4/18/2018 12:48:21 PM

Written by Chris Griggs       It’s the first piece of car buying advice everyone receives: The moment you drive a new car off the lot, it starts depreciating. For the next 7-10 years, your car is going to keep dropping in value; it’s just a simple fact that’s as certain as death and […]

4/15/2018 2:53:18 PM

  An early morning rain shower did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of fans on the final day of the 16th Annual Palm Beach Auction! Guests continued to stream through the gates, eager to catch a glimpse of the many collector cars on display, check out all the activities around the site and watch the […]

4/14/2018 5:24:19 PM

  A busy day three at Barrett-Jackson saw some impressive sales on the famous auction block, with visitors filling the arena to watch the final 90 cars from the John Staluppi Cars of Dreams Collection go to their new homes, along with more than 100 fine collectible vehicles. Crowd favorites from the Cars of Dreams […]

4/13/2018 5:15:58 PM

  Many bidders saw their dreams come true today as they went home with the first vehicles from the John Staluppi Cars of Dreams Collection. More than 50 cars, trucks, motorcycles and even a tractor from the much-anticipated collection made their way across the block today, with a favorite being a 1966 Good Humor Ice […]

4/12/2018 4:40:40 PM

  Kicking off what is set to be the best Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach Auction to date, Wednesday night’s entertaining Opening Night Gala featured the larger-than-life John Staluppi not only talking about his Cars of Dreams Collection but serenading the crowd with a rousing rendition of “My Way.” It was just one of many memorable moments […]

4/11/2018 9:01:20 AM

  The Palm Beach area has no shortage of excellent dining options. We’ve chosen a dozen just a short drive from the South Florida Fairgrounds that have topped the list of foodie favorites in recent months. The good news is that most of them are open late for dinner, so you won’t have to miss […]

4/10/2018 6:19:35 PM

Written by Barbara Toombs     Rick Solis’ love of cars came through at an early age. He remembers his grandfather in southern Illinois introducing him to his 1969 Ford LTD when he was just 8 or 9 years old. “He taught me how to drive that when I was really little,” Rick remembers. “That’s […]

4/9/2018 5:21:55 PM

Written by Barbara Toombs     To Miles Collier, the automobile is far, far more than a mode of transportation. It is an invention that has profoundly contributed to our culture and history; a powerful and influential cultural icon that became an agent of change and human progress. Collier knows a thing or two about […]

4/9/2018 2:45:38 PM

  Through the auction of 10 vehicles totaling $6.21 million at the 2018 Scottsdale Auction, Barrett-Jackson hit – and surpassed –$100 million raised for worthy causes to date through the company’s unique platform. That tradition of giving back, which has been an integral element of Barrett-Jackson since day one, will continue at the Palm Beach […]

4/6/2018 11:20:21 AM

Written by Chris Griggs     It’s no secret vintage trucks and SUVs have been rising stars in the collector car world over the past few years. These classic off-roaders came from very utilitarian roots, when the only people who owned one had a bona fide need for four-wheel drive. Due to this, it’s not […]

4/5/2018 2:11:24 PM

Written by independent automotive journalist Steve Magnante     Nines With Light. If you knew what this meant before the 2017 New York International Auto Show (where the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon was officially announced), you were one of the tightly knit team of Dodge engineers and designers tasked with bringing the already ferocious […]

4/4/2018 2:20:56 PM

Written by independent automotive journalist Steve Statham     If there’s one thing Detroit automakers had well-sorted by the 1950s, it was cradle-to-grave marketing. The “car for every purse and purpose” philosophy – as GM’s Alfred Sloan so notably put it – was alive and well. The big manufacturers offered a portfolio of brands, offering […]

4/3/2018 9:50:11 AM

Written by independent automotive journalist Tom Jensen   When Dodge unleashed the Viper sports car on the unsuspecting public in 1992, there was no mystery, no pretense, no hidden message about what the car was or what it represented. The first-generation Viper roadsters were as subtle as a flamethrower, as refined as a sledgehammer and […]

