Automobilia Docket Palm Beach 2011

All Thursday Friday Saturday
Car List
 Lot #Description
5701 N.O.S. 1970 16 page Ford Performance Buyers Digest sales brochure for Boss 302, Mach 1, Torino Cobra.
5702 N.O.S. 1968 "New Camaro" 20 page over-sized color sales brochure.
5703 Sharp N.O.S. Corvette for 1962 8 page color sales brochure.
5706 N.O.S. 1940's State Farm Insurance license plate attachment sign with period car graphic.
5707 Choice 1930's Goodrich Silvertown Tires "Safety League" license plate attachment sign.
5709 N.O.S. Walker Muffler and Pipes embossed tin garage sign with muffler graphic.
5710 Walker Muffler Best-Better-Good tin painted service garage sign.
5712 Good looking Auto Lite Spark Plugs tin painted garage sign with over-sized plug graphic.
5713 Moog Chassis Parts single-sided embossed tin garage sign.
5713.1 Sharp 1960's Monroe Shock Absorbers over-sized tin painted garage thermometer with absorber graphic.
5714 Very clean Pennzoil double-sided die-cut tin garage sign.
5715 N.O.S. B.F. Goodrich double-sided tin painted garage sign.
5716 Set of three 1950 Champion Spark Plugs porcelain cabinet signs.
5717 Lot of five vintage service station road maps circa 1930's-50's from various old brands.
5718 N.O.S. Cordovan Tires die-cut tin automotive garage sign. Pulled out of the original shipping paper!
5719 Large N.O.S. 1960's B.F. Goodrich single-sided tin garage sign.
5720 N.O.S. Regul Tires tin painted garage sign with Sea Gull graphic.
5723 Lot of four N.O.S. 1960's Steed Auto Transmission and Oil Conditioner tins.
5723.1 Lot of seven N.O.S. Shell Oil product tins still full.
5724 N.O.S. 1950's-60's Gates Fan Belts service display sign for sizing.
5725 N.O.S. Conoco Quick Lube embossed tin service station sign.
5726 Kendall Motor Oil GT-1 embossed tin garage sign.
5727 N.O.S. Kendall Welcome to Our Service Department embossed tin garage sign.
5728 N.O.S. Kendall Motor Oil "Ask About Our Fast Lube" embossed tin garage sign.
5729 Kendall Motor Oil "Born to Perform" single-sided embossed tin garage sign.
5730 Neat 1950's Auto-Radio Sales-Service light up garage sign with fantastic period sedan graphic.
5731 N.O.S. EZ Service Gasoline single-sided porcelain pump plate sign.
5732 N.O.S. Quaker State Motor Oil double-sided tin painted garage sign.
5734 N.O.S. set of late 50's-early 60's Texaco Service Station tin painted rest room signs.
5735 N.O.S. 1930's Brakes Re-Lined light-up dealership sign.
5736 N.O.S. late 1960's 7-up "The UnCola" tin painted general store sign with Peter Max graphics.
5737 Hard to find N.O.S. 1930's Hires Root Beer soda fountain dispenser tin sign.
5739 Neat 1930's Drink Coca-Cola tin painted Diner menu board.
5740 Wonderful Chief Paints double-sided tin painted general store sign with Chieftain logo.
5740.1 N.O.S. 1938 Model Tobacco for Pipe or Cigarette tin painted general store sign.
5741 Vintage MagnaFlo Battery Charge counter-top garage display still full of original product.
5741.1 Choice 1950's Sqee-Zit multi-purpose service garage counter-top display.
5742.1 N.O.S. 1960's B.F. Goodrich single-sided tin painted garage sign.
5743 N.O.S. 1927 Hudson-Essex Motor Cars dealership over-sized dealership calendar/poster from Mount Kisco, N.Y.
5743.1 N.O.S. Kendall Motor Oil "Thank You For Your Business" embossed tin garage sign.
5744 N.O.S. Kendall Motor Oil "Customer Waiting Area" embossed tin garage sign.
5744.1 N.O.S. Kendall Motor Oil "Change Your Oil" embossed tin garage sign.
5745 N.O.S. Kendall Motor Oil double-sided tin painted garage sign with hanging bracket.
5745.1 Unusual 1940's Bowes Seal Fast "We Fix Flats" service garage tin painted garage flange.
5746 1930's Socony (Standard Oil Company of New York) double-sided porcelain service station sign.
