3/23/2017 1:40:46 PM

What’s In A Name? Myron Scott was hired by Chevrolet in 1937 as an assistant director for the public relations department, and in 1953 he was part of an executive meeting held to determine the name of the new sports car being planned by Chevrolet. Over 300 names were submitted; none would suffice. Scott checked […]

3/23/2017 12:52:43 PM

Written by independent automotive journalist Roger C. Johnson   Imagine driving your hottest car flat-out down a runway and trying to stay close to a jet airplane as it lands or takes off right in front of you at over 100 miles an hour. It’s all in a day’s work for airmen who drive chase […]

3/22/2017 1:54:24 PM

Written by Barbara Toombs   With Barrett-Jackson being the first collector car auction to be broadcast more than 20 years ago and now with the addition of an ever-growing international television audience, the auctions are covered widely by journalists all over the world. The hobby is spreading its wings far and wide. “Barrett-Jackson adds a […]

3/21/2017 4:17:07 PM

Written by independent automotive journalist Steve Statham The absolute pinnacle of the collector car market seems to have little trouble weathering any kind of market conditions. The original Ferraris still wearing their 1960s patina, the Shelby Cobras with racing history, the one-of-one muscle car with celebrity provenance ‒ these cars, generally speaking, maintain their six- […]

3/21/2017 3:06:48 PM

Written by independent automotive journalist Steve Magnante No matter what your favorite make of collector car might be, there’s no denying that Chevrolet usually managed to outsell every other domestic car maker during the golden age of the ’50s and ’60s. Sure, Ford nudged a small lead for a year or two here and there, […]

3/20/2017 3:02:52 PM

When you first walk into a Barrett-Jackson auction arena, you can’t help but be drawn to the bright, multicolored neon signs, towering vintage gas pumps, gleaming pedal cars and more artfully arranged in one area, awaiting their turn on the auction block. Automotive memorabilia – otherwise known as Automobilia – not only evokes memories of […]

3/17/2017 1:57:20 PM

Steve Davis’ dark glasses protect his eyes from light sensitivity – but that doesn’t hinder his vision of the collector car market. More than 30 years ago, I began coming to Barrett-Jackson as a consignor; a car dealer who bought and sold countless numbers of vehicles. Mustangs, Shelbys, muscle cars – they were my calling […]

3/16/2017 12:21:10 PM

Written by independent automotive journalist Steve Statham   Everybody has to start somewhere. With hobbies, it can start with something as modest as a collection of Hot Wheels toy cars, and then one day you grow up and your garage is full of shiny life-size hot rods. We all start small and work our way […]

3/15/2017 2:01:31 PM

Written by Barbara Toombs   Back in the early 1970s, Enzo Ferrari decided to capitalize on the success of his marque’s mid-engine V6 Dino sports car – considered quite daring for a production car at the time – and at long last satisfy the market’s yearning for a mid-engine 12-cylinder Ferrari. But rather than turn […]

3/14/2017 10:48:25 AM

Written by independent automotive journalist Steve Magnante Newcomers to the world of collectible cars often assume that Dodge, Plymouth and certain Chrysler muscle cars (commonly referred to as Mopars) were always a hot commodity among enthusiasts ‒ and on the auction block. After all, many of the highest-profile, record-smashing sales in the past decade involved […]

3/9/2017 12:16:21 PM

Written by independent automotive journalist Steve Magnante   The great thing about the world of collector and special-interest cars is the fact there’s something for everybody. Whether you’re into 100-point factory stock restorations, well-preserved survivors, or hand-built, one-of-a-kind customs, you’ll find a car to love at Barrett-Jackson. Here we present a “six-pack” of automotive ingenuity, […]

3/8/2017 2:52:00 PM

Written by independent automotive journalist Steve Magnante   There’s an old saying: “A collector car is worth exactly what somebody is willing to pay for it.” Though only valid in hindsight, it speaks to the fact that pinpointing the exact pre-sale monetary value of a collector car – as well as many other types of […]

3/7/2017 2:01:35 PM

Written by independent automotive journalist Roger C. Johnson   There was a time when the automotive press suggested carmakers were following a planned obsolescence strategy with their passenger car designs, because every few years whatever you were driving suddenly appeared outdated. The consumer needed something brand-new-looking to feel like he or she was up to […]