4/2/2018 11:11:42 AM

  “Mr. President, sell that car!” Those are five words I would have never imagined hearing on our auction block two decades ago. I’d like to extend my most sincere gratitude to all who made our 47th Annual Scottsdale Auction one of our most memorable events to date. At this year’s Scottsdale Auction we crossed […]

3/28/2018 9:48:55 AM

Written by independent automotive journalist Steve Statham     The late, great Carroll Shelby knew exactly what drivers wanted in his cars: The basic style of a Mustang, but with vastly superior accelerations, braking, handling and, yes, appearance. Shelby began modifying first-generation Mustangs by creating the small-block GT350 in 1965. But within three years, Ford […]

3/27/2018 12:34:54 PM

Written by independent automotive journalist Jonathan Sierakowski     There’s nothing that quite defines the exuberance of cruising on the vast open American roads like the Volkswagen Microbus. Economical and capable of carrying up to nine passengers, the iconic bus conjures imagery of young, wild and free spirits of the 1960s traveling the California coast […]

3/27/2018 12:13:09 PM

  From the moment the gates open on Thursday, April 12, to the drop of the final gavel at the end of the day on Sunday, April 15, the 16th Annual Palm Beach Auction is set to be one of the most exciting ever. Owners of noteworthy car collections continue to turn to Barrett-Jackson when […]

3/26/2018 2:24:06 PM

Written by independent automotive journalist Tom Jensen   The world history books will remember 1970 as a year of revolutionary changes: The Beatles broke up, President Nixon lowered the voting age to 18, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin left us, 100,000 people marched on Washington, D.C., to protest the Vietnam War and the Environmental Protection […]

3/23/2018 10:27:21 AM

Steve Davis’ dark glasses protect his eyes from a light sensitivity condition – but that doesn’t hinder his vision of the collector car market.   After riding the incredible roller-coaster ride that is Barrett-Jackson for the last 20-some years, I can honestly say the 2018 Scottsdale Auction was 100-percent validation of our ability as a […]

3/22/2018 12:23:26 PM

Written by independent automotive journalist Roger C. Johnson     The vehicles in the John Staluppi Cars of Dreams Collection come in all shapes and sizes. Here are three prized examples of the classic smaller-is-better philosophy. 1959 Fiat Bianchina – Trasformabile (Lot #397.1) Edoardo Bianchi began building bicycles in 1885, and four years later turned […]

3/21/2018 10:25:35 AM

Written by independent automotive journalist Steve Statham     Imagine, if you will, an automotive landscape that turned out differently than the one we know. If history had taken different turns at key moments, who knows what kinds of cars would have bidders raising their hands at auction? There was a time when Lee Iacocca, […]

3/19/2018 11:02:12 AM

Written by independent automotive journalist Steve Statham     The story of the Shelby Mustang has been told so many times that after a while a mental picture coalesces: white Mustang, blue Le Mans stripes and the standard range of Shelby performance parts. But there was more variation among Shelby Mustangs than many people remember. […]

3/16/2018 3:36:49 PM

Written by independent automotive journalist Roger C. Johnson     If imagination, craftsmanship, and attention to detail are the cornerstones of producing today’s version of a hot rod or Resto-Mod, then the trio of cars showcased here are the glorious results of those creative building blocks. All three are from the fabulous John Staluppi Cars […]

3/15/2018 1:17:54 PM

Written by independent automotive journalist Steve Statham     What makes a good car collection? Some collectors focus on a single marque, or a certain period, or maybe a particular category. Some people just like red convertibles. But there’s something to be said for a collection that just assembles an incredible variety of vehicles, like […]

3/14/2018 12:21:23 PM

Written by Barbara Toombs     Back in 1938, Glenn E. Nielsen – who later became known as “Mr. Asphalt” because of his efforts to expand the use of asphalt in roads – founded the Husky Refining Company in Cody, Wyoming. The company chose the Siberian Husky as its logo; undoubtedly a nod to the […]