5746.1 Large N.O.S. Western Union double-sided porcelain general store sign.
5747 N.O.S. 1940's Vic's Special Beer celluloid tavern sign with bottle graphic.
5747.1 N.O.S. Viceroy Cigarettes tin painted general store tacker sign.
5748 N.O.S. 1950's Chesterfield Cigarettes tin painted general store sign with embossed cigarette pack graphic.
5748.1 N.O.S. late 50's-early 60's Beauty Shop porcelain flange sign.
5749 N.O.S. 1950's Buy Chesterfield Cigarettes Here single-sided embossed tin general store sign
5749.1 N.O.S. 1950's Chesterfield Cigarettes "Best for You" tin painted general store push plate tacker sign.
5749.2 Neat Mail Pouch Chewing Tobacco over-sized tin painted general store thermometer.
5750 Neat late 50's-early 60's Squirt Soda bottle shaped glass salt and pepper shakers still in the original box.
5750.1 1950's Tech-2-Way Tubes and Tire Repair service garage metal display cabinet still filled with product.
5751 Neatly restored 1930's Chevrolet Service Department oiler with spout.
5751.1 N.O.S. Delco Parts and Service double-sided tin garage sign.
5752 1952 Chevrolet Soap Box Derby race helmet with a 1959 N.O.S. Official Rules Book.
5752.1 N.O.S. Kendall Motor Oil "Long Live the Engine" single-sided tin painted garage sign.
5753 N.O.S. 1940's Whiz Motor Rhythm Tune-Up service garage poster with outstanding period graphics.
5753.1 Lot of three N.O.S. Whiz Motor Rhythm Oil Additive tins.
5754 Large 1950's Mobil Oil speedway race used checker flag featuring the iconic Mobil Pegasus.
5754.1 Neat 1940's N.O.S. Mobil Oil speedway "Caution Flag" featuring Pegasus shield logo.
5755 Magnificent 1930's-40's Standard Red Crown Gasoline one-piece milk glass gas pump globe.
5755.1 N.O.S. Walker Mufflers, Pipes and Converters embossed tin garage sign.
5756 N.O.S. Conoco Fast Lube Service double-sided tin painted service station sign.
5756.1 N.O.S. 1948 Franklin Oil tin painted garage sign. Pulled out of the original shipping paper.
5757 Choice 1920's Rentz Spark Plugs Automotive Garage counter-top display box filled with original unused plugs.
5757.1 N.O.S. 1930's Western Auto embossed tin store sign. Pulled out of the original paper.
5758 N.O.S. 1948 Triple A Root Beer die-cut bottle shaped tin sign.
5758.1 N.O.S. Squirt Soda embossed tin diner menu board with bottle graphic.
5759 Whimsical N.O.S. 1948 RC Cola "Pick of the Pack" Trolley sign featuring Santa Claus.
5759.1 1950's wooden Coca-Cola crate filled with original hobble skirt Coke bottles.
5759.3 Neat late 50's Pepsi Cola embossed cooler sign with three-dimensional bottle cap logo.
5760 N.O.S. 1950's Coca-Cola "Refreshing-New Feeling" tin painted general store push bar.
5760.1 Neatly restored 1960's Shell service station peanut machine with key.
5760.2 Hard to find 1960's Pontiac Goodwill Used Cars dealership showroom clock.
5760.3 N.O.S. Bud Ice Lite-Up neon tavern sign.
5760.4 N.O.S. Bud Dry Draft neon light-up tavern clock. Found unused.
5760.5 N.O.S. Miller Beer "Racing" neon light-up tavern sign.
5760.6 Iconic Miller High Life neon tavern sign with animated neon.
5761 Large Goodyear Tires self-framed tin garage sign.
5762 1930's Shaler Hot Patch Tube Repairs double-sided tin garage flange sign.
