Automobilia Docket Scottsdale 2012

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Car List
 Lot #Description
5202 1920's India Tires (Ohio) automotive garage wooden thermometer with Get-India-Wise Owl logo.
5203 Nifty 1940's-50's Buy Wise - Buy Ward's Riverside Tires three-dimensional automotive garage display piece.
5204 Very clean 1930's Phillips 66 Safety Pays license plate attachment sign.
5205 Vintage Solder-Seal Radiator Stop Leak automotive garage counter-top display filled with original tins.
5207 N.O.S. 1940's National Radiator Caps automotive garage cardboard display still filled with original N.O.S. caps.
5209 Cool N.O.S. 1930's Browning V-Drive Belts counter-top pulley display.
5211 Neat N.O.S. 1930's Chicago V-Belt Drive die cast counter-top pulley display.
5213 Neat N.O.S. STP Gasoline Treatment automotive garage display filled with original N.O.S. tins.
5214 N.O.S. late 1950's Mobil Premium Gasoline porcelain pump plate sign with Pegasus logo.
5215 Cute N.O.S. 1960's "Slow Children Playing" Union 76 Oil school sign featuring Peanuts Characters. Condition: Near Mint Size 20"x28"
5217 N.O.S. 1930's Western Auto Stores horizontal single-sided tin sign.
5219 Scarce 1958 Texaco Sky Chief Marine with Petrox porcelain pump plate sign.
5220 N.O.S. 1950's Service Station Approved Credit Cards double-sided porcelain sign.
5226 1957 Prestone Anti-Freeze over-sized porcelain automotive garage thermometer.
5231 N.O.S. 1950's-60's Union 76 Royal Triton Motor Oil die-cut tin can shaped garage sign.
5238 N.O.S. 1962 Willard Batteries vertical tin garage sign. Found in the original shipping box.
5240 Very desirable 1940 Texaco Indian Gasoline porcelain pump plate sign with art deco styling.
5242 N.O.S. 1957 Pennzoil "Sound Your Z" double-sided tin garage sign.
5244 Neat 1930's Westinghouse restored Texaco Oil service department small battery charger.
5249 Choice vintage North Dakota State Highway #1 road sign with Native American Chieftain head logo.
5252 Interesting late 1950's Mobil Oil service station metal road map display/holder filled with Mobil maps.
5254 Nearly impossible to find 1960's Mopar Car Care Products single-sided embossed tin garage sign.
5255 N.O.S. 1950's Mohawk Tires horizontal embossed tin garage sign.
5256 N.O.S. 1930's FilmOil self-framed vertical tin garage sign. Pulled out of the original shipping paper!
5257 Highly desirable N.O.S. 1950's Delco Batteries wood framed garage sign with over-sized battery graphic.
5258 N.O.S. 1930's Penntroleum Motor Oil self-framed vertical tin garage sign.
5259 1955 Quaker State Motor Oil horizontal tin self-framed garage sign.
5262 1930's-40's Gulf Oil Registered Lubrication single-sided porcelain service station sign.
5264 Very clean N.O.S. 1950 U.S. Royal Tires self-framed vertical tin garage sign with embossed lettering.
5265 Phenomenal N.O.S. 1960's Casite Automotive engine additive garage display filled with original tins.
5266 Highly desirable 1930's Standard Oil die-cut porcelain "Modern Crankcase Cleaning Service" seven color flange . Underwent a professional restoration. Size 15"x24"
5268 Show stopper 1935 Desoto Airflow restored pedal car.
5269 Hard to come by 1950's Triang pedal car.
5270 Beautiful 1930's Price-Less Oil European poster found in excellent condition with nice vibrant colors.
5271 Extremely rare 1930's Goodyear Tires Belting-Hose-Packing single-sided porcelain dealership sign.
5272 Large 1930's Shell Oil two-piece horizontal porcelain service station sign.
5273 Near perfect large Phillips 66 double-sided shield shaped porcelain service station sign.
5274 Large 1937 Texaco Ahead wood framed service station garage sign from Suttons Bay - Upper Peninsula Michigan.
5275 Gorgeous 1930's Champion Spark Plugs light-up garage clock.
5275.1 Hard to find 1950's Premier Motor Oils double-sided porcelain service station sign.
5276 Remarkable N.O.S. 1930's Buy Veedol Motor Oil double-sided porcelain garage sign.
5276.1 Superlative 1950's GMC Triple-Checked Used Trucks single-sided glass faced light-up dealership showroom sign.
5277 Near perfect 1957 Mobil Oil double-sided porcelain service station sign with original hanger.
5277.1 Incredible late 1950's-60's Chevrolet OK Used cars single-sided light-up dealership lot sign on stand.
5278 Killer 1930's Shurhit Spark Plugs light-up counter display sign. Very neat with plug flashing as if spark is firing.
5279 Fantastic 1930's Standard Oil Red Crown Gasoline single-sided porcelain service station sign with early crown logo.
5280 Stunning N.O.S. 1930's Dixie Gasoline Power to Pass tin painted wood framed garage sign.
5281 Out of the ordinary BMW Automobiles double-sided light-up dealership sign with original hanging brackets attached.
5282 Impressive large display cabinet filled with turn of the century brass-era automotive badges.
5284 Very unusual 1930's Texaco Service station animated display mechanic. Arms and mouth move.
5284.1 Addendum Item - Large N.O.S. 1947 Camel Cigarettes two pieces poster with outstanding golf graphics.
5285 Nicely restored 1950's Film-Fyter Windshield service station fuel island towel dispenser cabinet
5285.1 Choice Caterpillar D-4 child's pedal car bulldozer with uncommon fuel tank compartment.
5286 Spectacular 1927 Mobil Oil Wayne restored filling station visible gas pump.
5287 Awesome late 1950's-early 1960's Texaco Oil Wayne model #505 restored service station gas pump.
5288 Fabulous restored 1940's-50's Texaco Oil service department oil collector on wheels.
5289 Neat 1950's Sun Automotive Coil Condenser Tester restored in Texaco regalia.
5290 Very cool 1950's restored Texaco Oil service station island battery/oil can rack on wheels.
5291 Lot of two fantastically restored vintage Texaco oil/gas cans that have been professionally restored.
5292 Impressive 1920's-30's Texaco Oil filling station restored five gallon hand crank lubester.
5293 Lot of seven circa 1920's-40's restored Texaco Oil service department oil cans/oilers.
5294 Marvelous 1920's-30's restored Texaco Oil filling station radiator service/water can with art deco lines.
5295 Nifty 1960's Texaco Low Boy restored service station gas pump.
5297 Very clean Union 76 Oil light-up service station sign. Absolutely perfect!
5298.1 Huge 1950's Sinclair Oil service station three-dimensional "Dino" Sinclair Dinosaur driveway statue/sign.
5299 Outstanding 1950's Union 76 Gas and Oil roadside billboard sign with western theme.