John Lennon handwritten and signed letter to political activi - 47849 Sold* at Scottsdale 2007 - Lot #3309 John Lennon handwritten and signed letter to political activist Tariq-Ali.
Lot #3309   John Lennon handwritten and signed letter to political activist Tariq-Ali.
Auction Scottsdale 2007
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Lot 3309
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John Lennon handwritten letter to political activist Tariq-Ali. A one-page handwritten letter, undated and without address. In this important letter John no doubt is responding to a request he take a financial interest in an anti-establishment movement in terms of supporting Tariq's publishing adventures. It reads: Dear Tariq & Robin / After a few month's thought, talk with and without you. After carefully trying to read your paper [Tariq published a newspaper, The Red Mole] - which as far as we can see can never have anything but a limited intellectual appeal to a few students, we've decided it would be a complete waste of money to cough up #15,000 to print even more words. We are still going ahead with the foundation idea. By ourselves .. He then crosses out the following passage, it will be completely controlled by us in some way. And writes and then crosses out of the margin It may be dangerous to write this. Continuing, We enjoyed meeting you and Robin and found it quite interesting, but our primary concern must inevitably be to revolutionize through art. Maybe in certain circumstances there would be a reason for the J +Y Freedom Fund to allocate money to your group in future, one never knows. We're sending a copy of this to Robin so as you'll both be able to compare notes. Love John. He then adds a curious postscript Never talk in front of chauffeurs it's a typically middle class mistake! Mounted with a printed version of the text and biography ofTariq Ali, framed. Condition: Fold line and some creases at the top, otherwise very fine. No Reserve.
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