5763 Large N.O.S. 1950's Walker Muffler Systems die-cut cardboard service garage attendant sign.
5764 Very unusual 1960's AC Oil Filters "Winning Protection" light-up service garage sign.
5765 Very unusual N.O.S. 1950's AC Spark Plugs three-dimensional automotive garage store display sign
5766 N.O.S. early 1960's Moog Wheel Alignment embossed tin painted garage sign with nice graphics.
5767 N.O.S. over-sized 1950's CalTex (California-Texas) Motor Oil double-sided porcelain service station flange sign.
5768 Sharp 1950's Oldsmobile Service double-sided porcelain dealership sign with world logo.
5769 Sharp 1930's Goodrich Tires double-sided porcelain garage curb sign on stand.
5770 Phenomenal N.O.S. 1940's Gillette Tires "A Bear for Wear" tin painted automotive garage tire display
5771 Choice 1940's Oldsmobile Approved Accessories glass faced light-up dealership service department sign
5772 N.O.S. 1940's-50's Auto Lite Spark Plugs double-sided tin painted garage flange.
5773 Sharp 1940's Coca-Cola porcelain shield shaped general store sign.
5774 Near perfect 1940's Mansfield Tires self-framed vertical tin garage sign.
5775 Rare 1930's Buick Automobiles over-sized porcelain dealership thermometer.
5776 Top notch N.O.S. late 1940's-early 50's Firestone Tires self-framed vertical tin garage sign.
5777 N.O.S. 1950's Cities Service Tires-Batteries single-sided vertical tin painted service station sign.
5778 Nice N.O.S. Dunlop Tires vertical tin embossed garage sign.
5780 Cool 1940's-50's Traffic Stop Light with lighter timer.
5781 Late 1950's Mobil Oil service station Gas Boy restored service station gas pump.
5782 Nicely restored 1950's Champion Spark Plugs service department cleaner and servicer on stand.
5783 Impressive 1964 Chevrolet Dealer showroom light-up sign.
5787 Lot of two vintage Gulf Oil restored service department cans.
5788 Wonderful 1949 Gulf Gasoline Tokheim 39 service station pump.
5795 Stellar 1956 Wayne 100 gas pump professionally restored in Shell Oil regalia.
5801 Neat N.O.S. 1930's Tydol Motor Oil license plate attachment sign.
5802 Sharp 1930's-40's Mobil Oil die-cut Pegasus tin painted license plate attachment sign.
5803 N.O.S. 1920's-30's Thurmo Stop-Leak Automobile Radiator repair service garage counter-top display
5804 N.O.S. 1940's RC Radiator and Motor Block Repair service garage display dispenser
5808 Neat N.O.S. 1965 Ford Mustang dealer promotional still in the box.
5809 Distinctive 1950's Mobil Oil Pegasus dealer award bronze ashtray.
5810 Awesome 1940's Auto Lite Spark Plugs service station counter-top cardboard sign with outstanding colors and graphics.
5811 N.O.S. late 50's-early 60's Bowes Seal Fast automotive garage tube repair display cabinet.
5812 N.O.S. 1960's Mopar Flexible Fuel Lines service department display rack still in the original box.
5813 Vintage 1939 Indianapolis 500 "Speed Classic" racing pennant.
5815 Very clean 1950's Champion Spark Plugs single-sided tin painted garage sign.
5817 1961 Texaco Sky Chief Supreme single-sided porcelain pump plate sign.
