Automobilia Docket Palm Beach 2009

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Car List
 Lot #Description
5701 1956 Chevrolet 12 panel sales brochure.
5702 N.O.S. operational manual for the 1957 Chevrolet Convertibles.
5703 N.O.S. 1930's Ohio Oil Company "No Smoking" single-sided tin service station sign.
5704 N.O.S. late 1920's Fitler Oilfield Cordage single-sided tin sign.
5705 1930's Shell Oil "Share the Road" license plate pectin sign.
5706 N.O.S. 1950's-1960's Firestone Tires metal tire display.
5707 N.O.S. Early 1960's Delta Tires garage metal tire display.
5708 N.O.S. 1930's Tydol Gasoline license plate attachment sign.
5709 Lot of three 1950's N.O.S. Mobil Stop-Leak eight ounce tins. Still full!
5710 N.O.S. late 1950's Texaco service station attendant hat.
5711 1950's Hygrade System Carburetor Specialists single-sided tin embossed garage sign.
5712 1957 Pure Oil "Please Drive to Last Pump" porcelain station island sign.
5713 N.O.S. 1940's Inland Tires single-sided celluloid over tin garage sign.
5714 N.O.S. 1927 Bender Garage Buick Calendar found in pristine condition.
5715 Very clean Union 76 Motor Oil dbl-sided tin garage sign.
5716 Found unused Kendall "Born to Perform" single-sided horizontal tin garage sign.
5717 N.O.S. Kendall "Thank You for your business" single-sided tin garage sign.
5718 N.O.S. Kendall Motor Oil "Cashier" tin garage sign.
5719 N.O.S. 1960's Mobil Regular porcelain pump plate.
5720 N.O.S. late 50's Pure Service Station "Locked" porcelain station sign.
5721 1953 Ford Jubilee showroom counter-top sign with built in easel back.
5722 N.O.S. 1950's American Brake Blok Service embossed tin garage sign with adorable dog logo.
5724 N.O.S. 1954 Dayton Thorobred Tires horizontal tin garage sign.
5724.1 Outstanding N.O.S. 1957 Chevrolet Accessories 32 page booklet covering the entire-lineup with wonderful artwork enclosed.
5724.2 Killer N.O.S. 1957 Chevrolet sales brochure covering the entire line-up.
5725.1 N.O.S. late 50's Texaco double-sided tin restroom sign with metal customer key tags.
5725.2 Firestone Tires light-up garage sign.
5725.3 Lot of two 1950's-early 1960's SCCA license attachment signs.
5725.4 Scarce N.O.S. 1964 Chevrolet 12 page brochure for the new "Positraction". Size 5.5"x8.5"
5725.5 N.O.S. 1964 Chevrolet Chevelle 16 color brochure filled with illustrations and specifications.
5726 Sharp N.O.S. Quaker State Motor Oil double-sided tin garage sign.
5726.1 N.O.S. 1950's Humble Oil Auto Warranty single-sided tin garage sign.
5726.2 1940's Truck Service double-sided porcelain garage sign with hangers.
5726.3 Large 1940's Sieberling Tires single-sided porcelain garage sign.
5726.4 Set of Circa 1940's N.O.S. Mens'-Ladies Rest Rooms porcelain signs.
5727 1930's Texaco porcelain lubester plate sign.
5728 Hard to find 1930's Havoline WaxFree Oil dbl-sided porcelain garage sign.
5729 1940's-50's Texaco Service Station Attendant hat.
5730 1961 Texaco Sky Chief Gasoline porcelain pump plate.
5731 1962 Texaco Fire Chief porcelain pump plate sign.
5732 Very clean Champion Aviation Spark Plugs "Fasten Your Seat Belts" double-sided tin runway sign.
5733 N.O.S. 1950's Trico Windshield Washers Service single-sided tin garage sign.
5734 Choice 1940's Pennnzoil Motor Oil double-sided porcelain garage sign.
5735 N.O.S. late 50's Champion Spark Plugs tin painted garage flange.
5736 1950's "We Honor All Credit Cards" porcelain service station sign.
5737 N.O.S. late 50's Texaco No Smoking single-sided porcelain service station sign.
5738 Immaculate N.O.S. Kendall Motor Oil single-sided tin horizontal garage sign.
5739 Seldom seen N.O.S. 1951 Pennzoil single-sided tin wood framed garage sign.
5742 1930's general store porcelain coated penny scale by Jennings.
5742.1 N.O.S. 1954 Goodyear Tires embossed tin garage sign.
5742.2 1940's-50's Jim Bean Service Department tire wheel balancer.
