Automobilia Docket Reno Tahoe 2013

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Car List
 Lot #Description
6101 Lot of five 1974 Ford Brochures for Cars and Pick-up Trucks.
6102 Lot of two Ford Automobiles showroom sales brochures for 1967 and 1968.
6103 Lot of three complete line sales brochures for the 1973, 1974 and 1977 Oldsmobiles.
6104 Lot of two early 1970 Toyota showroom sales brochures.
6105 Lot of three Pontiac complete line showroom sales brochures for 1972,1973, and 1974.
6106 N.O.S. 1950's Perfect Circle "Doctor of Motors" mechanics hat found unused.
6107 1950's Wolf's Head Motor Oil service station mechanic's hat. Appears to have never been used.
6108 1950's service station Prestone Vu-Chek anti-freeze and battery tester still in the original box.
6109 N.O.S. 1970's-80's Chevy Trucks "Chevy Tough Taking Charge" single-sided metal showroom license plate shaped sign.
6110 N.O.S. lot of three Bowe's Tube Repair tins found unused. Condition: 9.5+
6111 N.O.S. Valvoline Motor Oil "Lubrication Service" horizontal embossed tin garage sign.
6112 Lot of two 1950's Skelly Oil "Handy Sandy" emergency sand for winter.
6113 Interesting 1950's Standard Oil Atlas Windshield Washer Solvent tin sign. Reverse side has different message.
6114 N.O.S. vintage Bosch Spark Plugs tin garage sign with fabulous spark plug graphic.
6116 N.O.S. Kendall Motor Oil double-sided tin painted sign with hanger. Pulled out of the original box!
6117 N.O.S. vintage Firestone Batteries single-sided tin sign.
6118 1960's Mobil Regular porcelain pump plate sign.
6119 N.O.S. 1940's-1950's Automotive Garage "No Smoking" single-sided porcelain sign.
6120 1950's BP (British Petroleum) single-sided porcelain pump plate sign.
6121 N.O.S. Speed Limit 35 metal highway road sign found unused. Condition: 9.5+ Size 18"x24"
6122 1960's Gulf Tires service station metal tire display.
6123 1950's Hastings Piston Rings automotive garage tire pressure gauge with advertisement face.
6124 Lot of three 1940's-50's Mobiloil Metal Quart cans with Pegasus logos.
6125 Nifty 1961 Bardhal "Makes Cars Run Better" automotive garage clock. A fantastic find in day one condition.
6126 N.O.S. 1950's Champion Spark Plugs "Free One Plug Check" double-sided tin painted garage sign in the original box.
6127 Sharp 1950's Mobil Magnolia Pipe Line porcelain sign with Pegasus logos.
6128 N.O.S. Summit Tires horizontal embossed tin garage sign.
6129 N.O.S. "Dead End" metal road sign found in the original shipping paper! Never used!
6130 N.O.S. vintage Firestone Farm Tires horizontal embossed tin garage sign. Very clean!
6131 Circa 1950's We Give S & H Green Stamps die-cut single-sided tin service station sign.
6132 Sharp 1963 Texaco Sky Chief Gasoline with Petrox porcelain pump plate sign.
6133 Large N.O.S. Wolf's Head Motor Oil "Run with the Wolf" self-framed embossed tin garage sign.
6134 Choice late 1950's-60's Dunlop "Tire Safety Specialists" self-framed embossed tin garage sign.
6135 N.O.S. Kendall Motor Oil double-sided tin painted garage sign with hand logo.
6139 1954 Standard Red Crown Gasoline porcelain pump plate sign.
