The Beatles peeled Yesterday and Today MONO Butcher cover, 19 - 46619 Sold* at Scottsdale 2007 - Lot #3176 The Beatles peeled Yesterday and Today MONO Butcher cover, 1966.
Lot #3176   The Beatles peeled Yesterday and Today MONO Butcher cover, 1966.
Auction Scottsdale 2007
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Lot 3176
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The Beatles peeled 'Yesterday and Today' MONO Butcher cover, 1966. Rare copies of the contentious Capitol Records LP Yesterday And Today - a Mono second state peeled 'Butcher' cover with vinyl and original inner sleeve included. 'Salesman of Capitol Distributing Corp's are recuperating from a weekend spent stripping the latest Beatles LP, 'The Beatles Yesterday An Today'. Some 750,000 albums, which were packaged and shipped to the factory branches, have been recalled for repackaging. Reason for the recall is the cover art, which shows the Beatles in white smocks surrounded by what appears to be dismembered baby dolls and butcher shop cuts of meat. Reliable reports that none of these albums have reached dealer shelves, although some have been received by reviewers and rack jobbers. Capitol has a new cover printed, showing neatly dressed Beatles inside and around a trunk. The President of Capitol Records, explained the cover recall: "The original cover in England was intended as 'pop art satire'. But a sampling of public opinion in the U S indicates that the design is subject to interpretation. To avoid any possible controversy, or undeserved harm to the Beatles' reputation, Capitol has chosen to withdraw the LP and substitute a more generally acceptable design. Capitol is recalling the covers to make sure they are destroyed. Reviewers are requested to return the cover to Capitol, and dealers asked to hold them until a salesman calls. LITERATURE: Beatlology Magazine, May 1999. No Reserve.
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