5743 Neat late 40's Oldsmobile showroom banner.
5744 Hard to find Oldsmobile 1948 Golden Anniversary showroom banner.
5745 N.O.S. Atlantic Gasoline single-sided tin garage sign with can graphic.
5746 N.O.S. 1960's Delta Tires vertical tin garage sign. Pulled out of the original shipping paper.
5747 Unusual Medallion Tires tin painted vertical self-framed tin garage sign.
5748 N.O.S. Wolf's Head Motor Oil double-sided tin curb sign.
5749 Impressive Grant Battery Service single-sided tin vertical garage sign.
5750 Nifty 1960's Union 76 Service Station three-dimensional light-up station sign.
5751 Large N.O.S. Wolf's Head Motor Oil sign single-sided tin garage sign.
5751.1 N.O.S. 1950's Amalie Motor Oil double-sided tin curb sign.
5751.2 Choice 1940's Skelly Service Station "Battery Service" single-sided porcelain garage sign.
5751.3 Very clean 1930's Gargoyle Motor Oil single-sided porcelain garage sign.
5751.4 Neat early 1950's AC Spark Plugs three-dimensional store display still in the original box.
5751.5 Neat early 1950's Atlas Wiper Blades glass faced dial station thermometer.
5752 Immensely clean 1960's ANCO Wiper Blades and Arms service station display cabinet.
5753 1950's Greyhound Bus Lines double-sided tin bus depot sign.
5754 Hard to find late 40's-early 50's Greyhound Bus Lines light-up depot clock made by Telechron.
5755.5 Fabulous fully restored 1950's Murray Champion Buick dip-side pedal car.
5756 Kendall "Customer Waiting Area" tin painted garage sign.
5757 Kendall "Ask about our fast Service" tin painted garage sign.
5758 1950's Valvoline Motor Oil glass faced light-up garage clock.
5759 Very desirable 1950's Fram Filters dbl-bubble light-up station clock.
5760 Choice 1930's National Automobile Club double-sided porcelain garage sign constructed out of a heavy early cobalt blue porcelain.
5761 1930's Brunswick Tires single-sided porcelain garage sign.
5762 Outstanding N.O.S. late teen's Standard Mica Axle Grease single-sided tin garage sign.
5763 N.O.S. 1930's Willy's Whippet Automobiles single-sided tin embossed garage sign.
5764 Sharp N.O.S. late 40's-early 50's Hood Tires self-framed embossed tin vertical garage sign with tire graphic.
5765 Superb 1957 Texaco Farm Lubricants porcelain station sign.
5766 Super clean N.O.S. 1946 Mobilgas Mobil Oil single-sided tin lubester sign.
5767 N.O.S. late 50's Mobilgas Tires single-sided tin service station sign. Condition: Near Mint Size 16" Diameter
5768 N.O.S. late 50's Mobil Lubrication single-sided tin station sign with embossed lettering.
5769 N.O.S. late 50's Coca-Cola fishtail logo sign with bottle graphic.
5770 Extremely hard to find 1940's-50's Ideal model 55 Pepsi-Cola restored coin-operated soda machine. 36"x20"x43"
5771 Choice N.O.S. 1950's Ashland Flying Octanes gas pump globe.
5772 Rarely seen 1950's Standard Oil Red Crown dealer award globe.
5773 Stupendous 1940's-50's Skelly Gasoline glass bodied pump globe.
5774 Veedol Motor Oil double-sided porcelain curb sign in frame.
5775 Very impressive 1940's U.S. Tires vertical porcelain garage sign with wood frame.
5776 Scarce 1930's Alemite Motor Oil dbl-sided porcelain garage sign.
5777 Killer late 50's-early 60's Wayne 515 restored station pump presented in Barrett-Jackson GT regalia.
5778 Stylish Barrett-Jackson glass faced light-up sign presented in a hand crafted aluminum body which has been powder coated.
5779 1940's Ford Automobiles single-sided porcelain dealership sign.
5780 N.O.S. 1952 Pennzoil "Sound Your Z" single-sided tin vertical garage sign.
5780.1 1946 Amalie Motor Oil tin painted wood framed garage sign.
5780.2 Large 1957 Texaco Oil double-sided porcelain service station sign. Size 60" Diameter
5780.3 Rare 1930's Red Indian Motor Oil double-sided porcelain service station sign. Size 60" Diameter
5781 1940's Standard Oil Company single-sided two-piece porcelain service station sign.
