4/27/2017 3:40:37 PM

Written by independent automotive journalist Steve Magnante   Don’t be fooled. A small-block V8 can be bigger than a big-block V8, and more powerful, too. How’s that again? It all comes down to the fact that cubic inch displacement is a direct function of cylinder bore and piston stroke, not whether an engine is based […]

4/25/2017 3:21:11 PM

Written by independent automotive journalist Scott Black   Over the decades, car companies have used a variety of tools to capture the attention of potential customers. As the competition for mindshare has heated up, automakers have migrated from the car show floor and racetrack to the Barrett-Jackson stage. And as the rivalry escalates on the […]

4/20/2017 2:33:58 PM

Written by independent automotive journalist Steve Magnante   In 1965, the Corvette Stingray was in its third year of production and sales escalated to 23,564 units, 8,186 coupes and 15,378 roadsters. One of the fortunate few to own a new ’65 coupe was Gary Bennett, Barrett-Jackson’s vice president of consignment. “Actually I was the second […]

4/18/2017 1:05:00 PM

Judging by the response to the Inaugural Barrett-Jackson Northeast Auction at Mohegan Sun in 2016, the enthusiasm for collector cars in that part of the country is more than alive and well – it is flourishing. Collector car fans in the Northeast will have another chance to indulge their passion this summer with the very […]

4/8/2017 6:07:50 PM

Bidding wars, beautiful cars, amazing automobilia and great moments for charity marked the third and final day of the 15th Annual Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach Auction. Fans of all ages streamed into the auction site at the South Florida Fairgrounds today for what many refer to as “Super Saturday,” when some of the most valuable cars […]

4/7/2017 5:38:49 PM

  Burt’s back! The Hollywood actor got his first taste of Barrett-Jackson at the 2016 Scottsdale Auction, followed it up with an appearance in Arizona this past January – and couldn’t resist coming to another event in his home state of Florida. This time Reynolds received a standing ovation from the packed house when he […]

4/6/2017 4:35:46 PM

  The 15th Annual Palm Beach Auction shifted into high gear last night with an Opening Night Gala that was every bit of glitz and glamour expected at Florida’s premier automotive lifestyle event. Surrounded by exotic cars and TV stars ‒ including comedian, film and TV personality Adam Ferrara – the Who’s Who of the […]

4/6/2017 12:50:35 PM

  Traveling to the picturesque island of Key West is a bucket-list adventure in itself. For car-lovers, driving the historic, 127-mile Florida Keys Overseas Highway is considered by many to be the trip of a lifetime. “The highway that went to sea” is Florida’s only federally designated All-American Road, the highest possible recognition under the […]

4/3/2017 11:28:34 AM

  With Barrett-Jackson’s commitment to transparency and ethics in the collector car industry, we are dedicated to providing our bidders with the most complete and up-to-date information available. At the Palm Beach Auction, we are debuting an all-new version of the auction catalog that provides a quick overview of each vehicle and is designed to […]

4/3/2017 7:50:20 AM

Written by Barbara Toombs   Back in the 1970s, car magazine writer and auto racer Brock Yates, along with fellow Car and Driver editor Steve Smith, came up with the idea to run a cross-country automobile race – both as a celebration of the U.S. Interstate highway system and as a protest against strict traffic […]

3/30/2017 9:13:36 AM

The Sunshine State is undoubtedly a great place for car-lovers, especially with its great weather year-round. Florida is home to several major race tracks – most notably the Daytona International Speedway – as well as a dozen or so museums showcasing classic cars, several prestigious annual Concours d’Elegance (Amelia Island, Winter Park and Boca Raton), […]

3/29/2017 3:15:29 PM

Written by independent automotive journalist Scott Black   History is filled with one-off cars, concepts and dream vehicles that never made production. Ownership of one of these rarities is among the Holy Grail for many. In Palm Beach, someone will be able to fulfill that dream. But first, a little background. A Rarity Among The […]

3/28/2017 3:25:31 PM

Whether you are attending a Barrett-Jackson event for the first time or the tenth, successfully navigating the auctions is as simple as a quick download to your smart phone or tablet. A streamlined version of all Barrett-Jackson has to offer is available in the Beyond The Block app, which will upgrade how you experience the […]