6140 Sharp 1954 Standard White Crown Gasoline porcelain pump plate sign.
6141 Lot of two 1950's Gear Life Automatic Transmission Fluid metal quart cans.
6142 N.O.S. Big A Auto Parts "Caps and Stats" service department display cabinet.
6143 Exquisite 1930's Eveready Prestone Anti-Freeze one-gallon tin with great period graphics.
6144 Neat N.O.S. 1960's Torque Engine Additive "Adds Power to Your Wheels" automotive garage display rack.
6145 Large N.O.S. Peerless Tires two-piece horizontal tin garage sign pulled out of the original shipping paper!
6145.1 N.O.S. 1950's Chesterfield "Buy Here" single-sided embossed tin sign with cigarette pack logo.
6145.2 Late 1950's-60's L&M Cigarettes tin sign with hand/ cigarette pack graphic.
6145.3 N.O.S. 1938 Model Tobacco "For Pipe or Cigarette" tin sign. Found unused after 70+ years!
6145.4 N.O.S. 1950's Cott Beverages "It's Cott to be Good" soda embossed tin sign with bottle graphic.
6145.5 N.O.S. 1950's Marvel Cigarettes embossed tin general store sign.
6146 N.O.S. Speed Limit 25 metal highway road sign found unused.
6147 N.O.S. Walker Mufflers "Safe and Sound Muffler and Pipes" embossed tin garage sign.
6148 Vintage Quaker State Motor Oil double-sided tin automotive garage sign.
6149 N.O.S. Kendall Motor Oil "Ask About Our Fast Lube" embossed tin automotive garage sign.
6150 N.O.S. Cordovan Tires single-sided tire shaped tin sign.
6151 1960's Nylint Ford Econoline Truck painted in custom two/tone paint.
6152 1950's Buddy L pressed steel hot road roadster nicely restored in a three stage White Pearl paint.
6153 Vintage Nylint custom painted rumble seat roadster finished in a beautiful turquoise paint finish.
6154 1945 Wyandotte Toys Hook and Ladder tractor fire truck #10 with crank ladder.
6156 Sharp Miller Lite neon tavern sign. Lights and works brilliantly!
6156.1 N.O.S. 1940's Exlax for Constipation over-sized tin general store thermometer still in the original shipping box!
6156.2 N.O.S. 1950's Chesterfield Cigarettes die-cut stand-up store display cardboard with built-in easel back.
6156.3 Choice N.O.S. 1959 Take Home Kern's Bread single-sided embossed tin sign.
6156.4 Highly desirable 1930's-40's Coca-Cola aluminum six pack carrier with six original period glass bottles.
6156.5 Seldom seen 1960's Dayton Tires embossed tin horizontal garage sign. Interior face is near mint.
6156.6 N.O.S. 1960's Bardahl "Stops Valve Lifter Clatter" single-sided tin sign with fun graphics.
6156.7 Vintage Dunlop "The Tire Safety Specialists" horizontal embossed tin garage sign.
6156.8 Hard to find 1940's-50's Drink Coca-Cola metal electric wall clock.
6156.9 N.O.S. 1950's Coca-Cola die-cut tin bottle shaped thermometer.
6157.1 N.O.S. 1950's-60's Royal Crown Cola embossed tin sign. Found in the original shipping paper!
6157.2 Killer N.O.S. early 1960's Pepsi-Cola "Say Pepsi Please" self-framed vertical tin sign with bottle graphic.
6157.3 N.O.S. late 1950's-early 1960's Drink Coca-Cola "Things Go Better With" horizontal tin sign with bottle graphic.
6157.4 N.O.S. 1960's Squirt Soda embossed tin diner menuboard with bottle graphic.
6157.5 N.O.S. 1960's 7-up Peter Max styled tin sign with flanged bottom.
6157.6 N.O.S. 1950's "Take Home" Kern's Bread tin general store sign.
6157.7 Hard to find 1960's Fresca Soda product of Coca-Cola horizontal tin sign with bottle graphic.
6157.8 1930's Cook's Gold Blume Beer double-sided tin tavern sign.