3/6/2017 3:01:30 PM

  To most people, the name Barrett-Jackson is synonymous with the quartet of world-renowned collector car auctions they watch on Velocity and Discovery every year. But there is another side of the business that’s ready to serve Barrett-Jackson enthusiasts. At 3020 N. Scottsdale Rd. in Scottsdale, Arizona, visitors can discover the Barrett-Jackson Collection Showroom, an […]

3/3/2017 12:29:08 PM

Written by Barbara Toombs   Like the proverbial prodigal son, the Chevrolet Engineering Research Vehicle better known as CERV 1 is being welcomed back into the General Motors family after the automaker purchased it at Barrett-Jackson’s 2017 Scottsdale Auction. The significant piece of American automotive history will hold pride of place at the GM Heritage […]

3/2/2017 4:54:50 PM

Written by independent automotive journalist Steve Statham Stock or custom? Preserve or modify? Historic authenticity, or smile-a-minute thrill ride? That’s the dilemma almost everyone faces when they plunk down money for that perfect classic car. There’s really no right answer to that age-old question. Unless you’re purchasing a previously undiscovered Ferrari 159S that’s been hidden […]

2/28/2017 1:30:30 PM

Written by independent automotive journalist Roger C. Johnson   Let’s say you’re a famous movie star back in the ’60s and you know a thing or two about high-performance cars. You’re looking for a cool ride back and forth from your Hollywood home to the surrounding studios. It’s Southern Cal, remember, so a convertible would […]

2/23/2017 1:49:57 PM

Written by independent automotive journalist Roger C. Johnson   Today’s C7 Corvette represents the leading edge of Chevrolet’s technological wizardry. The base version of this seventh-generation American sports car arguably performs better than anything else in, or beyond, its own class and price range. The C7 is positioned to easily maintain its decades-old “extreme value […]

2/22/2017 1:41:59 PM

Some may think of Barrett-Jackson events as just a place to buy and sell cars, but each and every Barrett-Jackson auction offers competition as real as what’s found in a sports arena. CEO and Chairman Craig Jackson, who regularly competes in vintage racing and concours, likens the action to that seen in the Super Bowl, […]

2/13/2017 10:09:37 AM

  There’s nothing quite like being a bidder at Barrett-Jackson! Whether it’s your first time or 40th, these 10 tips may be just what you need to enhance your experience: Sign up early. Sounds simple and it is! You can take advantage of early registration pricing, plus your credentials and parking pass will be mailed […]

2/13/2017 10:00:15 AM

Written by Tim Heit, Barrett-Jackson Staff Photographer Photographs play a significant role in the auction process, helping us both evaluate and market your car (See “How to Sell a Car at Barrett-Jackson”). In addition, seeing exceptional photos of your vehicle will inspire confidence in potential bidders ‒ bidders who may purchase your car without ever having seen […]

2/9/2017 11:36:32 AM

  Whether on live TV or in person, you’ve witnessed the incredible variety of vehicles crossing the block at Barrett-Jackson, and now you’re thinking about consigning your own vehicle. Barrett-Jackson auctions represent the purest expression of the collector car marketplace, where thousands of pre-qualified potential buyers have direct access to your collectible car. Every potential […]

2/3/2017 12:02:23 PM

From the glittering Opening Night Gala to the fall of the final gavel, the 2017 Scottsdale Auction was one to remember! We hope you enjoy the gallery below of memorable moments from the star-studded nine-day event.

1/30/2017 1:01:29 PM

  Enrique Chavez was only a teenager when he came to the United States from Zacatecas, Mexico, in 1986. He initially headed to Denver, Colorado, and secured work at a restaurant. But the young man had bigger dreams. He saw a newspaper advertisement for a car restoration person in Arizona. He took a chance and […]

1/26/2017 3:17:41 PM

Car collectors are often found in two scenarios: They are getting a car ready for the auction block, or they’ve just won the bid at auction for a vehicle to add to their collection. In either case, you want the paint to be defect-free, and ultimately you want to get that show-car shine to make […]