3/28/2017 3:12:07 PM

  In one of many memorable moments during the 2017 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction in January, the lights dimmed in the packed arena and there was a momentary expectant hush. Then the crowd went wild as a multi-media experience began to play – set to the Aerosmith hit “Back in the Saddle Again” – and, with […]

3/28/2017 11:32:28 AM

ON-SITE BE THERE IN PERSON: Purchase tickets in advance on Barrett-Jackson.com or at the gate SECOND-SCREEN EXPERIENCE: In-depth looks at certain vehicles on-site at the Shell Pennzoil Pioneering Performance Stage BIDDER BONUSES: Attend Preview Day and get tickets to the Muscle Lounge GET YOUR LEARNING ON: Attend free “Behind the Hobby” collector car symposiums on-site, […]

3/27/2017 4:18:33 PM

  In May 2015, Barrett-Jackson bid a sad farewell to one of its longtime friends, Greg Mauzy, when he passed away in his home state of Texas. A regular at Barrett-Jackson auctions since 2008, Greg was known for his ever-present smile and philanthropic nature – giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to various deserving organizations […]

3/23/2017 1:40:46 PM

What’s In A Name? Myron Scott was hired by Chevrolet in 1937 as an assistant director for the public relations department, and in 1953 he was part of an executive meeting held to determine the name of the new sports car being planned by Chevrolet. Over 300 names were submitted; none would suffice. Scott checked […]

3/23/2017 12:52:43 PM

Written by independent automotive journalist Roger C. Johnson   Imagine driving your hottest car flat-out down a runway and trying to stay close to a jet airplane as it lands or takes off right in front of you at over 100 miles an hour. It’s all in a day’s work for airmen who drive chase […]

3/22/2017 1:54:24 PM

Written by Barbara Toombs   With Barrett-Jackson being the first collector car auction to be broadcast more than 20 years ago and now with the addition of an ever-growing international television audience, the auctions are covered widely by journalists all over the world. The hobby is spreading its wings far and wide. “Barrett-Jackson adds a […]

3/21/2017 4:17:07 PM

Written by independent automotive journalist Steve Statham The absolute pinnacle of the collector car market seems to have little trouble weathering any kind of market conditions. The original Ferraris still wearing their 1960s patina, the Shelby Cobras with racing history, the one-of-one muscle car with celebrity provenance ‒ these cars, generally speaking, maintain their six- […]

3/21/2017 3:06:48 PM

Written by independent automotive journalist Steve Magnante No matter what your favorite make of collector car might be, there’s no denying that Chevrolet usually managed to outsell every other domestic car maker during the golden age of the ’50s and ’60s. Sure, Ford nudged a small lead for a year or two here and there, […]

3/20/2017 3:02:52 PM

When you first walk into a Barrett-Jackson auction arena, you can’t help but be drawn to the bright, multicolored neon signs, towering vintage gas pumps, gleaming pedal cars and more artfully arranged in one area, awaiting their turn on the auction block. Automotive memorabilia – otherwise known as Automobilia – not only evokes memories of […]

3/17/2017 1:57:20 PM

Steve Davis’ dark glasses protect his eyes from light sensitivity – but that doesn’t hinder his vision of the collector car market. More than 30 years ago, I began coming to Barrett-Jackson as a consignor; a car dealer who bought and sold countless numbers of vehicles. Mustangs, Shelbys, muscle cars – they were my calling […]

3/16/2017 12:21:10 PM

Written by independent automotive journalist Steve Statham   Everybody has to start somewhere. With hobbies, it can start with something as modest as a collection of Hot Wheels toy cars, and then one day you grow up and your garage is full of shiny life-size hot rods. We all start small and work our way […]

3/14/2017 10:48:25 AM

Written by independent automotive journalist Steve Magnante Newcomers to the world of collectible cars often assume that Dodge, Plymouth and certain Chrysler muscle cars (commonly referred to as Mopars) were always a hot commodity among enthusiasts ‒ and on the auction block. After all, many of the highest-profile, record-smashing sales in the past decade involved […]