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Offering the ultimate in performance, finish and durability, Barrett-Jackson's Signature Car Care range has been specially developed using Farécla's unique system technology and is perfect for every colour and finish including clearcoats and metallics. Used individually the range works brilliantly. Together this unique four step system provides outstanding renovation, ultimate protection and extends the life of your car's paint finish.

First, Show Shine Wash leaves the paint surface optimized for Rapid Scratch Remover or Deep-Shine Micro Polish, these in turn leave the surface optimized for Protective Shine Wax to adhere effectively and seal-in a professional, mirror-like shine which gives protection for up to 6 months.

The formula for using the Barrett-Jackson range is explained on the left.


Step 1 Prep
Step 2 Restore
Step 3 Enhance
Step 4 Finish