5818 Pair of 1950's Texaco Men's Ladies Rest Rooms tin painted flange signs.
5821 Very clean 1960's Mobil Regular single-sided porcelain pump plate sign.
5822 N.O.S. 1930's United States Tires tin painted automotive garage sign.
5823 Iconic 1957 Texaco Fire Chief Gasoline single-sided porcelain pump plate sign.
5823.2 Fantastic 1909 Kellogg wood crank telephone. Beautifully restored and chromed.
5824 Neat Gulfpride Select Single-G die-cut tin painted can shaped service station flange sign.
5825 Fantastic 1950's Pepsi-Cola single-dot logo die-cut tin bottle cap shaped sign.
5827 Nearly impossible to find original Ford Boss 302 showroom dealer banner/flag.
5828 Superb N.O.S. 1930's Gargoyle Mobil Oil Arctic service station canvas banner.
5828.1 Fabulous set of four late 1950's-60's Northwestern gumball-Peanut Machines beautifully restored on stand.
5829 Simply stunning 1926 Buick Goddess Hood Mascot/radiator cap. Displays on wooden base.
5829.1 Scarce 1930's Buddy L Railway Express Cargo Truck.
5829.2 Scarce 1930's White Big Boy Dump Truck with scissors body.
5829.3 1920's-30's Child's pedal car airplane.
5829.4 Neat 1930's Mercury one cent coin-operated counter-top strength/grip tester.
5829.5 Interesting 1950's Movie Drive-Inn Speakers with light-up globe.
5831 Nifty 1950's We Install Walker Mufflers single-sided embossed tin garage sign with period car graphic.
5832 N.O.S. Quaker State Motor Oil single-sided wood framed tin painted garage sign.
5833 Scarce 1940's Enarco Motor Oils tin painted self-framed garage sign.
5836 Seldom seen 1940's-50's Tires by Dayton self-framed horizontal tin garage sign with Thorobred logo.
5837 Neat 1950's Drink Coca-Cola in Bottles soda fountain porcelain button sign.
5837.1 1930's-40's Conoco Gasoline double-sided porcelain service station sign.
5839 Highly desirable late 50's-early 60's Cushman Motor Vehicles Sales - Service tin painted flange sign.
5840 Large 1948 Cities Service Ahead single-sided tin painted garage sign.
5841 Nearly impossible to find N.O.S. 1950's Union 76 Car Condition Service single-sided porcelain garage sign.
5847 Choice 1930's N.O.S. Osceola Gasoline tin painted wood framed garage sign with Indian Chieftain logo.
5850 Highly desirable 1940's-50's Cadillac Authorized Service double-sided porcelain dealership sign. The Chairman of the Board of signs.
5851 Late 40's-early 50's Buick Authorized Service double-sided porcelain dealership sign.
5852 Outstanding 1930's Goodyear Tires single-sided porcelain wood framed garage sign featuring flag logo.
5853 Interesting 1930's Aro Service Equipment service garage porcelain grease gun rack filled with original period guns.
5853.1 Sharp 1940's Oldsmobile Approved Accessories glass faced light-up dealership service department sign.
5853.2 Rare 1955 Mercedes Benz tin painted dealership sign.
5853.3 Museum quality N.O.S. 1930's Mercedes Benz porcelain dealership sign from Europe.
5855 1930's Plymouth Service double-sided porcelain dealership sign with ship logo.
5856 Museum quality original Route 66 Highway road sign from Oklahoma..
5857 Phenomenal N.O.S. 1940's Chicago Motor Club double-sided porcelain service garage sign.
5858 Extremely rare 1930's Packard Automobiles radiator shaped double-sided porcelain dealership sign.
5859 Impressive 1950's-60's BMW single-sided porcelain convexed shaped dealership sign.
5860 Stylish 1948 Pontiac Murray Fire truck pedal car.
5860.3 Terrific 1950's Murray Super Sonic Jet Airplane pedal car.
5860.4 Nicely restored 1948 Garton Delivery Tri-Cycle with stake body.
5860.5 Fabulous 1940's-50's Thistle Rocket 60 pedal car.
5860.6 Scarce World War II Era Garton Aerial Bomb child's riding toy.
5860.7 Wonderful 1940's restored Greyhound child's pull wagon.
5861 Remarkable 1930's Mobil Oil Rapid Dayton clock face lowboy restored service station gas pump.
5861.1 Lot of four restored circa 1930's Shell Oil service department cans.
5861.2 Choice 1930's restored Shell Oil service department radiator service water can.
5861.3 1920's-30's Shell Oil service department restored bulk oil/gas can.
