Disabled Accommodations

Do you have accommodations for disabled persons?

Barrett-Jackson is committed to making its events reasonably accessible to all patrons, including those with disabilities. Due to the nature of our Scottsdale event venue at WestWorld, we face particular challenges with unpredictable weather, temporary structures, and quickly changing surface conditions. Each request for accommodation is viewed on a case-by-case basis and reasonable efforts will be made to make such accommodations whenever possible.

Do you have disabled seating?

Yes, disabled seating is available. The back row of the Bidder Seating area will be available for general admission disabled seating. Please refer to the site map for locations. There will also be screens placed around the site for viewing the auction.

Can I bring my own wheelchair or scooter or are they available to rent?

Wheelchairs are permitted onsite. A written request will need to be submitted to information@barrett-jackson.com for consideration to bring your own scooter onto the Auction site. Make sure you bring your request with you to the auction. We will not have any wheelchairs available to rent, but alternatively we recommend that you contact GTI Golf Carts to reserve a golf cart or scooter.

Are golf carts available?

Please call our Golf Cart Vendor, GTI, at 1-800-477-0467 or visit them on site for more information. Golf carts will make navigation in our outdoor areas easier, but will not be allowed in the indoor Auction Pavilion, in any of the tents or any of the buildings. You may bring your own golf cart, however you must purchase a permit from GTI.

Are there shuttles from the disabled parking lots to the site?

Yes, there are wheelchair accessible shuttles available to bring you to the Main Entrance. In addition, several parking attendants are posted at the disabled lot to direct traffic and assist with special requests for assistance.

Are there be disabled restrooms available?

Yes, there are ADA approved restrooms located throughout the auction site. Please refer to the site map for locations. You can obtain a site map at the main entrance.

Are service animals allowed?

Yes, service animals are allowed for those who need them.