Barrett-Jackson Testimonials

A Hudson for A Hudson


When his grandmother brought a basket of classic Matchbox cars with her to each visit with our two year-old son, we didn’t imagine it would lead to a love of real classic cars that would ultimately take our whole family to the Barrett Jackson. As our son grew, so did his passion for cars. By age three he could name nearly all makes and models of the vehicles he saw and by four he was reading Car and Driver and differentiating new from old body styles. So it was only natural that the Barrett Jackson event would be a draw to our toddler enthusiast, and we were pleasantly surprised to learn that Barrett Jackson is a great event not just for serious car collectors but also for families that simply like cars and fun.

Our family first attended the Barrett Jackson family day three years ago and found a fun and exciting event for each of us. Our car-obsessed pre-schooler ran from tent to tent searching out his favorite Chevy Chevelles, always seeming disappointed at the “sold” signs on the windshield as if he’d planned to break open his piggy bank if one was still available. Our other son performed “drift” racing contests with his toys for weeks after attending a demonstration event at the Barrett Jackson. Everything from the classic cars to the new car displays, the memorabilia to the RVs appealed to someone in our family. And the excitement of the auction drew us all in despite not being bidders.

The Barrett Jackson is now a yearly staple for our family. We know that we’ll return from each year’s event not just with mementos and stories but also with great memories and one of those rare shared family experiences that we all remember with fondness.

By the way, our car-obsessed son is named Hudson and attached is a photo of him at his first Barrett Jackson with a "Hudson" sign.

Richard J. Gray