5861.4 Circa 1930's-40's Shell Oil service department restored bulk oil can.
5861.5 Interesting 1950's Heyer Shell Oil service department restored battery charger/tester.
5861.6 Exceptional 1940's restored Shell Oil service department tire/wheel balancer.
5861.7 Superlative 1920's-30's Shell Oil service station five gallon hand pump greaser.
5861.8 1940's Shell Oil service department Aro greaser on wheels.
5863 Neat Sinclair Service Station cast metal three-dimensional "Dino" the dinosaur station sign.
5865 Lot of four restored circa 1930's Polly Gasoline service department cans.
5869 Stunning 1920's-30's Polly Oil restored service station rocker can in frame.
5869.3 Choice Polly Service Department Wagner Fluid-Bal portable brake bleeder on wheels.
5870 Pair of restored 1920's-30's Polly Gasoline five gallon bulk oil/gas can and a five gallon gas/kerosene can.
5872 Superb 1930's Vixen Polly service station counter-top spark plug cleaner/tester.
5874 Impeccably restored 1950's Bennett Polly Gasoline service station pump.
5875 Nifty 1930's Polly Filling Station service department hand pump water fire extinguisher.
5876 Good looking Polly service station restored battery display/charging rack.
5878 Phenomenal 1940's Polly Service Department Alemite hand pump over-sized lubester on wheels.
5879 Incredible 1920's-30's Polly Service Station restored 30 gallon hand crank oil lubester with attachment sign. Nicely restored.
5880 Exquisite 1940's Polly Gasoline Wayne model #70 restored service station pump
5881 Fabulous N.O.S. 1956 Texaco Service Station cardboard display sign with animated unit. Found new in the original box!
5888 Beautiful 1920's-30's Texaco filling station 20 gallon hand pump lubester.
5891 Spectacular 1920s-30's restored Texaco filling station oil cart.
5892 Stupendous 1940's-50's Texaco service station Eco Tire flator.
5893 Striking 1948 Texaco M&S model #80 restored service station gas pump with station lighter attached. Professionally restored to perfection.
5893.1 Outstanding N.O.S. 1950's Union 76/Cadillac gas and oil roadside billboard
5893.2 Sensational N.O.S. 1949 Coca-Cola roadside billboard of a fashionable lady shopper leaving the soda fountain.
5894 Outstanding 1950's Cities Service Ahead single-sided tin painted dealership sign with neon.
5894.1 Good looking large Texaco Gasoline light-up service station sign.
5894.2 Large Citgo Gasoline lighted service station sign.
5895 Impressive 1950's Chevrolet OK Used Cars singe-sided neon porcelain dealership sign with animated neon.
5896 Distinctive 1950's Michelin Tires single-sided porcelain neon garage sign with Bibedum logo.
5897 1940's-50's Plymouth Automobiles single-sided porcelain neon dealership sign.
