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Barrett-Jackson Lot #53.1 - 1953 PONTIAC CHIEFTAIN STATION WAGON

Detailed Information

Lot Number:  53.1 Auction:  LAS VEGAS 2009 Status:  SOLD Sale Type:  NO RESERVE Price:  *$21,450.00 Year:  1953 Make:  PONTIAC Model:  CHIEFTAIN Style:  STATION WAGON VIN:  K8XH18690 Exterior Color:  MAROON RED Interior Color:  MAROON RED/TAN Cylinders:  8 Engine Size:  283.4 Transmission:  AUTOMATIC


This fully restored 1953 Pontiac Chieftain "Tin Woody Station Wagon" is in great shape, quite beautiful. Would make a terrific "surfmobile" for the aficionado. In the restoration process, care was taken to keep the car as close to stock as feasible; except that the seats are covered in fabric instead of vinyl. The floorboards are carpeted, the rear carrier bed has been finished in real wood, instead of rubberized matting, with metal strips, the key ignition is not original and the vacuum pump, for the windshield wipers, was removed. The metal "wood" trim, both inside and outside, was painted by a talented artisan. I was able to find a rebuilt straight 8 engine, just as the original came in 1953, as well as a hydra-matic transmission. The vehicle has a classic outside baseball cap style windshield visor found on some of the autos of the era. The Pontiac Chieftain head hood ornament is amber in color, as opposed to clear, and it lights up when the parking lamps or headlamps are on. Quite a sight. The grille work is heavily chromed. The fender skirts are trimmed in chrome. The tires are of the wide white walled variety and the wheels have chrome hubcaps emblazoned with the Pontiac Chieftain head logo. Comes with surfboard.
*Price Includes Buyers Commission