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Pinch Me, I Must Be Dreaming

I've watched Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale on Speed channel from the beginning. Always wishing someday I could be there.

In 2002 my oldest Daughter left from home in Kentucky for Phoenix, AZ. She pursued a degree at the Art Institute.

In January 2005, the year I went to visit my daughter (her graduation year) and to experience Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale. I arrived on Thursday, finding the auction is bigger than anyone could imagine. I bumped into several NCRS (National Corvette Restorer Society) buddy's I've met thru the years. To my surprise, two friends I know from a Carriage auction in Pennsylvania were Bidder spotters. Roger Spencer and Patrick Morgan know Spanky and Amy Aster. Spanky (Barrett-Jackson's main auctioneer) asked them to help at this auction because it had grown so large.

I remember watching a 1957 Corvette go thru, It caught my interest, I have one at home just like it. Friday I was back at the auction browsing at cars. A fellow NCRS member, Nole Grace (we're both in the Cincinnati Chapter) was representing 2 Black 1967 Corvette big block cars he restored. We shared this was our first Barrett-Jackson Auction.

I came across in the SOLD tent the 1957 Corvette (sold the night before).The man under the hood was the buyer (Greg Carr, a great car guy name). He said he didn't know too much about the older 'vettes but liked this one. He also bought a '68 Roadrunner. I had the Corvette Black Book in my pocket and offered to go thru the numbers with him. He was thrilled, to know it was an all numbers matching. Greg needed to catch a plane that afternoon and asked me if I wanted to go with him to arrange a transport for his cars. Everything was set up thru FedEx Custom Critical there on the auction grounds. He thanked me for helping and said here's my bidder pass, It will get you in the bidder area. He left for Texas. Wow I could get right up next to the auction block. That night I was on cloud nine. I watched the Olds 88 go for $3 Mil. I was next to the stage!

Well, the next day I spent with my Daughter. Then back home to KY. I'll never forget my dream.
Dana Banfield

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