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Lot #3452   Removed from sale.
Auction Scottsdale 2007
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Lot 3452
Johnny Cash, five-page letter regarding the life and times of Hank Williams, Sr. , circa 1981 showcasing his incredible intellect, Johnny Cash writes an insightful five-page letter, May 24, 1981, directed towards Billboard's Country Music Editor Chet Flippo regarding a negative article written by Flippo on the life of Hank Williams, Sr. . Firing off an intelligent and respectful argument in Williams' defense in which he parallels the famed oration of Mark Antony in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Cash writes, I Come to bury Caesar; Not to praise him. ' - I'd like to let Hank Williams rest in his grave, and say a few words in his defense. 'The evil that men do often lives after them;The good is oft interred with their bones. ' - The weaker side of a public figures character is illuminated by the media. . . The good, the kind and praiseworthy personal acts of a man like Hank Williams is often buried with him. Cash continues on to point out the many fine characteristics he knew of Hank Williams. Boldly signed in full at the conclusion, Cash also adds the postscript, P. S. A diamond is a diamond and a stone is a stone, but no man is all good nor all bad. No Reserve.
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