5898 Spectacular 1930's United Motors single-sided porcelain neon service station sign with touring car graphic.
5899 Extraordinary 1940's Phillips 66 shield shaped double-sided embossed porcelain neon service station sign.
5901 Awesome N.O.S. 1970 Chevelle by Chevrolet sixteen page color sales brochure.
5902 Wonderful N.O.S. 1965 Ford Total Performance Mustangs twelve page color sales brochure including Fast Back.
5903 Hard to find 1968 Chevrolet showroom sales dealer book covering the entire line-up including Corvette.
5904 Hard to find 1967 Chevrolet Custom Accessories and Factory Options showroom sales dealer book.
5905 N.O.S. 1930's Ohio Oil Company "No Smoking" tin painted service station fuel island sign.
5906 N.O.S. 1957 Pure Oil service station "Please Drive to Last Pump" fuel island porcelain sign.
5907 Late 1950's-early 60's Sunoco Anti-Freeze service station poster.
5909 Hard to find 1963 Chevrolet Finger-Tip Facts showroom sales book
5911 N.O.S. 1960's Chevrolet OK Used Cars Symbol of Quality tin painted showroom sign/license plate.
5913 Neat 1956 Chevrolet Soap Box Derby race helmet.
5917 Museum quality late teen's-early twenties Carpenter-Morton Automotive Finisher Brush counter-top display box
5919 N.O.S. Trico Windshield Washers single-sided tin painted garage sign with nice graphics.
5920 Rare 1930's Willy's-Knight Overland Strobel's Garage tin painted arrow sign.
5921 Tremendous 1920's-30's Ford Union Springs Garage single-sided die-cut tin arrow sign.
5923 Neat N.O.S. Trico Wiper Blades and Refills light-up station sign still in the original box.
5924 Late 1950's-early 60's Drink Coca-Cola-Things Go Better with Coke single-sided tin painted general store sign.
5924.1 Superb N.O.S. 1940's Pepsi-Cola "Drink-Bigger-Better" tin painted general store tacker sign.
5924.2 1950's Whistle Orange Soda tin painted general store thermometer.
5925 N.O.S. late 1950's Drink Coca-Cola tin painted fishtail sign with bottle graphic.
5927 Spectacular 1950's Drink Coca-Cola general store porcelain button sign.
5928 Sharp 1930's-40's Coca-Cola filling station restored soda cooler. Exceptionally restored to original.
5928.1 Interesting 1940's Firestone counter-top radio with bakelite knobs and cabinet.
5928.3 Rare late 1940's restored Coca-Cola Airline cooler.
5930 Amazing 1920's Mobo Auto-Soap self-framed tin painted garage sign.
5933 Superb N.O.S. MacMilllan Ring Fee Motor Oil single-sided tin painted garage sign with die-cut can graphic. Condition: Excellent+ Displays Stronger! Size 28"x34"
5934 Spectacular late 1950's-early 60's Mobil Raceway checkered flag.
5935 Highly desirable 1950's-60's Hamm's Beer Scen-o-rama light-up tavern sign with rotating Northwood's scene.
5936 Amazing N.O.S. 1950's Approved Clean Rest Rooms service station double-sided porcelain sign
5936.1 Sharp 1930's Sturditoy American Richfield Oil Tanker.
5936.2 Seldom seen 1930's Sturditoy American Railway Express Truck.
5937 N.O.S. 1952 Grant Batteries single-sided embossed tin garage sign.
5939 Immaculate 1930's-40's Goodrich Tires - Batteries self-framed vertical porcelain garage sign.
5941 Amazing 1930's-40's Dunlop Tires single-sided self-framed porcelain garage sign.
5943 Rare 1930's United Motors Service die-cut porcelain service garage sign with hanger.
5944 Neat 1950 Murray Sad face General pedal car.
5945 1950's Murray Champion Police Pedal Car with optional chain drive.