6157.9 Choice N.O.S. 1947 Coca-Cola tin bottle sign with wood frame. Found unused after 60+ years!!
6158 Sharp 1967 Enjoy Coca-Cola large tin store sign.
6158.1 N.O.S. 1960 B.F. Goodrich "Tires and Batteries" single-sided tin horizontal garage sign.
6159 N.O.S. 1960's United Delco Service two-piece automotive garage sign.
6160 N.O.S. 1940's Mid-Continent Anti-Freeze service station banner found unused.
6161 Fabulous 1950's Atlantic Gasoline double-sided porcelain service station sign in the original frame.
6162 Very clean 1940 Century Long Life Tires single-sided embossed tin garage sign.
6163 Impressive N.O.S. 1960's Wolf's Head Motor Oil double-sided tin painted curb sign in original stand.
6164 Very clean 1950's Wolf's Head Motor Oil double-sided die-cut oil can shaped tin garage sign.
6165 N.O.S. large 1960's 7-up Soda "7-up Your Thirst Away" self-framed embossed tin sign.
6166 Wonderful 1960's Phillips 66 double-sided shield shaped porcelain service station sign.
6168 Neat vintage public pay telephone by the American Electric Company. Appears to still work. Nice chrome styling.
6169 Sharp 1950's Ford glass dome one cent gumball machine.
6170 Wonderful vintage Firestone Tires vertical single-sided tin "bow-tie" automotive garage sign.
6171 Very nice vintage Acorn coin operated gum ball/ peanut machine service station triple vendor stand.
6172 Nifty restored Nascar Trading Cards coin-operated service station machine.
6173 Late 1950's Premium Gasoline glass faced gas pump globe in a Capcolite body.
6174 N.O.S. late 1950's Atlantic Gasoline glass faced gas pump globe in a Capcolite body.
6175 Late 1950's Ethyl Gasoline glass faced gas pump globe in a Capcolite body.
6176 Sharp 1950's Sinclair H-C Gasoline glass faced gas pump globe in a Capcolite body.
6177 Late 1950's Regular Gasoline glass faced gas pump globe in a Capcolite body.
6178 Uncommon 1960's Hamm's Beer chalet style light-up tavern sign with clock.
6179 Rare 1950's Hamm's Beer "Flying Mugs" light-up neon tavern sign with sequentially lighting mugs.
6180 Highly desirable vintage Hamm's Beer light-up Scene-o-rama tavern sign with rotating outdoor scene.
6182 1950's Coca-Cola Ideal model#55 coin-operated service station soda machine with slider mechanism. Cools and works.
6183 Nicely restored 1950's Mobo Horse and wagon child's pedal car.
6184 Good looking late 1940's-50's Richfield Oil Gilbarco restored service station gas pump.
6185 Choice restored 1930's Richfield Motor Oil one quart service department oiler.
6186 Original 1950's traffic light restored and mounted on stand.
6187 Neat late 1950's Mobil Oil Tokheim model #300 restored service station gas pump. Restored to day one condition.
6188 Nifty restored 1930's-40's Ford Service department five gallon multi-fluid can.
6189 1930's restored Ford Service department one quart oiler with spout.
6190 Sharp 1940's-50's Golf Oil Bennett model #966 restored service station gas pump.
6192 Sharp 1940's-50's restored Gulf Oil service department radiator service/water can.
6193 Sharp 1930's restored Gulf Oil five gallon gas/oil container with fluid.
6194 Choice lot of two 1930's Gulf Oil service department one and two quart oilers with spouts.
6194.1 Fantastic period Bennett high boy oil dispenser restored in Gulf Oil regalia.
6195 Vintage 1960's Gulf Oil single-sided light-up service station sign. Very nice!!
6196 N.O.S. Toyo Tires light up automotive garage sign. Found in the original box.
6197 Addendum Item - Nifty 1960's Plymouth Automobiles lighted showroom neon sign.
6198 Choice 1970's Texaco Oil single-sided embossed light-up service station sign.
6199 1960's GM Automobiles double-sided light-up dealership sign.