5782 1930's Gargoyle Mobil-Oil single-sided porcelain service station sign.
5783 Killer early 1960's AC Spark Plugs "Winning Power" light-up garage sign with three dimensional plug.
5784 1930's Ford Automobiles dbl-sided tin oval sign w/bracket.
5785 N.O.S. 1941 Sunoco A to Z Lubricants single-sided wood framed tin service station sign.
5786 Restored circa 1930's Gulf Oil service station department can.
5787 Lot of five Gulf service station restored cans. Various Sizes
5788 Beautifully restored 1940's-50's Gulf Service Station department oil collector on wheels. Size 23"x46"x27"
5789 Stylish 1948 Gulf Service Station M & S 80 restored gas pump with station lighter attached.
5789.1 Interesting Red Baron Triple-Wing open cock-pit pedal car.
5790 Lot of four restored 1930's Texaco Oil service department cans.
5791 Striking 1930's Texaco service department hand-pump 5 gallon greaser.
5792 1940's Texaco Service Department Battery tester by SUN.
5793 1920's-30's Texaco station fuel island air/water dispenser.
5794 Nicely restored 1930's Texaco Service Island Water Can.
5795 Early 1920's Texaco hand-crank service department greaser with polished brass hardware.
5796 Marvelous 1940's-50's Eco service station Tire Flator professionally restored and calibrated.
5797 Stunning late 40's Texaco Service Station Bennett model #647 gas pump.
5798 Fabulous 1960's Chevrolet OK Used Cars light-up dealership sign.
5799 Beautifully restored 1930's Aztec neon service station clock with art deco influence.
5801 Rare 1958 Nash Metropolitan dealer showroom sales data catalog.
5802 Amazing 1969 Chevrolet Dealer Communication set complete with film strips, sales and service updates, and 78 records.
5804 N.O.S. 1967 Shelby G.T. 350/500 tri-fold color sales brochure.
5808 1911 U.S. Gauge Tire Pressure glass faced tester with leather pouch.
5809 Distinctive 1930's Mobil Pegasus dealer award bronze ashtray.
5810 Unusual set of four late teen's embossed glass service station oil bottles.
5813 1940's Dupont Duco 7 Automotive Polish cardboard sign. Size 13"x20"
5815 N.O.S. late 50's Gulf No-Nox porcelain pump plate with Gulf logo.
5816 N.O.S. early 1960's Gulf No-Nox porcelain pump plate sign.
5817 N.O.S. Wolf's Head Motor Oil single-sided tin painted wood framed garage sign.
5819 Circa 1940's Sodrin Radiator Stop Leak counter top display with 12 tins.
5821 N.O.S. 1950's Conoco Gasoline porcelain pump plate sign.
5823 1960's Chevrolet OK Used Cars tin painted dealership flange sign.
5827 Hard to find 1960's Chevrolet OK Used Cars vertical tin garage sign.
5828 N.O.S. late 60's Chevrolet OK Used Cars light-up dealership hanging light still in the original box.
5831 N.O.S. 1940's Western Auto single-sided embossed tin garage sign.
5832 Rare 1940's Bantam Sales Service (Jeep) Masonite dealership sign.
5836 Late 40's-early 50's Goodyear Tires light-up garage clock by Telechron.
5838 Very clean 1930's Standard Oil Company embossed porcelain service station sign.
5840 Immaculate N.O.S. 1949 U.S. Royal Tires vertical tin embossed garage sign.
5842 Very unusual 1940's Dayton Thorobred Tires vertical tin gargage sign with stripes.
5845 Superb 1920's Champion Spark Plug Department counter-top garage display cabinet.
5847 Museum quality 1925 Sieberling Tires metal tire display with period tire.
5850 All original 1940's Chevrolet Time neon dealership clock.
5852 Killer 1970 Sunoco Custom Blended Gasoline station recommendation tin sign covering all of the muscle cars 1965 - 1970.
5854 Scarce N.O.S. 1920's Mobil Gargoyle Oil tin station price sign. Found unused after 80+ years!!
5856 N.O.S. 1940's-50's Auto-Lite Spark Plugs dbl-sided tin garage flange.
5857 Fantastic 1930's Simoniz "Auto Wax" garage clock.
5858 Wonderfully restored Turn of the Century Perfection Oils service station oil dispenser.
5859 Authentic 1998 Race Used Jeff Gordon right-side car panel from his historic win at Bristol Motor Speedway.
5860 Killer 1940's-50's GMC Trucks double-sided porcelain dealership sign.
5862 Exceptional late 50's Kidillac by Garton Cadillac pedal car.
5864 1932 Ford pedal car by Garton, presents strongly with a professional restoration.