5945.1 Phenomenal 1930's Garton Tin Lizzie pedal car.
5945.2 Choice 1950's Castelli restored childs pedal scooter.
5945.3 Very desirable 1940's Murray Sad Face Woodie Wagon pedal car with an original U-Haul wagon.
5945.4 Terrific 1950's AMF Fire Department Pumper pedal car.
5945.5 Hard to find early 1960's Jaguar E-type body convertible pedal car.
5946 Very rare 1930's Pure Oil Yale Tires glass faced light-up station sign.
5947 Fantastic all original 1940's-50's Royal Crown Cola neon soda fountain clock with animated spinning wheel.
5948 Very impressive 1950's Jaguar Sales and Service single-sided porcelain dealership sign.
5950 Impressive 1930's Blue Crown Spark Plugs service garage counter-top metal display cabinet with nice graphics.
5950.1 Profoundly rare circa late 1940's Quincy Independent Gasoline die-cut tin service station
5952 Outstanding 1930's Ford Spot and Fog lights service department counter-top display.
5954 Rare 1930's Studebaker-Erskine double-sided porcelain dealership sign.
5955 Very rare 1958 Mobil Oil Service single-sided porcelain service station sign with Pegasus logo.
5957 Extremely hard to find 1930's Packard Approved Service double-sided porcelain dealership sign.
5959 Magnificent 1945 Phillips 66 Motor Oil double-sided shield shaped curb sign on stand.
5959.1 An original Team Petty Pit Crew shirt personally autographed by Richard "The King" Petty.
5959.3 1985 Lamborghini Countach hand built Agostini Auto Junior rare collector go kart.
5959.4 1985 Ferrari 308 hand built Agostini Auto Junior rare collector go kart.
5963 Neat 1950's Ford Auto-dealership Gas Boy restored service department gas pump.
5967 Highly sought after 1960's Wayne Sunoco Gasoline Blend-O-Matic restored service station gas pump.
5969 Fabulous 1920's-30's Polly service station water/radiator servicing can with nice art deco lines.
5971 Neat and functional vintage Polly service station portable air tank on stand.
5972 Impressive 1930's-40's Polly Service Station Sel-Oil fuel island quart can display cabinet
5973 Distinctive 1940's Polly service department tire/wheel balancer. Restored beyond original.
5974 Stunning 1920's-30's Polly Oil service department five gallon hand crank lubester.
5975 Sharp 1930's-40's Polly service department pressure greaser on wheels.
5977 Incredible 1926 Polly service station Wayne model #519 ten-gallon hand operated visible gas pump.
5979 Choice 1950's Mobil service station restored battery display rack with lighted unit.
5980 Neatly restored 1940's-50's Mobil Oil service station rest room towel dispenser.
5982 Uncommon 1930's-40's restored Mobil service station fuel island oil quart rack.
5984 Choice 1940's Mobil Oil service department oil rag storage can with foot lever.
5987 Impressive 1920-30's Mobil Oil Wayne 50 gallon filling station oil dispenser on cart.
5988 Spectacular 1935 Wayne model #60 restored service station gas pump with station lighter attached.
5989 Stylish Barrett-Jackson glass faced light-up sign.
5990 Distinctive and rare 1927 Richfield Oil Hayes model #204 ten gallon visible filling station gas pump.
5990.3 Fabulous N.O.S. 1957 Chevrolet Daytona Beach Races car roadside billboards sign.
5990.4 Magnificent N.O.S. 1960's Ford Falcon and Fairlane 500 automobiles roadside billboard sign.
5991 Museum quality 1950's Pep Boys three-dimensional store marquee sign
5992 Sharp 1940's-50's Ford Tractor single-sided neon porcelain dealership sign.
5993 Phenomenal 1960's Chevrolet OK Used Cars light-up diamond shaped dealership sign.
5994 Hard to find 1940's-50's Packard Automobiles single-sided porcelain neon dealership sign.
5995 Stellar 1930's Drink Coca-Cola Delicious and Refreshing neon sign.
5995.1 Spectacular early 1960's Greyhound Bus Depot neon sign with animated dog.
5996 Impressive 1930's Dunlop Tires over-sized tire-shaped porcelain garage neon clock.
5997 Incredible 1950's Mobil Oil service station Pegasus porcelain neon sign with animated neon.
5998 Spectacular 1950's Chevrolet OK Used Cars single-sided neon porcelain dealership sign on stand.
5999 Stupendous late 1950's Sinclair Gasoline porcelain service station sign with animated neon.