What started as a simple meeting between two car buffs, Russ Jackson and Tom Barrett, in the early 1960s has blossomed over the years into the world’s most prestigious and anticipated collector car auctions and events.

The success of the annual Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale event throughout the ’90s led collectors on the East Coast to clamor for their own auction. In 2003, Barrett-Jackson responded, taking its famous auction and lifestyle event across the country to Palm Beach, Florida. With a unique ambiance and collector car lineup that reflected the South Florida setting, the Palm Beach auction recorded impressive attendance and sales. By 2015, Barrett-Jackson recorded 13 successful Palm Beach auctions, for a combined total of $117 million in sales on 2,368 consigned cars and 320,000 in attendance with over half of the bidders being brand-new to the event.

To continue acceleration of growth, Barrett-Jackson became one of the first auction houses to offer most of its vehicles at No Reserve, which means these vehicles sold to their highest bidder. This ground-breaking approach initiated in 2005 led to monumental growth for years to come, including recent Scottsdale sales totals of more than $92 million in 2012, $108 million in 2013, $113 million in 2014 and $137 million in 2015. This business method created an exciting environment reflected by strong attendance. Attendance for the eight events from 2008 through 2015 exceeded well over 1,850,000.

Barrett-Jackson's growth continued in 2008 when it added a Las Vegas event at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, giving auto enthusiasts around the globe a trifecta of car collecting. Even though the Dow Jones was being pummeled in October 2008, the inaugural Las Vegas event was a remarkable hit, attracting an eclectic crop of 533 collector vehicles, over 50,000 attendees and nearly $30 million in total sales. By 2014, the event became a signature Las Vegas attraction with sales that totaled over $33 million, more than 65,000 in attendance and over 23 hours of coverage on Fox Sports and National Geographic. Celebrity guests also took center stage, many helping raise more than $1.6 million for charity.

The 44th Annual Scottsdale event in 2015 marked the debut of Barrett-Jackson’s new television coverage on Discovery and Velocity, with 36 hours of live broadcasts throughout the United States and Canada, as well as in Spanish to Latin America ‒ another first for the company. The 2015 Scottsdale Auction was highlighted by the extraordinary Ron Pratte Collection of more than 140 incredible vehicles and 1,500 outstanding pieces of automobilia. The record-breaking results sent shock waves throughout the collector car industry. With automobilia sales nearly tripling the world record, and attendance, car sales, charity funds raised and number of cars consigned witnessing a sizable increase, the nine-day event was historic on many levels.

In September 2015, Barrett-Jackson announced the inaugural Northeast Auction, which was held June 23-25, 2016, at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. It marked the first time the company held an event in the Northeastern United States and – coupled with the 14th Annual Palm Beach Auction in April – was also the first time Barrett-Jackson held two collector car auctions on the East Coast in the same calendar year. That first Northeast Auction was an unprecedented success, with tickets selling out shortly after gates opened on Thursday and vehicle consignments closing days ahead of the auction – sparking the first double sellout in the company’s 45-year history.

As Barrett-Jackson continues to expand its footprint across the country, the company also continues to grow its business with products and services for the car collector and enthusiast. Its first product, a unique palette of new factory packaged automotive colors, was presented in partnership with Planet Color and Sherwin-Williams Automotive. Launched in 2008, the colors were designed to be reminiscent of the greatest muscle cars and those of today’s top custom car builders. In 2009, Barrett-Jackson announced its own collector car insurance, Barrett-Jackson Endorsed Collector Car Insurance, offering cost-effective, comprehensive insurance coverage designed especially for collectors. In 2011 the company launched the Barrett-Jackson Signature Car Care line, responding to customers’ requests for a Barrett-Jackson product offering the same protection and shine auction cars receive.

In October 2014, the company launched the new Barrett-Jackson Collection Showroom, located in Scottsdale, Arizona. The facility brings the Barrett-Jackson experience to the community beyond the four auctions held across the country each year. The showroom features a rotating selection of premium vehicles that meet the high standards for which Barrett-Jackson is known. The Showroom also has a dedicated service department overseen by an ASE-certified mechanic, offering repair, maintenance and light reconditioning not only of collector cars, but modern specialty cars as well.

As the industry continues to evolve, Barrett-Jackson will remain at the forefront by offering the world's most desirable vehicles and an experience that appeals to everyone. The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auctions® will continue to present unique, quality products and services for the car collector and enthusiast for many more years to come.

Cancer Research Fund

In 2010, Craig Jackson, Chairman and CEO of Barrett-Jackson Auction Company LLC, established the Barrett-Jackson Cancer Research Fund in Memory of Russ and Brian Jackson at TGen in honor of his father and brother whose lives were cut short by colon cancer.

Craig's vision - along with your support - will enable TGen scientists and physicians to accelerate the development of new diagnostic tests and therapies for patients battling colon and prostate cancer.