadside billboard sign.
6395.1 Stylish Barrett-Jackson glass faced light-up sign.
6396 Incredible 1940's-50's Ford Automobiles neon porcelain single-sided dealership sign.
6397 Awesome 1950's Flying A Service single-sided porcelain service station sign with animated neon (illusion of wing movement).
6398 Exceptional 1950's Goodyear Tires single-sided porcelain neon garage sign.
6399 Unparalleled late 50's-early 60's Mobil service station porcelain neon Pegasus sign.