5865 Incredible 1930's Bugatti restored boat tail racer pedal car by Bernasse.
5866 Hard to find U-Gas-Um single-sided porcelain service station sign.
5867 Unusual 1930's Fisk Tires single-sided porcelain garage sign with tire boy graphic.
5868 Superlative 1930's Ford Genuine Parts double-sided porcelain dealership sign.
5869 Spectacular late 1920's-30's GE Mazda Auto-Lamps die-cut tin counter-top display which internally lights.
5870 Never before seen 1930's Goodrich Truck Tires dbl-sided porcelain sign.
5872 Impressive N.O.S. 1930's-40's Skelly Tagolene Motor Oil double-sided curb sign.
5874 Very nice 1930's Oakland-Pontiac double-sided porcelain dealership sign.
5875 N.O.S. BMW Automobiles single-sided porcelain dealership sign.
5876 Very clean 1930's HC Sinclair Gasoline double-sided porcelain station sign still in the original ring.
5876.1 Extremely rare N.O.S. 1940's-50's Shell X-100/Golden Shell Motor Oil double-sided porcelain curb sign.
5877 Wonderful 1949 Gulf Gasoline Tokheim 39 service station pump.
5878 Nice Gulf Service Station restored 15 gallon hand pump greaser. Size 23"x16"x30"
5880 Interesting original 1930's Hollywood Studio stage light that's been professionally restored.
5881 Striking 1953 Shell Oil Wayne 505 Dual Product product gas pump.
5884 1940's Polly Service Station AC Spark Plugs restored counter-top spark plug cleaner.
5886 Lot of four nicely restored period Polly Gasoline service department cans.
5888 Stunning 1935 Wayne #60 Polly Gasoline station pump with art deco styling.
5890 Immaculate 1930's Polly Gasoline 5 gallon hand pump station greaser.
5892 Fantastic 1940's Polly 15 gallon service department hand pump grease dispenser. Size 22"x15'x31"
5893 Phenomenal 1920's-30's Polly Gasoline 20 gallon hand crank single-glass filtered service station lubester.
5893.4 Superlative Authentic Barrett-Jackson glass faced light-up sign. Hand crafted with a powder coated aluminum body.
5894 Iconic 1960's Alfa Romeo light-up dealership sign.
5895 Sharp 1930's Ford Automobiles single-sided porcelain neon dealership sign. Large Version. Size 84"x36"x8"
5897 1940's John Deere single-sided porcelain neon dealership sign.
5898 Hard to find 1950's Sunoco Gasoline single-sided porcelain neon service station sign.
5899 Marvelous 1950's Chevrolet OK Used Cars single-sided porcelain neon dealership sign on stand.
5901 N.O.S. 1969 Ford Mustang 16 page color catalog includes Mach 1 and convertible.
5902 N.O.S. 1969 Ford Accessories 24 page dealer brochure featuring photos and specifactions of all the available accessories.
5903 Rare 1967 Shelby Parts and Accessories 20 page dealer catalog.
5904 N.O.S. 1967 Shelby 427 Cobra sales brochure.
5909 Very clean 1963 Texaco Fire Chief porcelain pump plate sign.
5911 N.O.S. 1920's Baum's Automotive Polish station display cardboard sign.
5914 Late 1920's Veedol Motor Oil solder seamed one-gallon oil can with built in spout.
5915 Neat early 1950's AC Spark Plugs three-dimensional display still in the original box. Size 7"x17"x7"
5916 N.O.S. 1940's Mobil Oil license plate attachment sign featuring the Pegasus logo.
5917 Very clean 1950's Auto-Lite Spark Plugs single-sided tin garage sign. Condition: Excellent++
5918 N.O.S. 1950'S Trico Windshield Washers single-sided tin garage sign.
5920 Wonderful 1950's Trico Winshield Wiper Service counter-top display cabinet filled with period accessories.
5921 N.O.S. 1950's Wolf's Head Motor Oil double-sided tin garage sign.
5924 N.O.S. late 50's Coca-Cola Ice Cold tin sign with bottle and fishtail logo.
5925 N.O.S. 1948 Whistle Orange Soda embossed tin general store sign with adorable elf graphic.
5927 Fabulous 1930's Coca-Cola general store ice chest which has been impeccably restored.
5928 Phenomenal N.O.S. 1937 Coca-Cola scalloped topped die-cut tin soda fountain flange.
5930 N.O.S. 1930's Smash Em-Up Grand Prix tin-litho wind-up Race Car still in the original box.
5933 Superlative 1935 Lincoln Tunnel wind-up tin-litho toy with moving cars and buses.
5936 N.O.S. 1950's Fram Filter Service over-sized tin painted garage thermometer still in the original box.
5940 1950's Sinclair Power-X narrow bodied glass pump globe.
