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Detailed Information

Lot Number:  37 Auction:  PALM BEACH 2012 Status:  SOLD Sale Type:  NO RESERVE Price:  *$17,600.00 Year:  1992 Make:  CHEVROLET Model:  S-10 Style:  HIGHLANDER CUSTOM SHOW TRUCK VIN:  R/S0044 Exterior Color:  GREEN Interior Color:  BLACK Cylinders:  Engine Size:  Transmission: 


The dramatic Chevrolet Highlander show truck, built in 1994, is based on the extended-cab Chevrolet S-10 pickup with some extras. The Highlander features an adjustable roll bar. When the roll bar is in its up position an automatic fabric top rolls out of the bar and can cover the bed and side areas. The Highlander has a power rear window that, when in the down position, can be folded flat for movement between the cab and the truck bed. An 8mm videotape player and TV unit are built into the back of the driver's seat. A portable radio/tape deck can be removed for use outside of the truck. THIS IS A CONCEPT VEHICLE. NEITHER GM NOR BARRETT-JACKSON MAKE ANY WARRANTY OR REPRESENTATION OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, CONCERNING THE VEHICLE, INCLUDING NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. THE VEHICLE IS NOT CERTIFIED TO COMPLY WITH ANY FEDERAL, STATE OR LOCAL LAWS, RULES OR REGULATIONS AND MAY NOT BE DRIVEN ON PUBLIC ROADS. THIS VEHICLE WILL BE CONVEYED TO BUYER WITH NO MANUFACTURER STATEMENT OF ORIGIN (MSO) OR TITLE AND THE VEHICLE DOES NOT HAVE A COMPLETE VIN. **SOLD ON BILL OF SALE ONLY**
*Price Includes Buyers Commission