5942 Scarce 1940's Texaco Indian Gas glass bodied pump globe.
5945 N.O.S. 1940's Texaco Sky Chief Gasoline pump globe on gill body.
5946 Killer 1930's Champion Spark Plugs tin painted garage thermometer, weather forecaster, and service reminder sign.
5950 N.O.S. Trico Wiper Blades Service over-sized tin painted garage thermometer.
5951 N.O.S. 1947 Lee Tires self-framed vertical tin garage sign.
5952 Magnificent 1950's General Tires vertical porcelain garage sign with tire gra-phic.
5954 Impressive Late 20's-early 30's Auto-Lite Spark plugs counter-top display cabinet filled with period spark plugs from various manufacturers.
5956 Scarce 1950's Fina Service Station Rest Rooms double-sided porcelain sign.
5958 Authentic Jeff Gordon driver's side panel from his car raced in 2002 at Pocono.
5959 Authentic 1998 Mark Martin autographed race gloves used by Mr. Martin to finish second in Nascar standings that season.
5960 Authentic 1994 Dale Earnhardt race used nose from his 1994 Chevrolet Lumina.
5963 Beautifully restored late 1920's Lincoln Phaeton restored pedal car.
5964 Neat 1930's Auburn pedal car with rumble seat.
5965 Stellar 1956 Bennett model #966 gas pump professionally restored in Barrett-Jackson GT Regalia.
5966 All original 1930's-40's Hudson Automobiles neon dealership clock.
5967 Never before seen N.O.S. 1940's Wolf's Head Motor Oil double-sided tin curb sign.
5968 1930's Packard Parts and Accessories light-up garage sign with art deco chrome accents.
5969 Extremely rare 1950's Edsel Automobiles neon dealership clock by Swihart.
5970 Unbelievable 1930's Valvoline "Gasoline-Motor Oils" double-sided porcelain curb sign.
5972 Exceptional 1930's Packard Automobiles double-sided porcelain "radiator shaped" dealership sign. Size 30"x42"
5974 Ornate cast-iron 1920's upright coin-operated penny scale by the National Scale Company. Restored to highest standards.
5975 Rare Gargoyle-Mobil Oil double-sided porcelain service sign. Condition: 9.25+
5976 Fabulous 1940's-50's Eco service station restored "Tire Flator".
5977 Choice Mobil Oil service station Pegasus die-cut horse sign.
5979 Rare fully restored Coca-Cola Vendo 39-81 conversion coin-operated soda machine.
5980 Impeccably restored 1950's Wayne model #100 Mobil service station pump.
5981 Hard to find 1950's Mobil Sel-Oil service station fuel island quart display cabinet with lit-globe.
5982 Gorgeous 1931 Mobil Butler #30 ten-gallon hand operated visible service station gas pump.
5984 Beautifully restored 1940's Mobil 15 gallon service department greaser on wheels.
5986 Spectacular 1935 Tokheim model #34 restored Mobilgas service station pump with station lighter attached.
5988 Incredible 1926 Gulf Service Station Wayne model #519 restored ten-gallon hand operated visible gas pump.
5990 Very interesting 1950's Gulf Service Station Dyna-Vision engine anaylzer which has underwent a professional body restoration.
5992 Fabulous 1930's Gulf 60 gallon lubester cleverly restored into a display case.
5994 Incredible professionally restored Ferrari Bimbo V-12 Racer hand crafted in Torino Italy in 1958. Powered by a two-speed electric motor with reverse.
5995 Hard to acquire 1960's Rolls Royce light-up dealership sign.
5995.1 Superlative Authentic Barrett-Jackson glass faced light-up sign. Hand crafted with a powder coated aluminum body.
5996 Scarce 1930's-40's Packard Automobiles single-sided vertical neon porcelain dealership sign.
5997 Killer 1950's Mercedes-Benz single-sided porcelain dealership neon sign.
5998 Rare 1930's Lincoln Mercury Service single-sided neon porcelain dealership sign.
5999 Astounding 1930's Packard Automobiles single-sided porcelain dealership sign with animated neon.